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The Top 10 Of The Best Indoor Fitness Equipment – Effective At Home Too

The time has come: the dark season is just around the corner. It slowly gets light later in the morning and dark earlier in the evening. The motivation to go for a quick lap after work is declining. The cold path to the gym seems impossible.

You take it on again and again and still; you usually fail after a short time. It takes a lot of motivation to sign up for a gym and, even more, to exercise regularly. Often one is aware from the very beginning that the contribution is not worthwhile because you train at most once a month and that only because a lousy conscience troubles you too much. How practical that you can easily do sports at home with just a few items. This saves you expensive membership fees and the trip to the studio. Here are our top 10 of the best sporting goods for your own four walls!

Top 10: Body Scales

Motivation is the key to success. When you see that you are losing weight and reducing your body fat percentage, you are sure to be voluntarily exercising. This measures weight and BMI, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, and bone weight. It is efficient in that it is a Bluetooth body scale. So you can easily see your body data on your smartphone and keep a good overview of your progress.

Top 9: Trampoline

The trampoline trend has long since arrived in fitness studios. Many offer a wide variety of jumping fitness courses. Not without reason: jumping is excellent cardiovascular training that you can now do at home!

Top 8: Punching Bag

Once firmly anchored in the ceiling, regular boxing training is both strength and endurance enhancing. If you are in a bad mood or have thoughts about stress with your boss or an argument with your best friend, the training will certainly help clear your head. If you already have everything with you so that you can start immediately!

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Top 7: Vibrating Rod

The deep muscles can be trained very effectively! The training improves coordination and strengthens the entire core. It can also treat tension in the upper body and prevent new ones. There is also a training DVD and an exercise poster with all sorts of inspiration for various workouts!

Top 6: Skipping rope

Most people probably know it from their childhood in the playground: jumping rope. But the endurance-promoting sport is also very suitable for adults to stay fit. Just 10 minutes of jumping rope burns around 100 kilocalories – as much as a 30-minute jogging round. It’s also great fun and maybe wakes up one or the other pleasant memory!

Top 5: Chin-Up Bar

Quickly clamped in the door frame, and off you go! One that is easy to attach is an effective tool for exercising, especially the upper body at home. For one or the other, being able to do a few pull-ups can be a big goal. With this pole, you will undoubtedly come a lot closer to this goal!

Top 4: Yoga Mat

For you to be able to carry out your sports exercises safely and on the floor of your choice, a non-slip surface is essential. It is suitable for training indoors and outdoors. When you roll out this heavy-duty yoga mat, it stays flat without the edges curling up. Due to the padding, the fitness mat offers optimal comfort and support during training, whether Pilates, yoga or other fitness exercises.

But why lose so many words? It is best to start training right away. This yoga mat is wonderfully suitable for numerous abdominal exercises.

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Top 3: Theraband

Such fitness bands are a real all-rounder because you can use them for training your entire body. This set consists of five different resistance levels so that you can quickly increase yourself. Due to the special treatment, the tapes feel very comfortable on the skin and are particularly tear-resistant.

Top 2: Dumbbells

With these, arms and shoulders can be trained particularly effectively. The sandblasted surface is comfortable to grip and, at the same time, resistant to sweat. The flat bottom ensures that the weights do not roll away.

Numerous fitness exercises can help you strengthen your shoulders and keep your upper arms toned. If you heed these seven best tips for tight upper arms, you can soon say goodbye to the nasty waving arm.

Top 1: Fascia Roll

Admittedly, it looks a bit unusual at first glance. But it is full of surprises. You can do the fascia training before or after your actual workout. Self-massage simply loosens and massages the glued fasciae. The self-massage roller is of medium hardness and, therefore, perfect for beginners.


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