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EZTV Proxy | 100% Working Mirror & Proxy Sites Of EZTV & Find The Best Alternatives Of Eztv [Updated 2022]

EZTV Proxy is regarded as a popular free streaming torrent that means the site is well known for tv shows worldwide.

Thousands of torrent sites have surged in recent times, setting the torrenting industry in the top-notch. Millions of users visit torrent sites regularly as they provide vast entertaining content for free. The torrent sites also give an extraordinary and satisfying experience to their users without charging a dime. The only drawback is the content available on them is pirated and obtained through illegal ways.

So, most of them are either banned, blocked, or shut down by the Internet Service Providers or anti-piracy divisions. The banned site becomes inactive and ceases to respond when a user tries to open it. One such website is EZTV which is not short of popularity and content than other torrents. EZTV has special features that attract millions of users towards itself. When the authorities shut down the site and became inaccessible, its regular visitors may have felt downhearted.

To fix the issue, within a short span, the dedicated staff of EZTV came up with several proxy and mirror sites of EZTV with the same features of the original website and content. Before you go further to get the EZTV proxies, it will be appropriate to know about the EZTV website.

What Is EZTV?

EZTV is regarded as a famous TV torrent that means the site is well known for tv shows worldwide. EZTV was launched in 2005 and gradually became one of the leading sites and evolved into one of the most visited sites across the globe. Besides, tv shows provided a huge collection of movies, anime, documentaries, web series in the pirated form.

The prime aim of establishing the EZTV website is to provide the best quality videos to its users. The content on the site is regularly updated with new features, new torrents, and many more. That is why EZTV is the most sought-after site among the torrents, especially for trending tv shows. Like many other torrent sites that underwent ban by the ISPs, EZTV could not escape the radar of ISP and experienced domain seizures. So, many a time, the domain name of the website was continuously changed.

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Working EZTV Proxy Sites In 2022

After the website’s ban and continuous surveillance of ISPs to track down the torrent sites and their proxies, it has become very difficult to find the working EZTV proxies that cannot be easily traced. So, we made a deep search to make them available. The list of proxy/mirror sites of EZTV is given below.

  • https://EZTV.ukunblock.download
  • https://EZTV.unblocked.bet
  • https://EZTV.bypassed.cool
  • http://EZTVmirror.com
  • https://EZTV.ag
  • http://EZTV.rocks
  • https://EZTV.red

Other Notable EZTV Proxy Sites


This website was founded in 2005 as a replacement of tvtorrents.tv and evolved into the official site of EZTV within a short time. This is best known for tv shows, movies, web series.


This site is famous for high-quality reality shows, and people interested in watching them can get fully entertained that too for free.


This site predominantly hosts web series and tv shows of America. This mirror site is just similar to the original site. The download process is also very easy.


This site is probably the best site with all the eminent features of the original EZTV website. It has a huge database such as the latest movies, tv shows, web series, songs, and many more. The homepage is user-friendly, and it has all the features that give a trouble-free experience. Many users visit this site.

Unblock EZTV With A Proxy Or Mirror Website

Torrents like EZTV, which are banned by the government authorities, are primarily unblocked with the help of proxy or mirror sites. Both the proxy and mirror sites have similar interfaces and content, but they differ slightly.

Accessing a proxy site might be the simplest way to unblock EZTV. A proxy site acts as an intermediary between the target site and the end-user. While using a proxy site to access EZTV, the ISP or others who monitor your activity can only witness that you are connected to a proxy server. Still, they will not be able to find that you are accessing the original EZTV. A proxy server will allow you to access the content in disguise.

A mirror site is identical to the main website and is referred to as a clone website with different domain names that allow access to the main website’s data. Whereas a proxy server is a different site with which you can easily connect to the source EZTV website and other sites. In terms of privacy, both offer equal security.

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Standard Methods To Unblock EZTV Proxy

The basic standard methods to unblock EZTV or EZTV proxy are with the help of a Virtual Private Network or in short, VPN and TOR browser.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you purchase and install a good VPN on your device, you can enjoy many benefits. The basic feature of a VPN is to help you unblock the banned torrent websites by giving you a different IP address and a different location where accessing torrent sites is not illegal. Besides, unblocking a VPN service provides many other uses.

A VPN, once installed, lets you unblock multiple torrent sites. It gives maximum security to your data and devices and prevents the trackers, hackers, ISPs from observing your online activity. It helps to block interrupting ads. It provides excellent compatibility and lets you download the content with greater speed. Few reliable VPNs are Expressvpn, Nord VPN, etc. The mentioned VPNs are paid services.

TOR Browser

TOR is a free service that protects your identity, circumvents your online activity, and prevents the authorities’ surveillance. It also blocks intrusive advertisements. TOR, which means ‘The Onion Routing‘, offers multi-layered protection. The only drawback with this non-profit network is the speed.

What Are The Special Features Of EZTV Or EZTV Proxy?

EZTV has many appealing features like most of the top torrent sites. Even though the interface depicts an old format, the appearance is classic. You can find the desired content instantly by just typing the title in the search box. The interface is simple and easy to use. The home page consists of different elements.

The content is classified as Home, Countdown list, Forums, Show List, FAQs, etc. These options help you to reach your favorite content without confusion. The movies or other shows are provided with many details such as tracker statistics, release date, video resolution, file size, file format, etc. The home page is different from the inner pages, which have a simple and sleek layout.

EZTV has a massive database of torrents that lets users download the content without imposing charges. Movies and tv shows of different genres are available. There is no need for registration. However, there is a forum for the users who need to register and log in with an ID where they can find newly released movies or shows and discuss their points or explain their experiences about the episodes of the shows. They can also put forward their views on the development of the website.

Popularity Of EZTV Or EZTV Proxy In Numbers

EZTV is among the top torrent sites and occupies the front seat with other famous torrents like LimeTorrents, 1337x Proxy, The Pirates Bay, Torrentz2, etc. More than 11 million users visit EZTV per month. EZTV was awarded a rank of 5244 based on the traffic it received.

An average user spends more than 4 minutes on EZTV and visits at least 4 pages before moving out of the website. According to Alexa.com, which calculates the rank of the websites based on traffic and other details, EZTV is ranked 1925 among the thousands of torrent sites available out there.

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Is It Unsafe to Access The EZTV Proxy Site?

It may not be safe to use an EZTV proxy without proper precautions. It is because the pop-ups on the site may contain unknown malware which affects your devices. Hackers and cybercriminals place bugs and viruses into your devices to steal your important information. As it is an open website and accessible by anybody, it is recommended to open it with the help of a good VPN.

Which Is the Best Method To Unblock EZTV Proxy?

The reliable and best way to unblock EZTV is by installing a compatible, trustworthy, and user-friendly VPN. A VPN gives complete security and protection to its user and allows them to surf the internet anonymously.

What Are the Other Ways To Unblock EZTV Proxy?

Manual DNS configuration, which means modifying your DNS server details. But this method is not that effective as it unblocks only a few websites. It also doesn’t circumvent the browsing traffic.

Mention Any 4 Best Alternatives For EZTV Proxy


YTS, also known as YIFY torrents, is an Auckland-based torrent site that provides movie files and shows in High-definition quality. Although the main website is shut down, many mirrors and proxy sites serve with the main website’s content.


1337x is a peer 2 peer file-sharing website with amazing content and excellent features. It is regarded as the third popular website among torrents. 1337x proxy provides movies, tv shows, web series, games, software, etc. Millions of users visit this website every month to enjoy its services. The vast content is classified into different categories, making it easy for users to locate their interests instantly.


TorLock is another best alternative for EZTV as it has outstanding content and easily approachable features. The site gets updated regularly with innovative and helpful features. This can be the best zone for movie lovers.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents, also called KAT, is a famous website working for more than a decade and has become the most followed website after the shut down of another popular torrent, Pirates Bay. KAT provides fabulous content like movies, tv shows, games, and apps in high quality. Although the website is banned in few areas, its content is made available through its proxies and mirrors.

Let’s Conclude EZTV Or EZTV Proxy

As our team is primarily concerned with providing knowledge about different torrenting sites and how they work and provide services, we put in our best to bring out an informative article that helps you get the details of them.

EZTV is a banned website for its illegal content and acts through its proxies and mirrors. But it is a crime to access pirated websites in India, Australia, the USA, Russia, China, etc. We neither encourage piracy nor recommend it to our users.

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