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Best Tips To Train In The Summer

The most important thing of all is that you adapt to the conditions so as not to throw away all the work you have been doing for months. So today we are going to give you a few tips for training in the summer and that you do not throw away all the work done during the course.

Tips for Training in Summer

In this post, we will talk about food, healthy guidelines and the best equipment for heat. Follow these recommendations to avoid dying of hot flashes or dehydration during training.

1. Eat Lightly (and well)

It is always good advice to listen to nature. The seasonal products and those that incorporate a lot of water in their composition are the most suitable for this time of the year, especially fruits and vegetables.

Eat watermelon and melon that, apart from everything, will help you stay hydrated. Salads and cold soups such as gazpachos, cucumber or carrot soup are light and always appealing. And most importantly: they hydrate you and provide you with plenty of vitamins that protect you from the sun.

As for the protein supply, which must always be present, eat some fish, poultry, eggs and dairy, preferably fermented, such as yoghurts or kefir.

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2. Hydrate Yourself all the Time

Just before training, you know that it is not convenient to drink too much water, but it is the only time when you have to restrict consumption a little. The rest of the day, you should avoid separating from the water bottle to get to the workout already hydrated.

Depending on the discipline you practice, the loss of fluid will be more or less noticeable. Be careful, do not confuse sweating too much with losing weight: you must replace both the water and the salts that are lost through perspiration.

If you are going to do cardio and some maintenance in the gym, it is recommended that you have a bottle on hand to take a few small drinks during the training . Once the effort is over, drink enough liquid, both water and some isotonic drink that will provide you with mineral salts, but beware, it does not have sugar! You should also eat some fruit, which will be great to regain strength. In the case of practising outdoor sports such as running or cycling, in addition to avoiding the warmer hours of the day, you have to carry plenty of water.

3. Light Clothing and Footwear

To train in summer, you need to use really light clothing. It is critical that they are made of fabrics with high breathability that facilitate air circulation to dry quickly. The experience of exercising with soaked clothes is very unpleasant.

Beyond t-shirts and pants (or tights), you should pay special attention to footwear. If your shoes use too thick a fabric, the air will not circulate inside, raising the temperature and favouring the appearance of the dreaded blisters. These are our best tips for training in summer.

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