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How Do I Eat Properly? You Should Know These Tips

“You are what you eat!” There is something to it. But how do I eat properly if I want to lose weight or build muscle? We clarify!

There is no such thing as “one” proper diet. After all, there are all sorts of situations in life in which the question “How do I eat properly” is asked. As a vegan, for example, as a mom-to-be or if you want to lose weight. However, there are a few basic rules that apply to everyone:

The Golden Rules For A Healthy Diet:

  • Eat as varied as possible from all major food groups.
  • Eat 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit a day.
  • Eat several servings of grain products a day, preferably wholegrain foods like whole-wheat bread or whole wheat pasta.
  • Eat lean dairy products several times a day.
  • Meat should be eaten a maximum of three days a week, fish preferably once or twice.
  • Save fat in cooking and food choices. Save on cooking and food choices.
  • Eat sugar and foods high in sugar infrequently and in small amounts. Eat sugar and foods rich in sugar infrequently and in small quantities.
  • Drink enough, preferably water and unsweetened herbal or fruit tea. Drink good, preferably water and unsweetened herbal or fruit tea.

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How do I Eat Properly If I Want To Lose Weight?

When you are on a diet, you usually want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Understandable. But do not put your body on lightning diets or extreme starvation diets. They help you lose weight quickly, but you will gain weight again just as quickly afterward, thanks to the yo-yo effect.

Much better: change your diet in the long term and lose weight slowly and healthily. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a weight loss of half a kilo per week, i.e., two kilos per month. Much better: Ask your nutrition long-term and lose weight slowly and healthily. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a weight loss of half a kilo per week, i.e., two kilos per month.

The Best Tips On Proper Nutrition For Anyone Who Wants To Lose weight:

  • Eat three meals a day regularly.
  • Don’t snack all the time. I prefer to eat a snack in the morning and the afternoon.
  • Cook yourself as often as possible.
  • Eat your fill of vegetables and other low-calorie foods.
  • Swaps high-fat and high-calorie foods for the light version: z. B. Turkey cold cuts or boiled ham instead of salami and liver sausage. Cream cheese or Harz cheese instead of Camembert and Tilsiter.
  • Think about the calories in beverages (juice, soda, spritzer, sugar in coffee or tea).
  • Do not prohibit any food, but eat candy, fast food, chips, and other high-calorie foods only rarely and in small quantities.
  • Enjoy every bite, don’t eat on the side.

How Do I Eat Properly If I Want To Lose Fat?

If you want to lose fat, the above tips for losing weight also apply. But you can go a step further and take special care to cut down on simple carbohydrates. They are found in white flour products such as white bread or regular pasta. But also in sweets, sugar, chips or fast food and alcohol. Avoid it in the evening so that the fat burning can work optimally overnight. Complex carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grain bread or pasta, are not a problem.

Why should you do this? If you eat a slice of white bread, the blood sugar level rises quickly afterward. To move sugar from the blood into the cells, the body makes a lot of insulin. However, this promotes the storage of fat on the stomach and inhibits fat burning.

And: You should not only ask yourself the question “How do I eat properly,” but go further and add “How do I move more.” Because sport gets the fat-burning going, do 45 minutes of endurance sports at least three days a week.

How Do I Eat Properly If I Want To Build Muscle?

A few muscles, please! If you don’t necessarily want to be the next Arnie and have awesome muscle packs, then you have to do appropriate strength training and not specifically change your diet. Special protein shakes are not necessary. But you can make sure that you eat protein-rich foods, especially after exercise.

These foods are rich in protein:

  • flesh
  • fish
  • Eggs
  • low-fat quark
  • legumes

How Do I Eat Appropriately As A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Vegetarian and vegan diets are often criticized for being unhealthy and leading to nutrient deficiencies. Fortunately, this is not the case. Vegetarians, in particular, are usually well supplied with all nutrients if they eat a balanced and varied diet. Vegans who avoid all animal-based foods need to look at what they are eating and how they absorb nutrients such as iron, calcium, or protein through the proper diet.

The best sources of protein for vegetarians & vegans (* these foods are only suitable for vegetarians):

  • Dairy products*
  • Eggs *
  • legumes
  • Quinoa and amaranth
  • Whole grain cereals
  • tofu
  • nuts
  • Seeds

The best sources of iron for vegetarians and vegans:

  • legumes
  • oatmeal
  • Quinoa, amaranth, millet
  • Whole Grain rye bread
  • Salsify
  • spinach

Since the absorption of iron is promoted by vitamin C, you should drink a glass of orange juice, for example, when you eat iron-rich foods. Caffeine and calcium worsen iron absorption.

How Do I Eat Appropriately During Pregnancy?

Eating a healthy diet is doubly important during the nine months of pregnancy. After all, you eat with your baby. You don’t necessarily have to eat more. The requirement is only increased by 200 kcal, but better.

You should eat these foods regularly during pregnancy:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • lean dairy products
  • Whole Grain foods
  • small portions of meat & fish

You should not eat/drink these foods during pregnancy:

  • raw meat, including sausage products
  • raw fish
  • Raw milk cheese
  • Cut salads
  • Dishes with raw eggs (tiramisu, mayonnaise)
  • alcohol

Diseases such as gout, rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and food intolerance also require a special diet. Contact your doctor. He can answer the question “How do I eat properly” exactly.


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