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RARBG | 100% Working Rarbg Proxy & Mirror Websites & Unblock Rarbg Torrents & Its Alternatives

RARBG is a Bulgarian peer-to-peer file-sharing website with many torrent files and magnet links and uses the Bittorrent protocol to download data. RARBG, which was founded in the year 2008, became one of the top 5 torrenting indexes.

RARBG does not directly host the content but provides numerous collections of links and torrent files of various websites where they are stored. According to Torrent Freak news, It has appeared many times in the most visited websites list of the year.

It is prominently known for providing high-quality videos, and people who like to watch movies, tv shows, web series in HD quality must visit the RARBG website. Along with them, one can find trending games, video songs, e-books, etc.

All types of content is available for free on this international platform. But RARBG faced domain seizures and shutdowns in many countries due to the availability of copyrighted content for free. The RARBG website was officially taken down in the year 2019. Since then, the dedicated staff of the RARBG website has been sustaining their services through the clone sites of RARBG called the proxies and mirrors.

Popularity Of RARBG Torrent

RARBG is a famous torrent site visited by millions of people all around the world. RARBG contributes many services that are not readily available on other websites. So, most torrent lovers regularly visit the website to extract their desired content.

The factors include the number of visits paid by the users, the time spent by the users, the number of pages visited by the users, the revenue generated by the website and the ranking of the websites in the internet world., a web traffic analysis that gives global rankings to over 30 million websites across the world.

Based on the above factors and other information from reliable sources, RARBG website was given a ranking of 593 among its peers. After the content was refurbished and updated, the global rank shifted to 491. The number of pages browsed by an average user per day is more than 4, and the time spent by a user is around 2.41 minutes.

Revenue & Net Worth Of RARBG Torrents

To estimate the worth of any website, does the job for you by calculating the revenue, traffic, worth, Alexa rank details. The values are not accurate but an estimation. So, according to the web calculator,, the estimated income generated by the RARBG proxy website through ads and other sources is USD 21,367,440 per annum. The net worth of the RARBG website is approximately USD 556,000,000.

RARBG website had highly influenced the box office collections of blockbuster movies and brought severe losses to the producers. Many budding producers were drowned in bitter debts. So, to transmute this condition, the anti-piracy teams, government authorities are taking serious steps to stop the torrent sites from working. Whenever they get information about the torrent sites’ popularity that provide pirated content, they take adequate measures to eradicate them from the world wide web. RARBG is no exception to this and is banned in the year 2019.

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List Of RARBG Proxy & Mirrors Sites Working In 2022

RARBG Proxies/MirrorsStatusSpeed
https://rarbg.unblocked.plusOnlineVery Fast
https://rarbg.unblocked.pubOnlineVery Fast

Torrent lovers and regular torrent site visitors are well versed with how difficult it is to locate working proxy or mirror sites of RARBG. It is not an easy task, but our team put some extra effort into picking the working proxies of RARBG 2021.

Brief Description Of Few Popular And Working RARBG Proxy Sites

The domain extension ‘.com‘ itself confirms that it is the original and preliminary site. It isn’t easy to find these domains that are working correctly. This mirror site is a distinctive one with all the fantastic features of the leading site.


This domain has been working since 2018 with its own versatile features. Many proxy sites have been banned between 2016 and 2019. It is difficult to find one like this.

This site is best for diverting traffic and is one of the main domains of the RARBG website. It has been working since 2018 and works at its best when used with the help of a VPN.

This is a firm site and has been providing services since 2015. It is prominently accessible in the Czech Republic.

Best Methods To Unblock RARBG Torrent

Web Proxy

If you are trying to access the RARBG website and you face an error code or are unable to access the content, then it is understood that the site is blocked in your region by your ISP. Proxy and Mirror sites are the most feasible solutions to access the blocked content of RARBG.

A proxy site acts as a bridge between the users and the websites they want to extract data. A mirror site is a clone website with the same content and interfaces as the main website. These intermediaries are effective sources in diverting traffic.

Proxies hide your IP address and help to make your online activity anonymous. ISP or other trackers cannot locate you or find which websites you browse as they only see that you are using a proxy server. Proxy sites work at their best if used with the help of a VPN.,,, are few public proxies that are regularly updated. The websites and are the private proxy sites of the RARBG website.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network encrypts the online activity of a user when using public networks. A VPN helps to send and receive data in disguise protected from threats and viruses. The ISPs or other government authorities cannot locate you as you can change your IP address and geolocation. If you install a reliable VPN on your device,

  • You can unblock multiple websites
  • Prevent the tracking of cybercriminals and hackers.
  • Internet Service Providers cannot find your online activity.
  • Blocks intrusive ads that may contain malware.
  • The download of content becomes easy and rapid.

VPN is the best source of unblocking the blocked websites as well as their proxy sites.

Every VPN may not be considered as free VPNs have their flaws. After genuine research, we recommend using the best and compatible VPN services available in the market, such as Surfshark VPN, Cyberghost VPN, IP Vanish VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc.

Tor Browser

The Onion Routing network or TOR browser is a free service that seals your online activity from tracking and hacking. Users can freely visit the websites they desire without anyone knowing it. It helps to prevent surveillance of ISP, location tracking, or user identification while surfing the web. You can get rid of network spying with the help of TOR. The only disadvantage is that your browsing and downloading speed may be reduced.

There is another less effective method of unblocking proxy sites of RARBG. That is modifying the DNS settings on your device. This is less effective because it works only for a lesser percentage of proxy sites.

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Best Similar Alternatives For RARBG Torrents

Even after trying all the above methods that are efficient and effective, and if you cannot access the RARBG proxy sites, we have come with workable solutions worth trying. Correspondingly, several torrent search engines on the internet are equally convincing, like RARBG in all manners. Please read along to get a gist of them. Below are a few torrent sites similar to RARBG.


YTS proxy, which is also known as YIFY, was initially launched in the year 2010 in Auckland. There are more than a million torrent files and magnet links on its site. You can avail movies, songs, videos in high quality. It has a unique feature that provides a preview of the videos you want to download. It has a friendly interface, and so 70 million users visit the website yearly.


13377x is a famous P2P file-sharing website with unique content like the latest movies, tv shows, web series, games, and software applications. The content can either be downloaded or streamed for free. The user-friendly interface and fabulous features are the assets of the 13377x torrent site. The site was founded in 2008 and was banned later due to legal issues. But, there are many proxy and mirror sites available online.


If you are looking for animated movies, then Nyaa is the right destination. It has a complete package of anime besides several other pictures, tv shows, documentaries, software, etc. Nyaa is the earliest website founded in 2005 and has about 3 lakh torrents. More than 40 million users visit the website. Other torrent sites are The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, LimeTorrents, Torrentz2, Demonoid, EZTV, Extra Torrents, Tamil Rockers, etc.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On RARBG

How Many Users Visit RARBG Per Year?

1.42 billion users visit RARBG and its proxies per year. That is the popularity of the RARBG website.

What Are The Best Features Of RARBG?

It is best known for HD quality videos, easily accessible content, facilitates massive databases, movies of all genres, user-friendly interface, and users can download the content effortlessly.

What Are The Legal Alternatives For RARBG?

There are many legal alternatives known as OTT platforms that provide great entertaining content. They charge a few bucks to access them. They also have subscription plans to ease the burden. Few famous OTTs are Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Voot, Zee 5, Sony Liv, etc.

Final Say On RARBG

RARBG is an illegal torrent site banned in many countries, including India. Accessing the site may drive you into difficulties. As piracy is a punishable offense, the guilty are either charged 5 lakhs or jailed upto 3 years. Anti-Piracy divisions are taking many precautions to abolish piracy and pirated websites.

We support the government and stand for the cause. We also encourage you to contribute your part in eliminating anti-social elements such as piracy. If you are still provoked to visit the website, we strongly recommend not to make it an addiction and browse the site with the help of a premium VPN service that protects your data and devices from hackers and fraudsters.

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