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Hand Care: This Will Keep Your Hands Tender And Soft

Those who value well-cared-for hands should treat them to a helping of care now and then. Nobody likes dry and chapped hands. Proper hand care should therefore be part of your beauty routine.

Many people often pay attention to the other person’s hands when they first meet. If they are clean and well cared for, it immediately makes a good impression. They also make us feel good all day and tell us a lot about age and lifestyle. But you are not always lucky enough to be blessed with delicate, soft and beautiful hands. Suitable products for the care of your hands are an essential aid.

Hands Have To Endure A Lot: Why Hand Care Is Essential

If you think about it, the hands are one of the parts of the body that comes into contact with other things the most. We stress them every day, which quickly affects them. The consequences can be dry hands, broken nails and cracked skin.

This is not surprising either because the skin on the back of the hand is fragile and has hardly any fatty tissue or sebum glands. Hands are therefore compassionate. Nevertheless, we often expect a lot from them. External influences such as heat, cold, UV rays and heated air can put a lot of stress on the skin. In addition, we provide them with cleaning agents, disinfectants and wrong creams. Then the hands start to get cracked and dry at some point. If itching or burning is also due to allergies or illnesses, you should urgently reconsider your care routine so that the natural skin barrier can be repaired again.

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No more dry and chapped hands: hand care made easy

We’ll show you what you can do in hand care and which products care for your hands. We have put together the best tips.

Hand Care Tip: Wash Your Hands Properly

Wash your hands properly? What should you do wrong there? Many people probably think so. But when washing your hands, especially if you do it very often, e.g. B. because of your work, you should pay attention to a few points.

It is best to wash your hands only with cold or lukewarm water. Water that is too warm can harm the skin barrier so that the skin becomes dry. Coldwater, on the other hand, protects the natural border. The moisture stays in the skin.

When washing your hands, use a mild, pH-neutral soap with a pH value of 5.5 to 7 . Moisturizing soaps are just as good. They keep the skin from drying out. Wash the soap off thoroughly, then use a soft towel to dry it off. It is better to dab than to rub. Also, try out whether you can cope better with classic pieces of silk or liquid soap because this can also have different effects from skin to skin.

Hand Care Tip: Use Hand Cream

Just as you cream your body with a body lotion and provide the skin with moisture, you should use hand care and a cream supportive. However, since the hands have different needs and the complexion is different from the rest of the body, you should use special hand cream for care.

Above all, a good product needs moisturizing ingredients such as urea (urea), glycerine or natural fats and oils such as olive oil and shea butter. The latter supply essential fatty acids that soothe and regenerate the skin. Chamomile extract also helps to care for your hands. It soothes the skin and is therefore particularly suitable for already stressed hands.

The hand cream from Burt’s Bees is our absolute favourite. The cream smells pleasantly of lavender, and it also consists of 95% ingredients of natural origin. Burt’s Bees completely dispenses with parabens, mineral oils or the like.

Tip: You can also differentiate between products for the day and products for the night for hand creams. During the day, you should use a cream that is absorbed as quickly as possible and has a sun protection factor. Rich hand cream can be good at night.

Hand Care Tip: Take Care Of Your Hands While You Sleep

If your hands need extra care, you can put them in thick cream overnight in cotton gloves or special spa gloves. So the hand cream can soak in well and supply the skin with moisture and nourishing ingredients from the inside out.

To do this, apply a thick layer of cream to your hands before going to bed and then put your gloves on. In the morning, you can massage the leftovers that have not yet been absorbed.

Hand Care Tip: Hand Scrubs For Soft Hands

A hand peeling works (almost) real miracles. It removes dry skin flakes and makes the skin wonderfully soft and tender. Therefore, the beauty treatment is particularly suitable for chapped hands. The peeling also prepares the hands for the following care products.

A well-rated hand peeling that works entirely without parabens and silicones and additionally refreshes with eucalyptus and lavender is the hand peeling by Jean & Len.

Hand Care Tip: Hand Masks Or Hand Baths For Extra Care

If you need an extra dose of care in addition to creams and peelings, for example, in winter, when rough hands are the order of the day, you can use a special hand mask or take care of your hands in a hand bath.

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Do It Yourself Hand Bath:

What you need: You can easily do a hand bath yourself. All you need is warm water and nutritional additives, such as olive oil and milk. You can also use other oils like coconut oil or avocado oil. Put everything together in a large bowl and let your hands soak in it for a few minutes. Then dry off well and apply the cream.

Hand Care Tip: Use UV Protection In Summer

Sunscreen is a must in summer. This also applies to taking care of your hands. Therefore, rub your hands with a Sun Protect Cream or use a hand cream with a sun protection factor.

Hand Care Tip: Use Gloves When Doing Housework And Gardening

Housekeeping supplies, cleaners, and gardening can harm your hands. They can get dry and cracked. Therefore, use gloves when washing up, wiping, cleaning, planting, etc. This protects sensitive skin.

Hand Care Tip: Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Nails

What good are beautiful hands when the fingernails look broken? Not much! Because if fingernails look ugly, even the best hand care will not help. This is precisely why you should attach importance to well-groomed nails.

But you don’t have to run to the nail salon all the time. You can also do primary nail care at home.

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