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Coffee: The Golden Rules For Enjoying An Espresso Properly

Much more than a simple cup: here are the tips to live the coffee experience with maximum gratification

Coffee is not just a drink with an exceptional aroma, for us Beloved and celebrated throughout the world, it is one for many. indispensable customs, a symbol of conviviality and the pleasure of being together: with the return to the office and to work, the coffee break

Once again it becomes a moment of meeting and exchange in which you Take care of yourself And spend a few minutes relaxing.

Coffee, beloved dark liquid that delights almost every one of us: good and fragrant, should be sipped in the right way to be able to fully appreciate every hint of refined blends able to make our breaks even more unique.

It Starts With The Eyes

Even before drinking it, coffee can be enjoyed with the sight. Let’s look at the liquid in the cup for a few moments to foretaste the much-loved ritual. Uniform, without white spots, and a color ranging from walnut to dark brown: these are the ideal characteristics of the coffee cream, at first glance, able to indicate the quality of the drink we are going to sip. The bubbles of the cream must be acceptable and homogeneous to give compactness to the surface of the cream, a precious cuddle that must never be given up.

For The Right Toward

Mix clockwise or counterclockwise? The answer is wrong in both cases. Yes, turning the coffee is fine; you must do it correctly. To begin with, the first rule to follow to enjoy this fantastic drink is always to mix it, regardless of whether you add sugar or milk. Attention, however: the correct technique is to bring the spoon from top to bottom so that aromas and flavors blend perfectly, to give the sense of satisfaction it deserves, and that is needed to appreciate the wide range of perfumes and nuances that can be perceived. Turning the coffee into a cup with a teaspoon allows you to enjoy the nuances that characterize the precious dark liquid: roasting, caramel, tobacco, citrus fruits, and flowers.

Cup Galateo

Pay attention to how the cup, saucer, and teaspoon are handled. A fiery red light for the little finger must never be held up, not even at the table. The right way to sip coffee is to hold the cup by the handle with your thumb and forefinger, while with the other hand, left free, you should have the saucer on which the teaspoon will be placed. A 100% attitude of style and education to be strictly adhered to.

Never Blow

A good espresso must be very hot and maybe even poured into a cup that is already hot to allow the aroma to be released in all its essence. The boiling temperature, which can cause us to burn our tongue and palate, is fundamental. Therefore it makes no sense to try to cool the coffee by blowing on it: if it is too hot, it is better to wait a few seconds and take advantage of it for a break in the name of Relax.

Not In One Sip

Our break deserves respect, and the coffee ritual must be thoroughly enjoyed. Let’s take the time we need without haste: enjoy the beloved drink sipping slowly, avoiding, if possible, treating it like a shot, swallowing it all in one gulp. A few minutes to dedicate to ourselves is sacrosanct. Still, the break can be even more enjoyable if we are in company: a good espresso is always the way to socialize, relieve tension and recharge the batteries before a new dive in the office or chores. Domestic.

Water You Drink First

Many have the habit of “cleaning” their palate after drinking coffee. This is a habit that is not wrong but not recommended. The water should be drunk first to prepare your mouth to taste the cup and fully appreciate its aroma. Also, it is a gesture that the bartender may not understand, as it could indicate that the espresso was not as good as expected. A good espresso coffee must leave a broad and round mouth, softly enveloped by a sensation of pleasant toasting which does not lack acidity and freshness notes combined with the warm ones of nuts and spice. In short, a universe of gustatory emotions to be preserved even after having definitively put down the cup.

At Home, We Do This

The rules to follow for a ten and praise ritual are few and simple, but they must be observed with care. Coffee should always be served in the living room, possibly to guests seated comfortably on sofas and armchairs: in a tray, we bring the coffee with a cup, saucer, and teaspoon and then pour the drink. What is up to the guests is to sweeten as desired and, if desired, add milk which must be run from the milk jug as in the best traditions.

At The Bar, The Rule Of The Three

Correct preparation is essential when tasting a good espresso. Machine, water, cleaning, and grinding are crucial for evaluating coffee since even the best coffee, if prepared poorly, loses much of its quality. In addition to those already seen, to enjoy coffee at its best when we are away from home, there are the rules that baristas must strictly observe, namely those of the so-called “three Cs”: the cup must be warm, comfortable, and loaded. On the other hand, as Nino Manfredi said in a famous commercial, coffee is a pleasure; if it’s not good, what pleasure is it?

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