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Did You Know That Milk Helps Decrease Tiredness And Fatigue?

More than 6,000 million people in the world consume milk and dairy products. According to Greek mythology, the Milky Way emerged from the milk spilt in the sky from the chest of the Goddess Hera. Beyond mythology, milk is one of our essential products since we are born and drink thanks to its benefits, nutrients and vitamins.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), more than 6,000 million people in the world consume milk and dairy products, and 85% of world production corresponds to cow’s milk.

Kaiku Lactose-Free is the complete range of dairy products on the market for all those who want to eat a healthy, light diet and make the most of every day. With innovation as a banner, its range of products covers all kinds of quality dairy products: from sustainable production milk, smoothies, yoghurts, creams or cheeses, to healthy and light snacks, perfect for any occasion. They all have in common their lightness, easy digestion and also the vitamin content.

More than 6,000 million people in the world consume milk and dairy products

For all this, from Kaiku Lactose-Free they collect some curiosities of milk and the keys to its sustainable production.

  1. It is full of nutrients. Milk has important nutrients such as proteins and fats, minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and potassium, and vitamins, including D. In addition, Kaiku Lactose-Free is enriched in vitamins A, D, E and folic acid. Just a glass of Kaiku Lactose-Free Milk provides 15% of the recommended daily amount of all these vitamins.
  2. Maintains bone health. The combination of nutrients, including calcium, protein, and vitamin D, helps us keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  3. It helps decrease tiredness and fatigue. Thanks to folic acid, it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  4. Flavour and lightness for everyone. It is estimated that up to 40% of the population has difficulties digesting lactose, according to the Digestive System Foundation.
  5. Animal welfare. Ranchers have been caring for the well-being and comfort of cows for more than 50 years. Therefore, they are fed grass and cereals.
  6. Freshness and flavour. They collect milk daily, so that it is in the plant in less than 8 hours, with maximum freshness, flavour and quality.
  7. Acknowledgements. Kaiku Lactose-Free milk has the AENOR Animal Welfare seal. Furthermore, their cows are evaluated according to the Welfare Quality protocol, ensuring their good nutrition, good housing, health and proper behaviour.
  8. They are concerned about maintaining the environment. They contribute to the maintenance of the environment and landscape, to preserve it as it is known, green and beautiful. Their farms are close to the production plants, which is why we reduce our CO2 emissions.
  9. 100% Use of milk. Thanks to their cooperative model, they manage to give out 100% of the milk.
  10. Responsible packaging. Its packaging is FSC certified, which guarantees that the cardboard used comes from responsible sources.

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