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4Movierulz Or Movierulz4 | Download & Watch Latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil Hindi Dubbed HD Movies For Free

4movierulz is a free website that allows its users to watch movies in many languages for free. The movies are uploaded regularly and globally within a day or two after their release. 4movierulz is an international platform that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

Movies are a great source of entertainment and relaxation in this present-day busy world. The advancement in technology has brought new innovations especially in the field of entertainment through many free streaming movie platforms. One of the best and the most popular ones is 4movierulz.

The site hosts numerous movies and lets its users watch them online or download them for free. The movie lovers flock to the 4movierulz website not only for the free entertainment content but also for the amazing variety of features movierulz4 website provides. In this article we will reveal to you the complete scenario of 4movierulz website.

History Of 4movierulz Website

It is the most sought after illegal website for movies, tv shows, web series and gained a lot of popularity especially during the pandemic as there was shutdown of theaters. Netizens visited 4movierulz for its vast database and HD quality videos. It emerged as the proxy site of Movierulz.com when the latter was banned in 2018 due to pirated content.

After the shutdown of the main website many proxy sites came to the limelight such as 2movierulz, 3movierulz, movierulz2 etc. 4movierulz works just like the main website in terms of content and functionality. You can find any movie of your choice on movierulz4.

The content on the website is illegal as the movies are obtained through piracy. So most of the pirated websites, including 4movierulz are banned in many countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Russia etc. The content can be accessed through its proxy and mirror sites in areas where the site is banned.

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Best Features Of 4movierulz Website

Like any other pirated website 4movierulz leaks copyrighted movies and web series. The site is visited by many people across the globe because of its intriguing features. It serves the best feed of movies, tv shows and web series. Movierulz4 has become the ruler of all free content providing websites. The prominent reasons for the site to reach a notch higher are as follows.

  • It has a well designed and easy to access interface. You can find the massive content is distributed under different categories. Thumbnails of new movies appear on the homepage of the website.
  • Movies in 22+ Indian and International languages are available on 4movierulz website.
  • You can find both the latest and old movies on 4movierulz website.
  • You have an option to download movies in the video resolution (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Blue Ray) of your choice as per your convenience.
  • Movies of different genres like action, adventure, comedy, suspense, thriller, horror, documentaries, biopics are available on movierulz4 website.
  • In recent times, It is accessible even on smartphones as its makers introduced it in the form of an android application.
  • Above all the complete content on the website is available for free of cost.

Procedure To Unblock 4movierulz Website

Given below are the methods to be followed to unblock 4movierulz website. If Movierulz4 website is down or not working in your region then it is understood that the ISPs or the government authorities have banned the website. During those times you can access the content with the help of proxy or mirror sites.

A proxy site helps you to unblock the banned or blocked website. Proxy and mirror websites are the clone websites of the main website. They work on different servers and have different domain extensions. That is why your online activity cannot be monitored by others. However, the content, UI interface and features are same as the main website.

The next best method to unblock banned websites is with the help of a good VPN service. Sometimes, ISPs have advanced software to track down even the proxy and mirror sites. But a VPN helps you to unblock not only the main website but also the proxy sites

Categories Available On Movierulz4 Website

The vast content is segregated under different sections as follows.

  • Home
  • Featured
  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Others
  • Genres
  • DVDRip
  • Songs

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Download Process Of A Movie On 4movierulz Website

  • Before you start to download a movie on 4movierulz website make sure you already installed a Bittorrent or Utorrent application on your device.
  • Now open the 4movierulz website or its proxy/mirror site in the web browser of your interest.
  • As the homepage of the website opens you can find a long search bar or different categories underneath like Home, Bollywood, Hollywood, Feature etc.
  • You can type the name of the title in the search bar, or you can select from the categories.
  • Now click on the search bar to find many magnet links appearing on the home page.
  • Select one of the magnet links and your desired video formats available to that movie.
  • Now click on the link and you will be redirected to the Bit Torrent application where the movie gets downloaded.
  • Sit back and relax as it takes a few minutes for the movie to be downloaded completely.

Mirror Sites And Proxy Sites List Of Movierulz4 Website

Mentioned below are the list of mirror sites and proxy sites of 4movierulz website that can be used when the main website is down or blocked.

Proxy Sites Of Movierulz4 Website

  • 2movierulz pz
  • movierulz cz
  • 2movierulz xa
  • 2movierulz cs
  • Movierulz ds
  • Movierulz plz
  • Movierulz ms
  • Movierulz vc
  • Movierulz gs
  • 2movierulz ms

Mirror Sites Of Movierulz4 Website

  • 3movierulz.sx
  • 4movierulz.mn
  • 3movierulz.in
  • Movierulz plz
  • Movierulz.vpn
  • Movierulz.me
  • 3movierulz.ms
  • Movierulz.wtf
  • Movierulz.ol
  • Movierulz.vip
  • Movierulzfree
  • Movierulz.ml
  • Movierulz2.co.in

Other Alternatives Of 4movierulz Website

There are many other alternatives for 4movierulz website available online that provide latest movies, tv shows, web series etc in HD quality. In case if you find movierulz4 and its proxy/mirror sites are not working then you can definitely opt for other substitutes as given below.

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Trending Movies Of Hollywood, Bollywood, Regional Language Movies On Movierulz4 Website

  • Vellam
  • Krack
  • Zombie Reddy
  • Master
  • Live Telecast
  • Vakeel Saab
  • Walter
  • The Croods
  • Vadham
  • Minions Holiday Special
  • Solar Impact
  • Robot Riot
  • Peta
  • Sahoo
  • Avengers:Endgame

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions On 4movierulz

What Are The Assets Of 4movierulz Websites?

4movierulz has a vast database with millions of files. Movies in various languages and different picture qualities are available. The UI interface is user-friendly. Movies are both in dubbed and dual audio formats. 4movierulz allows its users to download songs and movies at completely free of cost.

What Are The Liabilities Of 4movierulz Website?

4movierulz is an illegal website which encourages pirated content. The website is monitored by unknown people from unknown locations. Anyone can access the website from anywhere around the world which is a means to data breach and cyber threats. Annoying pop-ups may bring malware or viruses that affect the condition of the devices.

Is It Unlawful To Browse A 4movierulz Website?

No. it is illegal and a punishable offence to browse Movierulz4 website as it hosts pirated content. Piracy is against the law and the guilty are jailed for 3 years or asked to pay a fine of 3 to 5 lakhs.

What Is The Revenue Status Of 4movierulz Website?

The estimated net worth of 4movierulz website is 89871 USD.

Does Our Content Become Vulnerable To Cyber Threats If We Use 4movierulz Website?

Yes! 4movierulz is an open website used by many globally. The site is vulnerable to cyber threats and frauds.

Final Thoughts 4Movierulz Website

According to copyright act 1957, it is illegal to stream or download pirated websites like 4movierulz. We do not encourage our valuable users to visit pirated websites and get into trouble. Always use a reliable and compatible VPN service on your device to access the 4movierulz website. We hope you got the complete knowledge on movierulz4 website through our article.

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