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How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener?

There are many models of hair straighteners on the market that are part of an immensity of brands. We can find them with different benefits, designed for certain types of hair and at more or less economic prices.

The most recommended is to take a look at the occasional comparison. To help you speed up your search, we have prepared a buying guide that can be very useful for you.

What do we have to base ourselves on to choose the best hair straightener?

Plate coating

It is one of the most important points. Mainly, we have 4 kinds of coating:

  • Ceramic: This material has the advantage that it can distribute heat evenly throughout its structure. Experts often recommend this coating for fine, normal or slightly curly hair. In addition, there are different types of ceramics.
  • Keratin: The keratin usually accompanies other materials in the plates; that is, they do not occur only in keratin. This coating helps that the temperature is not so extreme as to damage the hair. Minimizes the possibility of deterioration and promotes repair. They are ideal to regain the shine and strength that our hair had in the past.
  • Tourmaline: As in the previous case, tourmaline is not usually presented as a single material. This material is ionized, so it is very useful to combat friction and thus avoid frizz.
  • Titanium: Titanium shapes quality hair straightener plates, designed to last for their high-temperature tolerance. They are perfect for almost any type of hair, except for dry or coloured hair.

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Plate size

The size of the plates directly interferes with the speed of the smoothing.

  • The thin plates are the traditional ones, those that we will use for specific touch-ups, for bangs or for short hair.
  • The XXL plates can cover much of the hair. They are a good option for those complex straightening hair.


Furthermore, hair irons are also classified according to their technology.

Some models work with infrared technology, very useful to achieve great results, but without damaging the hair as much.

The plates ionic hair released negative ions while work by neutralizing the positive charges on the hair and thus prevents frizz.

If you want to use a hair straightener with wet hair, you cannot use any of the above, but you will have to go to one with Wet & Dry technology. As the translation says, they are perfect for ironing hair whether it is damp or wet.

In addition to all these criteria, keep in mind the budget you have, but you should not be based only on the price, but on choosing a model that is of quality and adapts to what you need.


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