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7 Tips For Maintaining Your Shaded Hair

This is one of the questions that many women ask themselves. How to maintain your shaded hair once you have left the hair salon? After any coloring, your hair needs appropriate care, depending on the nature of your hair and the shade you have created. The maintenance of your gradient starts with choosing the right products. So we forget our classic shampoo and give way to shampoo for coloured hair! To keep your shade as long as possible, the excessive use of heating devices should be limited to preserve the hair fiber. But that’s not all! We give you all the tips for caring for your shaded hair daily.

Make Restorative Masks

Let’s start with the first stage of the interview. Once you have achieved your shaded hair, making repair masks should become your beauty routine. A good opportunity to pamper your hair! This is all the more important during the first weeks to strengthen the hair structure. By coloring, the hair is weakened and dehydrated. They will be much more likely to be damaged by friction and external aggressions.

Choose The Right Shampoo

The choice of your foaming care is essential in maintaining your shade. Many shampoos you find in supermarkets contain harsh ingredients. Instead, orient yourself towards special shampoos for coloured hair that are much softer in composition and, above all, more nourishing.

Another tip for taking care of your shade is to space out your shampoos. This is also valid if you do not color. You will avoid damaging your hair!

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Use A Leave-In Treatment

If you have damaged hair after realizing your ombré, you can use the leave-in treatment without hesitation. It can complement your shampoo and conditioner! Apply it, especially on weakened areas such as the ends. It is a great product to revive your shaded hair and restore its shine. This type of treatment is also ideal if you have oily and long hair. It cleanses the scalp and effectively limits sebum secretion. A good way to limit shampoos!

Use Purple Care For Ombré Blonde Hair

Are you worried about losing the shine of your blond shade? Please don’t panic, we have a solution to avoid the appearance of yellow or copper reflections. Use a purple shampoo once a week. It will eliminate all the unsightly shades to give way to dazzling blonde-shaded hair!

Limit Heating Devices

You probably already know that heated appliances damage hair, especially if you don’t protect it. Forks can then appear, but above all, the device’s heat damages the color of your shaded hair.

As fine hair is more fragile, it is all the more important to protect it with heat-protective care. You can use the product in a spray to cover the whole hair. You will save time during your brushing sessions, and the result will be more effective! Heatless solutions can also replace appliances. Plopping, for example, is a great way to curl your hair and give it volume. You will only need a cotton T-shirt!

Apply An Avocado Mask To Enhance Your Shaded Hair

Ideal for very dry and damaged hair, avocado deeply nourishes and restores shine. And in a natural way! Prepare your treatment, and it’s very simple. Crush half an avocado and mix the preparation with 2 tablespoons of avocado oil. Then apply the mixture to your hair section by section to remember all parts. Cover with a towel to keep the heat in and leave to rest for 1 hour. All you have to do is do your usual shampoo to finish!

Space Out Your Shaded Hair

Like shampoos, you must space out your visits to the hair salon. The reason for this is simple! By dint of carrying out the discolourations, your hair becomes dehydrated in particular because of the present ingredients. One of the advantages of shaded hair, unlike full color, is that it doesn’t go all the way to the roots. You should also know that it lasts an average of 6 months. So no need to redo your shaded hair every month! Enough to enjoy your gradient long before changing your style. And why not opt ​​for vegetable colourings? The production time is longer than industrial coloring, but it’s perfect for those who want to stay natural!

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