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Here Are 5 Foods That Cause Pimples

Nothing is more unpleasant than seeing unsightly pimples appear on your face. To limit their appearance, one of the rules to follow is to pay attention to your diet. So, here are 5 foods to avoid if you want to put the odds in your favor to keep skin free of impurities.

The Candies

Sweets, but also cakes, or even chocolate, are the enemy of the skin. They will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar, which will promote insulin production, a hormone naturally secreted by the pancreas, which lowers blood sugar. Then, it will, in turn, stimulate the growth of the sebaceous glands, responsible for the secretion of sebum, and therefore for a rash of pimples.

The Alcohol

After a drunken evening, we sometimes have the nasty surprise of discovering a few pimples on his face. And for a good reason, most alcoholic drinks are very sweet. Not to mention the diluents: fruit juices and other sodas, which also contain a large amount of sugar, which causes hormonal imbalance. As explained above, with sweets, the body will react by increasing the secretion of sebum.


All cheeses made from cow’s milk, such as Emmental, Brie, Camembert, or Gruyère, will accentuate skin problems. Cow’s milk tends to stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause acne. If you are prone to pimples, it is better to consume cheeses made from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk and opt for vegetable milk (soy, oats, almonds, etc.).

The Bread

Another food that is likely to cause this phenomenon: bread. But be careful, not just any. At breakfast or during meals, white bread should be avoided. Indeed, unlike wholemeal bread, it is made, as its name suggests, with white flour. However, it is a refined product rich in glucose, which thus has an excessively high glycemic index.


In the starchy aisle, we find potatoes. The latter also has a very high glycemic index, which makes them food to be avoided. To limit the damage to the skin, it is, therefore, better to find another accompaniment for your dishes, such as legumes or pulses (green lentils, split peas, white beans, etc.), which, for their part, have an index low blood sugar.

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