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How To Cook Rice, Cooking Times And Other Tips

When we talk about rice, at first sight, we think of a bland and straightforward dish, but in reality, the cooking of rice, especially that of boiled rice. However it can be a little skill from professional chefs, still needs some small attention in choosing the variety and multiple cooking methods.

In this article, we see how rice is cooked and delve deeper into the knowledge of this cereal, which arrived in the West from an ancient oriental tradition but which has been part of our diet for a long time.

How To Prepare Rice

Let’s see how to make rice using the main cooking methods, including boiling, absorption cooking or rice pilaf, steaming rice, pan cooking, and other tips for preparing risotto.

How To Boil Rice

Boiling rice is the most usual and well-known cooking method. The procedure follows the technique for preparing pasta. Here’s how to make rice step by step by boiling:

  • Fill a large pot with water, add salt and bring to a boil.
  • Add the rice and cook over moderate heat for the time indicated on the package, which may change depending on the variety purchased.
  • Drain and serve hot, adding the desired seasoning.

Absorption Cooking Or Rice Pilaf

This way of cooking rice does not require draining, as all the water is absorbed during cooking. For the perfect success of this dish, it is necessary to use a quantity of water equal to double that of the rice. To make measuring the quantity of rice easier, you can use a convenient tool such as a glass:

  • One glass of rice = 2 glasses of water/liquid.

Steam Cooking Rice

In this case, the rice does not come into direct contact with the water; it is slowly steamed. This dish is often placed alongside vegetables or other words, as a side dish.

For this cooking of rice, tools such as baskets (steel or bamboo) are suitable to be inserted into the pan containing a percentage of water equal to 2-3 cm in height.

How To Cook Rice In The Microwave

Simple and convenient, it is a way of cooking rice in situations where you are in a hurry when being at the stove becomes uncomfortable or too demanding. The steps for cooking rice are these:

  • Place the rice in a glass container covered with cling film or in a specific microwave container complete with a lid
  • Add plenty of water.
  • Cook everything for 12/15 minutes, and the boiled rice is ready to drain.

Pan Cooking

Cooking rice in a pan requires more attention and more significant presence as, after frying the rice for a few minutes in previously browned garlic and oil, you proceed with the addition of water or broth, taking care not to let the food stick to the pan. Pan.

This procedure is often used for Spanish paella.

How To Drain Rice

Draining the rice is a necessary step in the preparation of the first courses based on this food; here’s how to do it both with a colander and with a tea towel. Here’s how to do it with a colander:

  • Once the rice has finished cooking, remove the pot from the heat.
  • Take a strainer or colander and place it over the sink. Make sure the mesh is small enough so that the rice grains do not pass through the holes.
  • Carefully pour the rice from the pot into the sieve or colander.
  • Allow excess water to drain away. Gently shake the filter to help the water drain.
  • Once drained, the rice is ready to be served.

Here’s how to do it with a tea towel:

  • This is an alternative to draining rice without a colander with a small mesh:
  • Take a clean cloth and open it in half.
  • Form a sort of bag, making sure it is large enough to contain the rice.
  • Carefully pour the cooked rice into the tea towel.
  • Close the top of the dish towel into a bag and hold it over the sink.
  • Allow excess water to filter through the cloth and drain into the sink.
  • Once the water has all drained, open the dish towel. At this point, the rice will be ready to be served.

Cook The Risotto In 3 Steps

The three essential steps are roasting, cooking and creaming. So, here’s how to proceed:

  • Toast the rice to flavor it and make it more resistant to breaking during high temperatures.
  • Proceed with cooking, adding the broth one ladle at a time until completely absorbed.
  • Finally, mix the risotto with butter, oil and grated/stringy cheese.
  • One last tip: should rice always be rinsed before cooking?

Usually, it is considered necessary to rinse the rice for the preparation of recipes that require the grains to be well separated and smooth. For risottos, there is a greater yield if the rice is not rinsed; in this way, the starch present will act as a glue for a creamy consistency that will support the creaming.

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