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How To Have Beautiful Lips Naturally?

What are the tips to know absolutely to have a star mouth? Some secrets can help you keep a beautiful mouth regardless of external aggressions. With a few simple tricks, your lips will be protected from the cold and too-violent sun rays. First, soak up these few keywords: moisturize, protect and care for every day! It is the basis of all care. Up to you!

The Natural Tricks

There’s nothing like facial gymnastics for a dazzling smile and a rejuvenated lip contour: doing a little facial yoga every day will allow your mouth to regain its tone. And you will quickly see a drastic reduction in all the fine lines around your mouth.

Here is the technique:

  • Form an O with your mouth and advance the lower lip twenty times in a row. By contracting the muscles around the lips, you can improve the tone of your mouth—guaranteed effect.
  • Pronounce the letter O again, but this time, complete the exercise by pulling the skin of your cheeks towards your ears as much as possible.
  • Repeat all the vowels twenty times, exaggerating the pronunciation.

Some homemade recipes have proven themselves for natural hydration: apply a little shea butter or honey to your lips every evening before rinsing your mouth with warm water. You will quickly notice that your lips become soft and smooth.

Balms To Apply

What are the balms to apply first to protect and repair your lips in case of cracks? Here are a few things to check before making your choice. First of all, be careful about the use you want to make of it:

  • Are you bothered by the multiplication of small fine lines on your lips and want to plump up your mouth? An anti-ageing lip balm will be perfect. Its smoothing and firming properties will restore your lips to their full radiance. Little tip: apply the balm to the lips, spilling over their contour for a more visible effect. You will quickly notice a softening of the epidermis and improve skin comfort.
  • Are you going to spend a stay in the sun and want to protect your lips from UV filter attacks? I prefer a balm with sunscreen. They are specially designed to act as a mirror, reflecting UV rays from the skin’s surface. They form a protective barrier.
  • Your lips are dry from the cold, and you want to repair them with a suitable Moisturizing Lip Balm – Dry Lips? Choose products designed for regular application, with natural elements such as shea butter, whose moisturizing properties have been proven for a long time.

The Dermophil range offers a wide choice of lip balms to satisfy every type of lip. Lips that are dehydrated, chapped or just in need of pampering. These products are formulated with natural or natural-origin ingredients from our research laboratory. You will quickly find a perfect mouth! Greedy, luscious and well-defined lips, such as those of Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or Eva Mendes, everyone dreams of it. The lips are essential to our face, and we must care for them to remain as beautiful and well-maintained as possible. However, there are always different solutions to having beautiful, healthy lips. We invite you to discover them.

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How To Have Beautiful Lips For A Man?

We start with you, gentlemen! First, you must know that lip skin is extremely sensitive. But every day, it is exposed to external aggressions. This has the effect of damaging it, drying it out, and even cracking it. In the end, your lips lose all their appeal, especially in the eyes of your ladies. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them daily. A very simple solution is offered to you: Use beeswax.

Beeswax protects your lips. Indeed, this natural cosmetic is known to sustainably and effectively nourish the latter. It is particularly recommended for those who have dry lips. To use it, melt a tablespoon in a bain-marie. Then add this mixture to one tablespoon of coconut oil. Other very popular options include Classic lip balms and tinted lip balms.

Classic Lip Balms

You have the opportunity to concoct amazing homemade lip balms. There are many formulas to choose from. The most popular recipe remains the solution prepared with shea butter. This substance is nourishing and acts as a protective film for the lips. It is ideal for both men and women. Note that this type of product is also sold on the market.

Vanilla lip balm is another option. Not only does it protect them against wind and cold, but it also softens them. » + You can find our Dermophil product by clicking here. Before applying your balm, take the time to eliminate dead skin on your lips. This ritual is done in many different ways. The simplest is to soak a cotton ball in hot water, then rub it lightly on the lips to remove dead skin. Another more common method is using a toothbrush.

Erase your lips with this tool by making circular movements. In addition to cleaning them, it will sublimate them. A very last exfoliation technique, mix two spoons of bicarbonate, a spoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Then, apply a thick layer and gently rub your lips without damaging the epidermis.

Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted lip balms are more for women. These are moisturizing and coloured solutions, like classic lipsticks. Apart from their moisturizing and nourishing role, they perfectly give style to your lips. They represent a make-up product very well. Apply a tinted lip balm for a night out or a business meeting.

Nevertheless, with the profusion of this type of product on the market, you will certainly have a hard time making your choice. We strongly recommend that you opt for a lip balm suitable for your skin type and shade. Finally, we give you some additional tips for having the lips of your dreams without necessarily resorting to cosmetic surgery.

  • Muscle your lips: The lips comprise muscles like all other body parts. These need to be strengthened. To achieve this, stand in front of your mirror every day and smile for 10 seconds. Repeat this activity as soon as possible. Otherwise, do a series of vocalizations.
  • Do Want to give volume to your thin lips? To have luscious lips. I bet on a moisturizing lip balm. Before applying this product, draw your pretty lips in pencil. The result will surprise you.
  • Want to intensify the colors of your lips naturally? Opt for tinted lipstick to enhance the natural color of your lips.

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