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The Best Make-up Tips For Brunettes

Choosing the perfect makeup not only has to do with what is fashionable at all times and the outfit you are wearing, but it is also essential to take into account our features to use the most flattering techniques and take advantage of strengths. Today we bring you the best eye makeup ideas for brunettes take note!

1. The retro-style eyeliner

The retro-style eyeliner without any shadow is a perfect type of makeup for brunettes, as it highlights the look. It intensifies the natural potential of the eyes and works perfectly with dark hair. One of the most popular references of this style is Audrey Hepburn who exploited the possibilities of this type of makeup by making the strokes wider towards the end of the eyes. It is typical of the 60s and will offer you a vintage air while being simple and elegant.

To do it correctly you must start by painting the corner of the eye taking as a reference the height of the end of the eyebrow. Then you will connect the end of the corner to the line of the tabs and draw a line around the edge of the tabs. You will have to fill in this line well and perfect it if you want a trick: just have a stick on hand to help you with small corrections. You will get a deep look with a very simple technique.

2. The khol for brunettes

“Khol” is that mysterious black eye characteristic of the Muses of Egypt who knew many tricks of beauty and, coincidentally, they were all brunettes. The Egyptians began by using it to ward off evil spirits and prevent eye disease, but it ended up being an aesthetic identifier. To make this eye makeup they used ground galena, a mineral from the group of sulfides. It is currently manufactured with added natural and mineral charcoal.

This type of makeup makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter thanks to the colour contrast and is perfect for brunettes. It will be different if you have small eyes since framing them too much will make them look even smaller and will achieve the opposite effect. It is ideal as a party look and very attractive combined with an evening dress.

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3. The blue smoky effect

The cold tones have the characteristic of seating brunettes very well and especially if they are fair-skinned. If it is made with a smoky effect, so fashionable, you can get intense and voluminous eyes. It is perfect for an event, party, or occasion that requires special makeup.

To smoke your eyes you must first clean the area that you are going to makeup, the entire face probably since you will need to complement your eye decoration with everything else. You will place a line on the lower eyelid. Then you will paint the lower lines with black eyeliner, never inside the eyelid as it will appear smaller. With a black eyeliner, you will paint a line on the upper eyelid and blend. Paint with illuminating eyeshadow near the tear and blend the two colours well to create the smoky effect.

4. Single colour shade or pure lighting

A type of makeup that is perfect for brunettes and that is very fashionable is the use of a shade of a single intense colour, combining with the colours of the clothes that you wear on that occasion. This will not only depend on whether you are brunette but also on the specific tone of your eyes: try to use a colour that highlights your look and is striking. If you use a primer to prepare it, it will be better pigmented and fixed to the eye.

Something that takes great advantage of brunette girls is the natural look with a lighting base, especially if your skin is quite tanned. This technique is based on offering the necessary lighting to the eyes to enhance them, without excess colour to achieve a very natural effect and take advantage of the beauty of the Mediterranean features. To complete the set of highlighters, simply add mascara or a discreet eyeliner flush with the eyelid.

5. Choosing colours for makeup

Something very important when choosing a makeup that fits well with your features is knowing which colours combine with you if you are a brunette. Depending on the skin tone and the combination of the eye colour, you can choose one style or another. If you are a brunette from head to toe, very tanned, the ideal is to opt for dark reds, dark pinks, earth tones and gold.

Almost all dark browns look great on brunettes and cool colours are perfect as long as they are dark, with shades of purple or aided by black eyeliner. If you want to combine your eye makeup with a flattering blush, do not hesitate to opt for a glitter product, it is not necessary to wear glitter and something shimmer will suffice.

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