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Do You Have Oily Skin? Here Are The Best Tips To Keep Oily Skin At Bay

The oily complexion, with excess sebum, reflects a shiny, moist surface. It is more frequent when you are a teenager or young, although it can occur at any age. The upside is that oily skin ages slower than other skin types, or at least ageing traits are less evident on this skin type. But the rest are all inconveniences.

We tell you how to combat excess oil on your skin.

1. Hormonal Origin Is The Problem

In general, the excess fat in the skin has a hormonal origin, that is why it is more common in adolescence, that the hormones are unleashed. Another hormonal alteration that increases fat is the one caused by the consumption of the contraceptive pill.

It has also been shown that the stress peaks that we often suffer can generate excess sebum. Humidity and high temperatures worsen that excess. A poor diet can also lead to oily skin. As well as the cosmetics we use, which if they are very aggressive can change the type of skin.

2. Obvious Symptoms Of Oily Skin

The most obvious symptoms of oily skin are a shiny, moist appearance, with a thicker texture and enlarged pores.

This type of skin tends to form impurities, such as blackheads or all kinds of microcysts.

In addition, there are facial areas where there is a greater secretion of fat, such as the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and the rest are drier. So we call this type of skin as combination skin.

Key Tips To Keep Oily Skin At Bay

One of the keys to keeping oily skin at bay is cleanliness. But this has to follow a series of guidelines. On the one hand, although we believe it is the opposite, excessive cleaning does not suit these faces. Wash it only in the morning and at night. Doing it more times will excessively stimulate the sebaceous glands. Also, don’t use hot water. Use it rather warm and with a very mild soap. With this, you will be able to better eliminate the oil and the remains of pollution.

Regarding the moisturizer you use, try to always make it oil-free, which will leave your face with a more matte appearance. You also have to pay attention to your facial sunscreen. Choose it with physical filters, like zinc oxide, instead of chemical agents that are to blame for most granites.

In general, do not hesitate to read the components of the cosmetics you use. Verify that it has been scientifically proven not to clog pores. There are several substances that are good to avoid the appearance of pimples or black spots, such as clay. Apply it from time to time in a mask. Salicylic acid will also help, which removes dead cells that clog pores while dissolving sebum.

As you can see, although at first, it may seem like a problem, there are many habits and products on the market that help you correct excess oil on your face. Also, as we said before, oily skin also has positive things. It is a type of skin that ages slower than dry skin.

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