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Drink Properly In The Heat : 7 Important Drinking Rules In The Heat

The sun is burning; the sweat is running: the more intelligent you drink now, the fitter you are. With these seven rules, you will do everything right, and you will not get dehydrated.

Whether it is due to climate change or not: Excessive and persistent heat is a burden on your body that you should arm yourself for. This not only includes the proper clothing and regular stay in the shade.

One of the most important rules is: always drink enough. But what does that mean? You can read what you have to pay attention to here in our seven drinking commandments for hot days.

How Much Should I Drink When It Is Hot?

Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters a day. This is a recommendation from the German Nutrition Society. But that already applies to regular days.

If the temperatures rise above 35 degrees, if you do a lot of sport despite the heat or do physical work in the house and garden, your fluid requirements increase – so drink twice or three times as much.

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Rule Number 1: Drink More Than The Minimum Of 1.5 Liters Per Day In The Heat

Isn’t it enough to drink when I’m thirsty?

No, you shouldn’t make this mistake! Thirst is nothing more than a warning signal from the body. If you feel thirsty, your body is already sitting on dry land. Because you only feel thirsty when your body is already lacking fluid.

Rule Number 2: Take Care And Drink Small Sips Regularly, Especially Throughout The Day

Tip: Always have a small bottle of water with you! When it also looks good, like the fruit infuser, drinking is even more fun.

Can you drink too much?

Drink without worries and follow your (thirst) feeling. The statement “drinking too much water is dangerous” is not true because the need for fluids is different for every person and, in any case, higher than usual when it is hot. Your body excretes any unnecessary fluid that is absorbed in the normal way.

With the so-called “overdrinking,” relatively rare cases are meant. For example, it is about runners who have consumed vast amounts of water (over 10 liters) during competitions to avoid cramps. The excess amount of water in the blood dilutes the sodium in the blood, leading to desalination (dilution sodium). As I said: this is an extraordinary problem.

Rule Number 3: You Can’t Drink Too Much

What Is The Best Drink For Me In The Heat?

Stay away from cola or soda! Better to drink unsweetened foods when it’s warm. You should only use lemonades or sweet juices in exceptional cases. The better alternative: tap or mineral water – optimally quenches thirst and does not contain any added sugar.

If the taste of water is too bland for you, you vary with unsweetened herbal and fruit teas or diluted fruit and vegetable juices in the long run. Necessary: They should then have a minimum of 50 percent water.

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Rule number 4: Always drink unsweetened foods

Tip: Better than cola: 8 recipes for sugar-free soda

Should I Drink Something Warm When It Is Hot?

Don’t worry; nobody asks you to drink hot tea at 35 degrees! At the very least, you shouldn’t drink anything cold. When the summer heat is really hot, a cool drink is naturally tempting. But to quench your thirst in a meaningful way, drinks should be at least room temperature.

Because the more the temperature of the drink deviates from your body temperature, the more complex the body works to equalize this temperature range again. A consequence of this: You sweat more than before.

Rule Number 5: Don’t Drink Ice-Cold Drinks

When Drinking, Does It Matter How Much I Sweat?

But yes. The loss of water is noticeable. If you sweat a lot, you not only lose water. Essential minerals are also excreted through the skin. When it is boiling, the mineral loss is, of course, enormous.

Salted teas or vegetable broths help against this. In this way, the losses through sweating are compensated for.

Rule Number 6: Use Vegetable Broth To Make Up For The Loss Of Minerals When You Sweat

Is Alcohol A Problem?

As tempting as the cold beer or a glass of Prosecco may be, alcohol is not a good idea on hot days, significantly to quench thirst. Because in combination with warm summer air, it leads to tiredness and also promotes perspiration.

In addition, alcohol has a diuretic effect and affects the fluid balance, i.e., it even removes fluid from the body. So, if there is beer, then alcohol-free. This is an absolute blast, however, because its many nutrients make it isotonic!

Rule Number 7: Refrain From Alcohol. Best Choice In The Evening: Non-Alcoholic Beer

When the sun is beating down, quench your thirst! Drinking the right amount of water – preferably water – is the perfect way to get through days of extreme heat in a more relaxed manner. And always stay in the shade!

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