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Menstrual Pain The 3 Best Ways To Relieve Period Pain

Period pain? These three natural methods against menstrual cramps and the like help better than tablets

From cucumber water and orgasm to dark chocolate – there are many bizarre home remedies for menstrual cramps, but few of them have been scientifically proven until now.

Because in a study with over 2,300 women, scientists from the Western Sydney University’s Institute of Complementary Medicine found out which natural methods help against period pain. “The surprising thing was that the 3 best natural methods turned out to be more effective than tablets,” says study leader Mike Armor.

These Are The Three Most Effective Methods For Period Pain

It sounds too good to be true: Combat menstrual pain without taking pills. This should be possible with these methods:

Gentle Exercise Is The Best Remedy For Menstrual Cramps

Yoga and stretching, in particular, turned out to be excellent methods for relieving abdominal cramps and pain in the pelvis and lower back. These natural painkillers work more effectively and faster during acute menstrual cramps the more you practice yoga and stretching exercises regularly throughout the month, explains study leader Armor.

So before you use Buscopan for abdominal cramps in the future, you should try to relieve your pain with these yoga exercises. They stretch, massage, and gently move your pelvic region, which can relieve cramps and pain and relax muscles and ligaments.

First, slide gently from the hollow back into the cat’s hump several times in a four-legged position. Proven exercises are, for example, the downward-facing dog, the cobra, grab your toes in the supine position and stretch your legs relaxed towards the ceiling (happy baby position), the angled seat (sitting on the floor, put the soles of your feet together) and the child’s work (from the Sitting on the heel with your thighs slightly apart and resting your forehead on the floor or the back of your hands). Hold the position as long as it is comfortable for you and consciously breathe in and out deeply. You can find out everything women need to know about yoga here.

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The Heat Helps Against Abdominal Cramps

This finding does not seem surprising at first glance. “Warmth has always been one of the most common recommendations for period pain,” says Armor. But the study directors also looked at which heat source is most effective for women with severe menstrual pain in the lower abdomen. And then they came up with a clear favorite.

Cherrystone pillows and hot water bottles are classics of warming dispensers, but the scientists recommend warming plasters. For two reasons: “Firstly, heat patches ensure a long-lasting, constant temperature of around 40 degrees,” says Armor, “and secondly, you can stick heat patches on and walk around with them.” That would be difficult to do with a hot water bottle or a heating pad. But to achieve a pain-relieving effect, the heat source should constantly be on the body.

“We were surprised that exercise and warmth were even superior to painkillers in their effect on period pain,” reports study director Armor.

Proven Heat patches are, for example:

  • ThermaCare heat pads for menstrual pain
  • SOS menstrual pain patches
  • Wounded natural warming patch for menstrual pain
  • Over Heat Patches for menstrual pain
  • Salmue heat patches with herbs for menstrual pain

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Acupuncture Reduces Secondary Menstrual Pain

Intermittent pain with needles? Helps, says the study by the Australians. Study leader Mike Armor was surprised by the result himself: “In our study we found that stimulation with needles, as used in Chinese medicine for menstrual pain, could reduce pain so that no medication had to be taken. Also secondary complaints such as headaches and nausea could be reduced impressively. ”

Now, acupuncture is not a method that you can use alone at home. However, suppose you regularly suffer from severe menstrual pain. In that case, it makes sense to find an experienced acupuncturist and give acupuncture a chance instead of burdening your liver with tablets every month.

So: When the nasty pulling in your abdomen heralds your next period, stick a warming patch on your lower abdomen and get off the sofa on your yoga mat instead of taking a tablet – your health will thank you!


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