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How To Improve Your Running Technique?

If you also practice running you should know that technique is very important. Knowing well how to move the body, how to support the feet well and how to distribute the weight of the body to improve your resistance is ideal so that you can train in a much more optimal way. In this article, we want to give you some good advice so that you can know how to improve your running technique and enjoy sports training that is much more beneficial and positive for your health.

The Importance of Running Technique

When we talk about “technique”, we are referring to the knowledge we have about sports practice to achieve a healthier and more complete type of training. The way in which we carry out the movements of our body when we are running, greatly determine our performance and our physical effort. A good technique is one that takes into account the energy, biomechanical and motor component of the body when it is running; This is something a good runner should become familiar with.

It is important to note that in order to improve the running technique you do not need to have a specific physique or have been running for many years: what you need is to learn the movements and gestures that will help you to save your training and to be able to enjoy a constant and beneficial sports practice. And this technique can be learned, as well as improved, in order to enjoy a healthier and ideal sport for your bones and muscles.

One of the main benefits of improving your running technique is that you will minimize the risk of injury or pain that can occur from the same sport. But not only that: it will also help you to perform more in the race and to improve your brands and your goals. Not having a good technique when practising running can lead to physical injuries that put our health at risk.

In this sense, it is important to banish some myths that are wrong and that can cause us to carry out a bad technique: you do not have to run with your feet forward, nor do you lengthen your stride. These two tips should be banished because they will not help us improve our performance and, moreover, perhaps lead to injury or a fall.

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Tips For Improving Running Technique

Now that you know the importance of controlling the technique when running, next, we are going to give you some good tips that will help you improve your technique and make your training sessions healthier and safer. The most important thing is that you have strong and healthy muscles and, for this, nothing better than doing high-impact exercises and bodybuilding work that help to have a toned and fibrous body. Here we leave you the essential tips to know how to improve your running technique:

  • Exercise your muscles: If you do high impact muscle training 3 to 5 times a week, you will enjoy stronger and more protected muscles. Thus, you can go running reducing the risk of injury or damage to the muscle fibres, since you will have strong and healthy muscles.
  • Heat and stretch: It is also imperative that you protect your body before and after training. To do this, never forget to warm up your muscles or stretch them, because in this way you will ensure that your body is in perfect condition and that you can stay in top shape.
  • Soft surfaces: It is recommended that, whenever possible, you perform your muscle exercises on surfaces that are softer, thus reducing the pressure of impact and managing to avoid injury or discomfort. Soil or grass, for example, are two types of ideal soil for your training.
  • Exercise independently: To improve your running technique, it is important that you do not do toning exercises with your running outings the same day. Ideally, the intercalary so that you do not overload the muscles.

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Exercises to Improve Running Technique

As we have already indicated, the best way to learn how to improve your running technique is to start working the muscles independently of your usual training. You should dedicate 3 to 5 days a week to toning exercises that will help you tone your body as it is much more protected and ready for your outings.

The exercises that we recommend are the following:

  • Knee strides: You must lift the knee striding at different distances, at a low, medium and high distance. Sandwich your knees and move your arms vigorously to include them in the exercise.
  • Horizontal knee: It is another perfect exercise to improve the technique. It is based on raising the knee horizontally and giving a very powerful impulse forward; sandwich your knees and do a set of 20.
  • Ankle exercise: it is an essential part of the body when running. You should jump forward taking care that the knees do not flex excessively. Make sure that the impulse comes from the ankles so that the exercise falls on this part of the body.
  • Running with the heels to the buttock: It is an ideal exercise to improve the muscles of the lower body. You should run lightly trying to get the heels to touch the buttock and without raising the knees. Do 2 sets of 1 minute.
  • Heels to the gluteus backwards: it is the same exercise as the previous one but you will have to go back to improve coordination, balance and bodywork. You should also do 2 sets of 1 minute.
  • Forward strides: to strengthen the quadriceps and glutes, nothing better than strides. Try to lower your butt well keeping your back straight at all times, so that the exercise is ideal.

With all these tips, you will know how to improve your running technique and you will be able to practice exercise in a safer and more effective way. On the Intersport website, we offer you an online store so that you can find the ideal running products for you and your level of runner.

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