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The Reasons And Some Tricks – To Use The Serum On Your Skin

Surely on more than one occasion, your friends have recommended that you use a serum to care for the skin of your face. Among the great variety of cosmetic products available today, it is easy that you have not yet tried this product. It is worth knowing its characteristics and its effects on the epidermis. Thus, it will be easy for you to understand why it is an indispensable part of the beauty routine of many women.

The serum is actually a cosmetic treatment with an above-average concentration of active ingredients in creams of the same type. In addition, its texture is very light and this helps it penetrate well into the skin.

These two characteristics make a serum twice as effective as a cream. And, what is better, using only a small amount. Therefore, it is extremely comfortable in daily beauty routines. In fact, in some cases, it comes to replace the usual cream. Especially in the case of moisturizers, which are capable of solving the needs of oily and normal skin.

When To Put A Serum On Your Skin?

These products are always used after cleaning your skin, to ensure maximum absorption. If it is not a serum specifically for night use, it is usual to apply them in the morning and at bedtime.

It is important to note that after the serum, you can continue using any other cosmetic treatment without a problem. Of course, remember to apply it with upward movements of the hand to guarantee its maximum penetration into the epidermis and, therefore, optimize its effectiveness. Likewise, it is important that you avoid contact with the eye area, a very sensitive area of ​​skin for such a high concentration of active ingredients.

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Who Uses It The Most?

A few years ago, when these products appeared, serums were considered an anti-ageing treatment. Therefore, its use was oriented towards mature women. Today, we have a wide variety of these cosmetics, which meet different functionalities. This has made them a must for all of us.

In fact, you can find this type of cosmetic treatment on the market for practically any of the problems you may experience on your face; from the acne tendency to the lack of luminosity, going through the traditional dehydration. You just have to choose them taking into account their active ingredients to achieve their effectiveness.

Tricks For Using A Serum

If you really want to benefit from the advantages of this type of product, it is important that you take into account some tricks that will help you get the most out of them.

For starters, keep in mind that a dose of serum is more than enough to do its job. Not by using more, you will make it more effective. In fact, chances are you’re oiling your skin too much.

Also, experts recommend applying the product by areas . In this way, it spreads more evenly. And do not forget to use it also on the neck and décolleté, whose skin is just as sensitive as that of the face.

Finally, it is necessary that you handle yourself gently when massaging your skin if you want it to be absorbed correctly. Keep in mind that if you need to rub in excess to make the product disappear, it is a sign that you have used too much.

Remember that wearing a beautiful face means having healthy and well-groomed skin. The use of a serum suitable for the needs of your epidermis will help you achieve the best possible results, in a simple way.

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