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Remove Self-Tanner : It Works With These Home Remedies

Self-tanners are a great way to give you and your skin a beautiful complexion without the sun. But what if you don’t like the result? There are a few tricks you need to remove self-tanner. We’ll introduce you to the best tools and tricks.

It would be best if you had an excellent hand to apply a self-tanner to have no spots or streaks on the skin afterwards. When this happens, there is no need to panic or hide at home. Here are the best home remedies to remove self-tanners.

You Can Use These Home Remedies To Remove Self-Tanners

Take A Warm Bath

Probably the easiest way to get rid of unwanted stains and shadows with the self-tanner or to soften their appearance is a warm bath. To do this, you enjoy a 20-minute bubble bath, in which you run a sponge or washcloth evenly over your skin. This removes the uppermost flakes of skin and thus also the skin cells discoloured by the self-tanner. After the bath, the stains and streaks are reduced, if not completely gone.

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If a bath, including rubbing with a sponge or washcloth, is not enough to remove the self-tanner, you can also use peeling. You can also use this in the bathtub and gently rub your skin with it. Here, too, the top layer of leather is gently removed and the self-tanner removed. So that the result is as even as possible, try to peel the same amount on all parts of the body.

Often only certain areas such as knees or elbows are too strongly discoloured by the self-tanner. In this case, you can try to exfoliate just these areas of the skin.

You don’t want to buy an expensive scrub? No problem: you can easily make peelings yourself – and do so with ingredients that everyone has at home. Mix sugar or salt with olive or coconut oil for gentle exfoliation. If you use coconut oil, it should be at least room temperature so that it becomes liquid. With the natural mixture, the skin can be exfoliated and self-tanners removed.

Cleaning Wipes

This trick is also one of the rapid solutions in the fight against unwanted self-tanning spots. Do you have cleaning wipes at home? With these bits of miracle weapons, self-tanners can be removed in no time. Cleaning wipes that contain fruit acid are best, as the acid also brightens the skin. Cloths with micellar water are also particularly helpful, as this special cleaning fluid has the property of attracting particles almost magnetically.

If you don’t have cleaning wipes around the house, you can also use dry facial tissues or paper towels. Soak this in a facial tonic and rub it off your skin evenly. Removing self-tanner has never been easier!

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Lemon Juice

You probably have lemons at home, too, right ?! The juice of lemons has been a reliable home remedy for ages regarding whitening – for example, hair, teeth or laundry. But you can also lighten the skin with lemon juice.

To do this, squeeze out the juice of a lemon, soak a washcloth or sponge in the liquid and rub it off your skin. If you don’t have fresh lemons in the house or don’t feel like pressing them, you can also take the bottled lemon juice from the supermarket.

However, you should only use this home remedy if you do not have sensitive or dehydrated skin because lemon juice irritates the skin and removes moisture. And even if your skin is insensitive: shower the lemon juice off your skin after the treatment and provide it with sufficient water.

Whitening Toothpaste

If you want to eliminate a few discoloured areas between your fingers or toes, you can also try applying whitening toothpaste. Rub it on the affected areas of skin with a small brush or washcloth, and then rinse it off.

Self-Tanner Remover

Do you prefer to use a product that was specially developed for this problem? Then take a look around the Internet or the nearest drugstore. There are now special self-tanner removal creams and wipes. Most of the time, these products contain lightening substances like fruit acid to remove the self-tanner. However, you should pay close attention to what is in the remedy. Some chemical substances could irritate your skin.

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