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Dry Skin: Understand It, Repair It, And Protect It

Your skin feels tight, looks dull, and will generally strip off without any problem. Most likely, you have dry skin. If this skin condition is normal, giving solace and security at the earliest hints of dryness is significant. Understanding your dry skin is understanding how to deal with it.

What Dry Skin Do You Have?

Realize that you can have dry and totally solid skin. The supposed “exemplary” dry skin is called xerosis. The skin needs lipids and water. This is because of a drop in sebum creation, debilitating the skin boundary, which can never again carry out its defensive role and hold the water it contains. There are different kinds of dry skin, which, dissimilar to xerosis, are obsessive, such as ichthyosis or even atopic dermatitis.

Ichthyosis is strange dry skin with skin thickening, constant scaling, and arrangement of huge scopes. It is a persistent sickness because of inadequate disposal of dead cells from the layer corneum. Atopic dermatitis is extremely dry skin with red, bothersome patches on specific body regions. It is an unfavorably susceptible sickness because of a lack of skin obstruction related to an irregularity of the cutaneous vegetation.

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What Are The Good Reflexes To Adopt?

Because dry skin is also dehydrated, use nourishing and moisturizing treatments containing:

  • Lipid-replenishing active ingredients to stimulate the natural restoration of skin lipids,
  • Active ingredients help to retain water in the epidermis.

For the face, favor treatments with rich textures, bringing immediate comfort and protection to your dry skin weakened by various external aggressions. Opt for a lighter texture in the morning so as not to weigh down your face if you wear makeup and an extra rich texture in the evening to deeply nourish your skin. For the body, apply after showering milk, cream, or balm (emollient for atopic-prone or very dry skin) to rehydrate and nourish effectively. Do not hesitate to generously spread the product on the driest areas of the body, such as elbows, knees, and shins, to regain overall comfort.

What Are The 7 Enemies Of Your Dry Skin?

You can have naturally dry skin, or you can have dry skin just at some point in your life. Whatever the origin of your dry skin, certain factors worsen its condition :

  • Atmospheric conditions: wind, sun, extreme cold, dry air, and thermal shocks… cause skin dryness because they weaken the skin barrier by altering lipids and the protective function of the skin.
  • Air pollution: creates oxidative stress, which damages skin lipids and thus dries out the skin.
  • Repeated washing: showers and baths that are too frequent and too long eliminate the lipids that form the skin barrier, which weakens its protective function.
  • Soap: has too powerful a detergent powder that dries out and sensitizes the skin. Its pH unbalances the natural acidity of the skin’s protective film and alters its protective function.
  • Tobacco: contains toxins, including nicotine, responsible for slowing blood flow and therefore slowing down skin metabolism.
  • Alcohol: against all odds, alcohol is often used as a preservative in cosmetic care. If you have dry skin, check the list of ingredients carefully because alcohol has a drying and irritating action on the skin.
  • Perfume: can sensitize dry skin, which is fragile.

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