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Kickasstorrents | Methods To Unblock Kickass Torrents & Best Torrent Alternatives To Kickass

Kickasstorrents is one of the most extensive and earliest online indexes for numerous magnet links and torrent files of movies, trending tv shows, latest web series, documentaries, games, software applications, etc., and it was launched in 2008. In short, it is referred to as KAT, which became the most visited online Bittorrent directory in the world by 2014.

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of many KAT users, the site was taken down by the US authorities in 2016. It hosted a lot of illegal content like copyrighted movies, tv shows, web series, etc. This is not only the fate of Kickasstorrents but many other famous torrent sites available across the globe.

For the past 10 years, the anti-piracy departments of respective countries have been working rather seriously to wipe away piracy and pirated websites from the face of the internet world. Firm decisions are taken, and strict laws are enforced against the culprits. There have been several instances where the torrent sites are shut down, and the people behind them are arrested.

So, we want to clear the air that the article is entirely for knowledge and information, and the theme is not meant to encourage pirated websites. Read further to get a total glimpse of the origin, the functionality, the present condition of KAT, the ways people attempt to unblock KAT, and other alternative torrent sites many choose for Kickasstorrents.

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When Were Kickasstorrents Launched?

Kickasstorrents is one of the biggest torrent sites, launched in 2008 with the domain name kickasstorrents.com. Millions of people visit the site every year for its unique and huge database. The popularity of KAT even crossed Pirates Bay, the then number one website. The global rank surpassed TPB, according to Alexa.com.

Kickasstorrents held first place among the torrents for many years until US authorities shut it down in 2014. Shortly after that, the workers of KAT had come up with many proxy and mirror sites of KAT that host files of the original KAT website.

Why Do Millions Of People Use Kickasstorrents To Download Content Files?

According to TorrentFreak news, Kickasstorrents rose to the heights by 2014 and was the second most popular torrent site. By 2014 KAT witnessed traffic of more than one million users a day. There are few flabbergasting features of KAT we would like to share.

  • Kickasstorrents website is available in around 45 languages worldwide, letting non-English readers access the website without difficulty. Of course, KAT is a global website.
  • More than 10 million torrent files and links of movies, tv shows, web series, games, apps on this meta search engine, and new dosage of files are uploaded daily.
  • The user interface is uncomplicated with a simple layout. There is a search bar on the top to enter your queries. On the face of the homepage, you can find daily updates of the latest torrent files and links.
  • A unique option is called the ‘idea box’ where users can give suggestions and feedback on KAT’s services. The users can also upvote their favorite content.
  • Movies of different genres in different video qualities can be found on Kickasstorrents. The makers also came up with a mobile version of KAT.

What Happened To Kickasstorrents After It Was Banned?

When the authorities in the US had banned the KAT for its illegal content in 2014, the site took many leaps and bounds to try its luck with different domain names such as ka.tt, kickass.to, kickasstorrents.im, kickass.So, kat.cr and a Philippine, namely, kat. Ph. The operators had to change the domains every six months to escape from domain seizures.

As per the news from the technology website The Verge, two replicas of KAT are created, one by IsoHunt, a mirror of the original site kickasstorrents.com and the other was kat.Am. The specialty of KAT.am is, it is run on multiple servers to prevent blockage. So, it is a fact that torrent sites cannot be shut down for a more extended period.

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What Are The Working Proxy Sites Of Kickasstorrents?

A proxy site is a clone of the leading website with different domain names and extensions, and they run on multiple servers. They act as a bridge between the user and the torrent site they visit, forbidding the ISPs to track your internet activity. There is no need for third-party software to access the proxy sites of Kickasstorrents. The proxy sites of Kickasstorrents have all the content that was available on the main website.

When accessing a proxy site, you perceive that you are visiting the original website, and you will not feel that you are browsing a clone. That is the proximity between the proxies and the original. The demanding part is to locate the proxy sites of the Kickasstorrents. They cannot be easily detected. So we took the typical task to find out a few.

  • kickass.sx
  • katcr.to
  • kickasstorrent.cr
  • kickass.cm
  • kickasstorrents.pw
  • kickasstorrents.to
  • kickasstorrents.cr
  • kickass2.fun
  • kickass2.top
  • kickass2.xyz

What Are The Best Ways To Unblock Kickasstorrents And Their Proxy Sites Safely?

Here we will mention two reliable methods to access Kickasstorrents safely and at the same time, accessing torrent sites, safety, and security matter a lot. It is because the torrent sites are vulnerable to illegal activities.

Unblock Using Virtual Private Network

In short, a VPN is a private network that works through public networks, which provides safety and security to the data and devices of the users. VPNs are paid services that do not store your information or share it with others. They help access the websites anonymously.

They also help to avert the surveillance of Internet Service Providers. They enhance the download speed and block a few intrusive ads. One VPN service allows you to access multiple torrent websites.

Hackers, fraudsters cannot trace you back. The only thing you need to do before accessing a torrent site, Kickasstorrents, installs and enables a good VPN service that promises the above elements. Change your IP address and geolocation to the place where torrents sites are not banned.

Now you are ready to browse your favorite torrent site with ease. So, with the help of a VPN, you can safely, securely, effortlessly, and anonymously access KAT and its proxies. Few reliable and compatible VPN services are listed below.

  • https://www.tunnelbear.com
  • https://www.surfshark.com
  • https://www.ipvanish.com
  • https://www.vyprvpn.com
  • https://www.hotspotshield.com
  • https://www.windscribe.com
  • https://www.privatevpn.com
  • https://www.cyberghost.com/en.us
  • https://www.ultravpn.com

Unblock Using TOR browser

TOR is another browser that also protects against tracking and surveillance of authorities. The concept is a layered network that means TOR provides three relays by default as it is the minimum required to browse safely between the nodes. More than them, you need to pay the price. The only hitch is the speed TOR can provide.

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What Are The Famous & Popular Alternatives For Kickasstorrents?

Besides Kickasstorrents, there are thousands of torrent sites with unique and attractive features. If you cannot access KAT, you can try the below-given alternatives that are not inferior to Kickasstorrents.


1337x is a good alternative for Kickasstorrents as it has a massive database of movies, tv shows, web series, documentaries, games, apps for free. 1337x initially emerged as a proxy site of 13377x after the shutdown of the latter. Gradually 1337x has grown into an independent torrent site.

The unique feature of 1337x is it has a Top 100 section in which the top trending 100 torrents are available. All the content can be accessed freely. A Bit Torrent application is needed to download content from 13377x.


RARBG is a great torrent site that attracts millions of visitors around the world. The site is known for the best quality videos. The content is outstanding with all the fantastic features. The site is a directory of millions of torrent files and magnet links.

The authorities block the area, but the content on the site is now available through its proxies and mirrors. RARBG can be the best alternative for Kickasstorrents.


Nyaa.si is a perfect online destination for animation pictures and other stuff. Like many other torrent sites, Nyaa also underwent a ban in many countries but is still used by people in Japan.

The content on the site is vast, and there are appropriately categorized sections. The files are provided with detailed information like date aired, file size, video quality, seeds, peers, etc.


Limetorrents is a family-loving website with a particular health bar option on it. The UI interface is simple. Anyone can easily download content from the site without much effort. Content on this gigantic website is uploaded every hour.

Movies of different genres like action, comedy, adventure, horror, thriller, and more are available. LimeTorrent is a perfect alternative for Kickasstorrents. Other alternatives for Kickasstorrents are, The Pirate Bay, Extatorrent, Torrentz2, YTS, 1887x, Zooqle, etc.

Is It Illegal To Access Kickasstorrents?

The answer depends on the place you live. It is a punishable offense to access torrent sites in some countries like India, China, the USA, Russia, UK, etc., and torrent sites can be accessed in few other countries without restrictions.

Is It Safe To Access Kickasstorrents?

It may not be safe to access KAT without taking safety measures like installing a VPN service that protects your valuable data and devices. It is because torrent sites are public networks that can be accessed by anybody that may include cybercriminals and hackers as well.

Let’s Conclude Kickasstorrents

Kickasstorrents is undeniably a famous torrent site for excellent multimedia content. When the site was down, the content on the site was made available through the proxy sites of KAT. The website is visited by millions of users across the globe. The site has international recognition.

But the sad part is, KAT is an illegal website with illegal content on it. So, the one who visits the site is committing a crime as per the law of our country. We do not encourage such activity, and we suggest our valuable visitors choose legal alternatives for Kickasstorrents.

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