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6 Foods You Must Have Regularly To Avoid Dehydration In Summer

Our body is fundamentally water, up to approximately two-thirds of it is made up of this fundamental element. Not only that, 85% of blood, 80% of muscle mass and up to 25% of our bones have water as a component. It is now, with the heat, when precisely we lose more and for this reason, knowing how to hydrate in summer is more important.

Drinking water as needed is essential, but there are also foods that help us stay hydrated. Many of them, in addition, have their best time in these summer months and will help keep your body balanced.

What is the correct way to hydrate?

Drinking a lot of water is essential these days, but proper hydration also involves including in our diet foods that, in addition to being rich in water, also naturally provide us with many other elements beneficial to our health.

Below, we review some foods that will help you maintain proper hydration :

  • Watermelon
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Grapefruit
  • Lettuce
  • grapes

1. Eating Watermelon Is essential in summer

Fruits are the first large group of foods very rich in water that help hydrate us and in this category two stand out in an important way: watermelon.

The watermelon, a fruit rich in vitamin A, B, C and potassium out precisely by lycopene, an antioxidant pigment which gives it its deep red colour, but mainly anti – cellular ageing. It is a fashionable fruit, which is consumed more and more and is normal: it has few calories (20 per 100 grams), it satiates and also helps keep you hydrated since more than 90% of its content is water.

The melon follows closely behind. Its caloric content is similar, about 30 calories per 100 grams. All this being a food rich in beta-carotene and vitamin D. Its water content is similar, between 90% and 95% and also its gastronomic value is increasingly appreciated both in salads, salads, desserts and entrees.

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2. Tomato undoubtedly be a star ingredient

But if you are looking for how to hydrate in the summer and enjoy the gastronomic richness and variety of your dishes, the tomato will undoubtedly be a star ingredient.

This fruit has a water composition of 93% and is also rich in vitamin C, a powerful natural antioxidant, to which we can add vitamin A, K, iron and potassium. But, in addition, what interests us especially in summer, is its high water content and its diuretic properties that help prevent fluid retention, so common in these weeks, and which is of great help in the elimination of toxins.

The best thing about tomato is that in summer it displays, even more, all its culinary advantages in many dishes. It is no longer only indispensable in salads, but in the form of cold soups, such as gazpacho and salmorejo, it is a delight for the palate while refreshing and hydrating.

3. Cucumber, an ideal complement

Another of the basic foods rich in water is cucumber, in this case above tomato, since 96% is water. Its consumption is not in large quantities, but together with other foods, it helps how to hydrate in summer and also do it in a healthy way.

Cucumber is well known for its diuretic properties that help eliminate excess fluids, fight against excess weight, but also have benefits for the skin, by keeping it highly hydrated at a time when the sun is punishing it much more.

In addition, it should be noted that Spain is a great producer of cucumber, which we can find all year round, but it is in summer when it is consumed more as an important ingredient in dishes such as gazpacho and especially in salads.

4. Lettuce, very rich in fibre and water

But if we talk about salad, the most prominent vegetable is lettuce. Rich in fibre and, of course, in water, it is an essential food always and again, especially in summer. In addition to its satiating effect, which includes it among the foods for almost all diets, it also helps hydrate us.

Lettuce is very rich in water and potassium and at the same time low in sodium, so it is also a highly recommended food for its diuretic effects and against the accumulation of liquids.

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5. Grapefruit and its balancing effect

Grapefruit is a fruit full of benefits and has become a star product for many types of diets. Whether natural, in fruit juice, in juice or in a refreshing sorbet, we have before us a fruit very rich in vitamins A and C, many minerals and antioxidants.

This last property is the one that explains how to hydrate in summer thanks to the grapefruit. First of all, it is made up of 91% water (not much less than a watermelon), but it not only provides water, thanks to its antioxidant components, rich in minerals, it also helps to rebalance the body against the loss of electrolytes.

6. Grapes, rich in antioxidants

It is one of the foods that can surprise the most if we think about hydration, but it is that, in addition to its beneficial properties for the heart, its antioxidant capacity is also very important.

These hydration benefits are mainly focused on the skin, which, as we have already indicated, is where many aggressions are suffered in the summer. It also helps to eliminate toxins, to make the kidneys work better and, ultimately, to complement hydration in summer.


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