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Help With Sunburn: 8 SOS Tips For Sunburn

Got too much sun? These care tips will help relax sunburned skin, relieve pain, and aid healing.

Finally summer, finally sun, a slight sunburn is a must. No! Sunburn is no fun, not for your skin and certainly not for your long-term health.

Because the burns to the skin caused by the UV rays not only hurt, they encourage earlier skin aging and can cause skin cancer in the long term.

Only short periods in the blazing sun, sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, and protective clothing will help prevent Sunburn in the future. ( You can find the best sunscreens for your face here .) Did you get it anyway? Then you should know our eight quick, practical SOS tips that will quickly calm inflamed skin and relieve pain.

What Exactly Is Sunburn?

Solar dermatitis, the medical term for Sunburn, is inflammation of the upper (epidermis) and, in more severe cases, of the middle layer of the skin (dermis). There are 3 degrees of severity:

  • Grade 1 You can recognize a slight sunburn by reddened skin areas, they are itchy, tight, and feel very warm; sometimes, the skin also swells.
  • Grade 2 If blisters also form on the red, swollen skin, you have already caught the 2nd degree of Sunburn. Tip: Do not open the blisters. Otherwise, there is a risk of a bacterial infection. Instead, let it heal. The skin will later peel off on its own.
  • Grade 3 These are burns that have severely damaged the upper layer of the skin and usually leave scars. Fever and general malaise often accompany severe sunburns. In these cases, you should see a doctor’s office.

The meaning is that Sunburn usually only becomes noticeable hours after the overdose of UV light. When exercising outdoors, you are generally warm anyway, and when the wind blows by the sea, you often don’t feel anything at first. The skin hurts all the more if you discover the inflammation after showering in the evening.

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What Helps Quickly With A Sunburn?

If you have severe sunburns of severity 2 and 3, you should see a doctor. For Severity 1, these eight tips promise to ease the pain and reduce inflammation:

After-Sun Products Soothe Reddened Skin

You should always have an après lotion from the drugstore or pharmacy with you if you spend a lot of time outside in sunny climes. They donate a lot of moisture and soothe stressed skin.

Ideally suited are creams (from € 12.99) or sprays with panthenol – this substance stops unpleasant itching and keeps the burned skin cool.

Aloe Vera Moisturizes And Cools

The aloe vera (from € 9.99) juice is beneficial for sunburned skin thanks to its cooling and pain-relieving effect. This is how it works: Cut open the leaves, collect the liquid, or drip it directly onto the skin.

You can find an aloe vera plant (from € 12.95) in well-stocked nurseries and online. It looks pretty in the pot, by the way; outdoor athletes should always have an aloe vera plant on the windowsill. Otherwise, watch out for aloe vera in your after-sun gel (from € 3.95).

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Cooling Helps Relieve Sunburn Pain

The skin is badly burned but still has no blisters? Then a cool to lukewarm shower at around 25 degrees helps. Avoid heavily scented shower gels; it is better only to use water or an after-sun shower shampoo.

Also useful: moist envelopes. Note, however, that you will only get better if you leave the compresses on the skin for one to two hours – and soak them with fresh water now and then, ideally in excellent chamomile tea or green tea.

Drinking Supports The Healing Process From Within

When the skin burns, it loses moisture. You should drink against this loss in the cells – preferably with water, please. This is how you support your body in the healing process. These are the seven best drinking tips in the heat.

Cortisone Creams Reduce Inflammation

If you’re in the wrong way, nothing helps: Ask your doctor or pharmacist about a cream containing cortisone that has anti-inflammatory effects. Anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as ibuprofen can also provide relief in case of hardship.

It takes about one to two weeks for the skin to peel off and renew itself in scales – painful but instructive: On your next vacation, you will probably spend more time in the shade.

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Healing Earth Provides Red Skin With Nutrients

Healing earth is an all-rounder: Healing earth mixed into a slightly thick paste cools burned skin and relieves pain. Healing clay also optimally supplies the skin tissue with nutrients and oxygen so that an anti-inflammatory effect occurs quickly and the skin recovers more quickly. Available in pharmacies, drugstores, or organic specialty stores.

Watch Out For Grandma’s Home Remedies For Sunburn

Please forget grandma’s beauty myths and stay away from quark or yogurt. They can quickly cause infections on the burned areas – and worsen the symptoms.

Also, never use flour, powder, or oil to treat your Sunburn. Again, there is a risk of infection. Additional warmth or fatty ointments are also not suitable for severe Sunburn.

Coconut Oil Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect On Sunburn

Numerous studies show the anti-inflammatory effect of coconut oil. In addition, the contained lauric acid donates moisture and can support the healing process of the damaged tissue.

According to a National Library of Medicine study, coconut oil is (from € 12.99) even said to be suitable as a light sunscreen. However, it can by no means replace sunscreen.

Quick first aid for Sunburn is provided by cooling, moisturizing aids to supply the skin with nutrients. Cortisone creams and anti-inflammatory pain relievers should only be used in more severe cases. But it is best to prevent any sunburn in the future!

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