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Pirates Bay | Download Movies, Games, Music & Software From PirateBay | Unblock Proxy Sites ThePiratebay3 & Its Best Alternatives

In short, the Pirates bay or PirateBay, was initially a Swedish-based file sharing and downloading torrent site created in 2003 by three Swedish men. Eventually, pirates bay gained a lot of popularity among the netizens for its revolutionary advancements in torrents. Pirates Bay is a storehouse for millions of torrent files and magnet links of movies, tv shows, documentaries, web series, games, apps, and many more.

Undoubtedly Pirates Bay is one of the most famous torrent sites around the world, with close to 50 million users per month visiting the site for its vast database. Pirates Bay allows its users to access the complete content for free without any charges. The primary source of revenue is through advertisements, and you can also select an ad-free premium package on pirates bay at a minimum of 1$ monthly.

Why Is The Piratebay Or Pirates Bay Shutdown?

Thepiratebay3 or Pirates Bay torrent site has taken the internet by storm for its astonishing popularity among the netizens. The content on pirates bay is matchless, and the multitude of options it promises the users is unthinkable. By 2009 The PirateBay had caused many problems to the authorities in many countries, which led to its shut down in countries like the USA, India, UK, Australia, Russia, Belgium, etc.

The three founders of thepiratebay3 were also arrested for organizing an illegal site. So the users couldn’t access the TPB, and whenever they tried to do it, they would be welcomed by a 522 error code.

The problem is solved, and the content on pirates bay is made available through the proxy and mirror sites that are working today. Even today, millions of users unblock the website with the help of working proxy and mirror sites. That is the charm or impact The Pirate Bay has left on its users.

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Working Proxy And Mirror Site Of Pirates Bay

The shutdown of The Piratebay has resulted in the disappointment of many users. To everyone’s surprise, umpteen proxy and mirror sites emerged to fix the problem. Proxy and mirror sites fill the vacuum created due to the shut down of the main website by letting the users avail the complete content present on the main website.

A proxy/mirror site has different domain names or extensions, and they give you a different IP address to circumvent the surveillance of ISPs or government authorities. Proxies are intermediaries between the website you want to browse and you. They act as a shield and prevent the tracking of your internet activity by the ISPs. Thus, helping you to access the content freely without stoppage.

A proxy/mirror site also helps to bypass the heavy internet traffic. It allows you to download the content faster, reduces cyber risks, and provides anonymity. Whenever you try to access The Piratebay website and are unable to visit the homepage or see a 522-error code, you can be sure that the site is shut down or blocked in your area. In such a condition, use the below-handpicked proxy/mirror sites 100% working in 2021.

Proxy/Mirror sitesCountrySpeed
pirateproxy.questSEVery Fast
proxybay3.comIN Very Fast
piratepiratebay.comUS Very Fast
pirate-proxy.funUS Very Fast
freepirate.netUS Very Fast
pirateproxy.networkBR Very Fast
piratebproxy.coUS Very Fast
pirateproxy.digitalUS Very Fast

What Are The Unique Features Of Piratebay Or Thepiratebay3 That Compared To Other Torrent Sites?

The Piratebay still stands out as one of the top 5 torrent sites globally, even after several raids and shut down by the authorities. The site evolved itself in many ways and became immune to the lashes from the ISPs. TPB has become the indestructible torrent site owing to many helpful attributes, so millions admire the P2P site.

  • The primary fact is, pirates bay has been under working conditions for 17 years, even after facing many domain seizures.
  • The interface of ThePiratebay3 is unique and straightforward, which serves the need even today. The content on the site is vast, and data is updated daily.
  • The massive content is well organized under different sections that depict the nature of the content, like audio, video, applications, adult content, etc.
  • Video files of different sizes are available to choose the most convenient size to download. Video qualities ranging from 360 to HD quality are available.
  • There is a section called ‘top 100’ in which newly updated, popular, and risk-free content such as movies, tv shows, web series, games, apps are present.
  • For every video file, many details are provided, like the file size, video quality, seeders, leechers, etc. Select a file with a more significant number of seeders and a smaller number of leechers to download the content quickly.
  • Before the creation of pirates bay, the download process is strenuous and time consuming. Sometimes it would take days to download a small file. But after the onset of the Bittorrent client, even a large file can be downloaded in simple steps.
  • If there is a power breakdown or loss of internet connection, then the download process resumes from where it is stopped, which was not the case previously.
  • Movies and tv shows in many languages are available on thepiratebay3. Movies in different genres like action, adventure, biopics, documentaries, comedy, horror, thriller, etc are available.
  • The UI interface is user-friendly with an easy-to-understand layout. You can either type the title name in the search bar or choose from the categories or select from the daily updated list present on the homepage.
  • Nowadays, pirates bay has become a hub for tv shows and animation pictures. You can find a lot of them on the site. 200 categories of files can be found on piratebay3.
  • The PirateBay is a directory of torrent files and magnet links that directs the users to the pages on other websites where they are stored.

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Why Is VPN A Safe Method To Access Pirates Bay?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a must-have service on your devices as it covers many requirements. A reliable, compatible, and genuine VPN helps to prevent monitoring from ISPs and authorities. It helps to download the content safely and securely.

A VPN gives you a different IP address and another geolocation. Before you visit the site, enable the VPN service installed on your device to browse the site anonymously.

This method is 100% secure, which prevents data breaches and promotes device safety. All VPNs available in the market may not fulfill all the requirements mentioned above. There are few trustworthy and famous VPN services which, of course, charge minimally for their maintenance.

Below are the premium VPN services that unblocks Pirates Bay and hides your location on the web

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • IP Vanish VPN
  • Surf Shark VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN

How To Use Piratebay Or Thepiratebay3 Safely And Securely?

  • As already mentioned, the foremost thing is to use a good VPN service while accessing the website.
  • Use the website anonymously without revealing your true identity.
  • Do not frequently visit the website or do not make it an unavoidable habit to download stuff continuously.
  • Mostly get the content from the ‘top 100’ category, which contains movies, music, tv shows, software, games, etc.
  • Check the comments given to a video file and analyze whether the content in the file is safe to visit or not.
  • Avoid pop-ups or other alluring ads that lead you into trouble as they may contain malware and viruses.

Is it A Crime To Browse Piratebay Or Pirates Bay?

Pirates Bay does not directly hold the illegal or pirated content. It directs the users to other pages where they exist. But clicking on them may lead you to the risk of committing the crime. If found guilty, you may be charged a significant amount or sent to jail for three years. Accessing pirated content is a punishable offense under the copyright act of 1957.

But there are few places in the world where accessing torrent sites is not a crime. The public can freely use them without any restrictions. You can also use a VPN service to browse the site in disguise so that the authorities will not track you.

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of The Pirates Bay Or Piratebay Torrent Site?


  • The Piratebay is a well-known website for its massive content compared to the other torrent sites.
  • The content can be accessed for free.
  • Desired content can be downloaded in simple steps.
  • The site can be browsed even on low bandwidth.
  • Although the range is enormous, it is arranged so that you can locate the files within no time.
  • The friendly interface is the best part of the website.
  • You can download or stream the content in desired video formats and sizes.
  • You can have a feel-good experience while accessing the website.


  • ThePiratebay3 contains torrent files and magnet links that are pirated.
  • Piracy is illegal in many countries. Pirates Bay is a free site that anyone can utilize from any part of the world.
  • This can be ideal for hackers and trackers who carry out illegal practices like data theft, induce malware, etc.
  • Few mirrors or proxies may not give 100% security.
  • The Internet Service Providers have advanced software to track down even the proxy sites. The download speed may not always be faster all the time.
  • You may face technical glitches now and then.
  • The PirateBay apk does not serve satisfactory results.

Here Are The Few Torrent Family Alternatives To Piratebay Website

Many torrent websites are similar to thepiratebay3, which are not inferior in terms of content and features. If you find it challenging to access piratebay in your region, then you can surely give it a try at any of the below-mentioned torrent sites.


Kickasstorrents is a famous torrent website and became the most popular website after the shutdown of pirates bay. This works just like pirates bay and has a vast database of movies, tv shows, web series, video songs, games, software, etc.

The authorities also shut this site down, but it can be accessed with the help of proxy and mirror sites and can be unlocked using a good VPN service.


Limetorrents is a safe alternative for thepiratebay3 as it mainly has a health bar on its homepage, which lets the users watch safe content. Anybody can access content on this site without much difficulty. The unique interface is a significant asset to the users.

It is not only attractive but also embellished with numerous categories. Fresh and latest content will be uploaded every 5 minutes on this site. Limetorrent give a satisfactory experience to their users.


Extratorrent is widely known for premium stuff. After the shut down of big torrents, people flocked to Extratorrent for its compelling content, such as the latest movies, trending videos, sensational music albums, and many more.

This site can be accessed from any part of the world. Although the site is banned in many countries, the dedicated makers of Extratorrent brought out many replicas of the main sites called the proxies. The changed domain names also serve the same content as the main website.

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Let’s Conclude Piratebay Or Pirates Bay

Always remember to access the pirates bay website with the help of a reliable VPN service. It is because VPN provides privacy and safety. The pirate bay website is shut down in many places by the authorities. So, be tactful while browsing the site. Please do not make it a regular habit to access torrent sites as they pose a risk to your data and devices.

Our sole purpose is to give information regarding the structure, working conditions, and statistics of thepiratebay3 website, and we solely condemn its use as it is against the law. Please leave your valuable comments and opinions regarding the article.


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