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Workout At Home: Six Tips

Those who want to train their muscles often choose to go to the gym. But you can also do it without a gym and equipment! EAT SMARTER has put together six tips for working out at home.

There are many reasons for exercising at home. No special devices or equipment are required for this. You already have the essential training device: your body weight. With a few tips and tricks, your own four walls can become a home gym that brings fun and variety.


Fitness studios and sports clubs are closed, runs and yoga classes have been cancelled. Physical exercise is the perfect balance for working people, parents or busy people.

But how can you motivate yourself for the solo sports session? First of all, schedule your workout as if it were a “real” appointment. Slip into chic workout clothes and not into pyjamas or sweatpants in which you relax on the sofa. If that’s not enough: turn on your favourite music. Pop rhythms and a varied playlist not only provide the starting shot: With music, training is also more practical because, in the best case, it can push you to your limits.


Fixed training times, chic sports clothes and music provide the necessary motivation.

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Whether in the gym or home gym – a little warm-up is essential. An introduction improves coordination and mobility; the cardiovascular system is stimulated, and, of course, it also reduces the risk of injury. You can take a leisurely lap around the block, jump rope, jump jacks or climb stairs.

If the body is at operating temperature, you can prepare your muscles specifically for the workout. Mobility exercises or light, dynamic stretching are suitable for this. Do you have resistance of thera bands at home? Then you can already use it for your warm-up.


Warming up prepares you for the workout at home and reduces the risk of injury. Mobility exercises or dynamic stretching also improve mobility.

Create Space

When the sportswear is in place and the body is at operating temperature, you can start. Not quite. Some space is needed for a workout at home. Some exercises require total physical effort. Do you want to jump or stretch? Test beforehand whether there is enough free space. So you don’t have to interrupt your session to move furniture.

Also, have carpet, towels or blankets ready as a replacement for the fitness mat. If you have a yoga mat at home, you can, of course, use it.


Make space for your home gym! So you don’t have to interrupt your workout at home to move furniture. Carpet, towels or bedspread replace the fitness mat.

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Sure, there are many machines and equipment in the gym that you can use to work out. Instead, creativity is required for workouts at home, unless you are stashing kettlebells, dumbbells and pull-up bars. Glass or PET bottles filled with water can replace dumbbells. If you want it to be harder, you can use mineral water six-packs. They are available in 1.5-litre containers.

Another option: fill your backpack or travel bag with rice, UHT milk or books. This gives you extra weight with which you can perform rows (rows), push-ups (push-ups), lunges (lunges) or Bulgarian split squats (Bulgarian squats). Include a sofa, stool, door frame or wall in training: after just 60 seconds of wall sit (“sitting” on a fence), you will be cursing your wall, guaranteed!


Be creative and convert bottles, rucksacks or travel bags as additional weight. You can also include a sofa, stool, door frame or wall in the workout at home.

Vary Exercises

Boredom is the absolute killer of motivation and success. The good thing: Most of the bodyweight exercises can be varied. This has the further advantage that demanding activities are also accessible to training beginners.

Wall push-offs (push-ups on the wall) or knee push-ups (push-ups on the knees) are suitable for beginners. It gets more complicated with push-ups, especially at 4/2/1 speed: lower your body to the floor for 4 seconds, hold tension on the floor for 2 seconds and quickly push your body off the floor again.

Training Diary

Last but not least, keep a training diary. The training diary not only provides an overview of the exercises. Progress can also be recorded here. And that is highly motivating!

Alternatively, you can create challenges with friends or share your workout on Instagram. This is how the Instagram community came up with the “See 10 do 10” challenge. Nominees should do ten push-ups, post a video and mark other friends.


A training diary or challenges provide motivation. That way, the workout at home won’t be boring or lonely.

Knowledge to take away

A workout at home is the perfect balance for a stressful everyday life – especially when the gym is closed. Fixed training times, stylish sportswear and music provide the necessary motivation, while a bit of warm-up prepares you physically and mentally for the sports unit.

If you create space at the beginning, you don’t have to interrupt your workout in between. Bottles, backpacks or travel bags can be used as additional weight. The sofa, stool, door frame or wall can also be included in the workout. If you then vary the exercises and note your training progress in a diary, you will be motivated for the next activity!

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