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Vitamins For The Hair: They Are Perfect

Dream mane with hair vitamins – does it work? Here you can find out everything you need to know about dietary supplements.

Long, strong and healthy hair – that’s what many dream of. But not every woman is blessed with a full, shiny mane. How nice it would be if you could help your hair with a bit of vitamin doping!

There are such products. But does it work? We got to the bottom of the matter and took a closer look at hair vitamins and co.

Which Vitamins Ensure Beautiful Hair?

You have thin, brittle hair, and no treatment will help anymore? A nutritional deficiency could be the reason. But which vitamins does the body need for healthy hair?

” In fact, there are lots of different vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, growth factors and trace elements. In particular, zinc, biotin, omega-6 acids, iron, calcium, vitamins A and C are responsible for beautiful hair,” says Dr. Eveline Urselmann, who has a practice for aesthetic medicine in Hamburg.

Do Hair Supplements Make Sense?

Even if the list of essential substances for hair growth turns out to belong, you don’t have to swallow many pills to boost your hair growth.

Dietary supplementation is neither necessary nor advisable for most people. Germany is not a vitamin deficiency area. Those who do not have a disease and have a varied and balanced diet provide their body with enough nutrients. “A blood count provides certainty about any nutrient deficiency,” advises the doctor. You can read more about vitamin preparations here.

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What Kind Of Beautiful Hair Should I Eat?

Your diet must be varied and balanced. Otherwise, there is not much to consider. You should only be careful if you eat vegetarian or vegan.

“Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in oily fish such as salmon, support hair growth and keep the scalp supple. Proteins are particularly important for beautiful hair. Hair consists of keratin, which the body makes from proteins. For this he needs biotin, which is mainly found in animal foods, “says expert Dr. Urselmann.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a meat-eater for your hair right now. Dr. Urselmann reveals Which Plant-Based Foods Contain Biotin:

  • Nuts
  • Lenses
  • Oatmeal – by the way, is a natural hair booster, as they are also rich in zinc!

If these foods for beautiful hair are regularly on your diet, you nourish your hair and do not need pills. Click on the link and discover the top 10 foods for beautiful hair.

Is There Any Point In Taking Hair Vitamins Preventively?

Even if it sounds sensible at first, caution is advised here! If there is no deficiency, you will quickly get an excess of certain nutrients. In some cases, this is not a big deal because the body only takes what it needs and excretes the rest. With some vitamins, however, you should be careful.

“With vitamins A and D, for example, side effects can occur. Therefore, it is better to clarify the vitamin balance before taking prophylactic measures,” advises the doctor. So there are no nasty surprises, and you create the best conditions for thick, healthy hair! Find out what else can help against hair loss here!

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Which Hair Vitamins Are Best?

The following applies to the vitamin that suits your deficiency. If you don’t have an undersupply, you don’t need any vitamins. If you have a defect, you should ask the following questions when choosing your nutritional supplement:

  • Where Does The Product Come From? “For products from Germany, different criteria apply in terms of purity and composition than, for example, in the USA,” says the doctor.
  • Which Additives Does The Supplement Contain? On the one hand, of course, vitamins, on the other hand, maybe many additives that nobody knows what is behind them. You’d rather say: No, thank you!
  • How Much Is The Product Dosed? “Many remedies are usually dosed too low. If there is a deficiency, it is better to seek advice from a doctor on choosing the right preparation,” recommends the expert.
  • Powder Or Capsules? It all depends on what you like better.

What Do Gummy Bears Do For Hair?

You can certainly still remember the hype a few years ago about gummy bears for beautiful hair. For example, there are the Ivybears and the Bears with Benefits. Just snack on some delicious gummy bears and get a dream mane – that would be too nice! But can they do something, or is it all just marketing?

Dr. Urselmann’s assessment: “If the right ingredients are contained in the right concentration, there is nothing wrong with the gummy bears.” Then they work just like conventional pills, only taste better. For the latter to occur, however, there is also sugar or other sweeteners in it. If you don’t mind: Bon appetit!

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Do Hair Vitamins Have Side Effects?

“An overdose of some vitamins can lead to side effects. With iron, vitamin E, and selenium, for example, digestive disorders can occur. Too much vitamin A causes headaches, itchy skin, nausea, and vomiting. Important: Pregnant women should take additional vitamin A.” – Better not take it! Omega 3 capsules can lead to discomfort and a fishy taste, “says Dr. Eveline Urselmann.

To not take any risks, it is better to have a doctor checked and advised beforehand. Nothing can go wrong this way! You recently had a blood check and would like to know what it says?

How Do I Take Hair Products?

Best in the morning on an empty stomach. So the body can absorb the substances well. Dr. Urselmann explains: “If the taking of the vitamins has been recommended by the doctor, you should as a rule adhere to a period of 6 months. Before you see results, you should give the whole thing enough time. And important: take it regularly!” It is best to integrate vitamin intake into your morning beauty routine.

Hair vitamins can support your hair health. However, only if there is a defect. Otherwise, you’d better save the money for it. Necessary: first, clarify the blood values ​​and seek medical advice. And in any case, check the ingredients of the supplements. Good luck with your dream, mane!

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