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Scalp Treatments For Long Healthy Hair – The Best Homemade Cosmetics

Proper scalp care is essential for good hair care. By now, we know that a shampoo or conditioner is not enough to get beautiful hair, and you need to use plant and herbal extracts to strengthen the hair right from the roots. Discover the best treatments for the scalp, create your herbal therapy at home and enjoy enviable, long, and strong hair.

Scalp treatments or balms are products with a long history. Our grandmothers already used them, and now they are making a comeback. What are they, for whom are they useful, and how are they used correctly?

What Is A Scalp Treatment?

In short, a scalp treatment is a great liquid conditioner (or mostly) applied to the scalp.

Scalp treatments have a watery consistency, so applying them with a spray bottle or dropper is recommended. In addition to the surface, the formulation of these products is also fundamental: most treatments for the scalp are composed of blends of herbs and plant extracts, sometimes enhanced by natural oils.

To use these products, apply them to the skin of the head and rub them thoroughly, massage them to increase blood circulation, nourish, regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, stimulate growth and prevent hair loss. Each herb has different benefits for the hair, but they all have one goal: to strengthen hair bulbs and heal the scalp.

Scalp Treatments Must:

  • Nourish the skin on the head – a nourished scalp equates to healthier and stronger hair.
  • Balance the production of sebum – excess sebum is a common hair problem that does not allow for beautiful, healthy hair and tends to prevent its growth
  • Accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss – ingredients in scalp treatments stimulate bulbs and make hair grow faster by supplying oxygen to the hair matrix and scalp.
  • Intensify the effect of other products – a massage while applying a scalp treatment allows the ingredients of different products to penetrate deeper, improving the effectiveness of each product you use
  • Moisturize the scalp – thanks to this treatment; you will eliminate dryness, itching, and flaking of the scalp.
  • Soothe minor inflammations, and prevent the appearance of acne on the scalp
  • Lift the hair roots – scalp treatments add volume and density to the hair, keeping it fresh for a long time.

Why Should You Use Scalp Treatments?

The answer is very simple: it is one of the few products you can apply on the scalp, and not just on the hair, to allow it to reach the hair bulbs, the vital source of the hair. The bulbs are the most important part of the hair, the root that keeps it healthy.

How Do You Choose Scalp Treatments?

Unfortunately, some commercial scalp treatments are not suitable for use. A scalp treatment should not contain silicones or heavy alcohol. Commercial products often have controversial ingredients, so always check the INCI before purchasing any.

Oil scalp treatments are great when used as a pre-wash conditioner or when your scalp is very dry. Remember that some cosmetic alcohols are harmless, promote the transfer of nutrients from the bulbs, and further heat the skin, stimulating blood flow and allowing the treatment to work faster and more effectively.

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Scalp Treatment – How And When Is It Used?

There are three ways to use scalp treatments. The choice depends on your preferences, the type of product, and the packaging instructions.

  • Pre-wash – apply the treatment to messy hair and scalp, let it sit for about two hours, then wash off with shampoo. This method is recommended with medicines containing vegetable oils. Applying it to dry hair after washing it could weigh it down and make it greasy.
  • After washing damp hair – apply a scalp treatment to slightly wet hair, and dry it with a towel. Leave-in conditioners for the scalp are more delicate and have a light watery texture. There is no need to rinse.
  • After washing dry hair – when used this way, the treatment protects the hair from damage and nourishes the scalp. It also improves volume and lifts the roots, so applies it every day to the dry skin of the garment. The product is also great as a styler and enhances the look of your hair.

How Are Scalp Treatments Used?

It is usually recommended to apply them directly to the scalp with a spray bottle. If your scalp treatment doesn’t come with a spray bottle or other special dispenser, use an old bottle of another product, and wash it.

Start applying the treatment from the hairline and gently massage it into the skin with your fingertips. Remember that it is essential to massage the scalp to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers of the hair (bulbs) and scalp. This massage does not have to last long, as it only takes a few minutes to increase blood flow.

Scalp Treatments: How Long Should You Use Them, And When Can You See The First Results?

How often you should use the scalp depends on your needs, especially on the condition of your hair (damaged hair requires longer therapy).

Remember that you should use a scalp treatment for 3-4 weeks. Don’t be fooled: no treatment gives visible results after the first use because the product and its ingredients take time to start working.

Some effects may be visible from before. If your hair is not very damaged, you will likely see a decrease in hair loss after 2-3 weeks of continuous application. The first baby hairs will be visible after about 4 weeks.

When opting for a scalp treatment, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the instructions indicate that the therapy lasts a maximum of 3 weeks, then take a break, and in most cases, you will be able to resume it after about 7 days.

The Best Treatment For Hair Growth And Nourishment

No predefined rules allow us to create an effective treatment for everyone. It is also about individual choices. Several factors make a certain ingredient work on your hair or not.

It would help if you remembered that herbal hair care is unsuitable for everyone. Herbs may have an overly aggressive cleansing effect on fine, brittle, or dyed hair. As a result, the hair loses its shine instead of acquiring it and becomes dull, while the color fades faster. In this case, you should opt for an alternative, such as a hair oil treatment. The customizable blends of natural oils, enhanced by other special ingredients, strengthen the hair bulbs and stimulate the processes in the hair matrix, guaranteeing fantastic hair and scalp care, nourishing, beautifying, and giving them shine and vitality. If you are looking for an effective repair, try one of the Nanoil hair oils; apply them on the lengths and especially on the scalp to strengthen the hair from the inside and protect it from damage.

Do It Yourself – How To Do Hair Growth And Strengthen Treatment At Home?

Homemade scalp treatments are great for those with a sensitive scalp that does not tolerate the heavy or synthetic alcohols contained in commercial products. If you opt for a homemade treat, keep it in the refrigerator and use it within 3-4 days.

  • Fenugreek Seed Scalp Treatment reduces hair loss and gives a beautiful and intense shine. It is also an effective remedy for oily scalp or chronic dandruff.
  • Pour a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and allow to cool, then strain the seeds and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Use this treatment in the evening, leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next morning to eliminate fenugreek’s intense and characteristic smell.
  • Nettle And Horsetail Scalp Treatment – loved by hair care enthusiasts. This treatment is rich in copper, an essential element for the correct skin appearance and healthy hair growth. The nettle and horsetail treatment makes hair grow thicker and stronger and improves its color, calming irritation and itching of the scalp and reducing sebum secretion for longer-lasting freshness and volume.
  • The treatment is easy: infuse a tablespoon of nettle and one horsetail in a cup of boiling water. The smell of these herbs shouldn’t linger on your hair, so don’t be afraid to use them several times a day on damaged hair.
  • Birch Scalp treatment – is one of the most popular scalp treatments. This treatment does not require preparation because birch water can be conveniently purchased, even certified organic products free of artificial substances.
  • With the use of birch water, the hair becomes soft and shiny. Birch water is suitable for oily and extremely dry, processed, sensitized, and damaged hair.
  • Burdock And Sweet Flag Scalp Treatment – you can use them separately, but when used together, they complement each other. Use this blend to reduce oil secretion and achieve much-desired hair growth. Both plants have been known for their nourishing and antibacterial properties for centuries. This treatment stops hair loss and reduces sebum production, preventing greasy hair.
  • Pour some water over a tablespoon of burdock root and sweet flag flower, cook for 3-5 minutes, drain the mixture, let it cool, and apply it to your scalp and hair daily.
  • Lemon Juice Scalp Treatment – another easy-to-make and extremely effective treatment, popular among girls with long hair. This treatment excellently refreshes the hair, blocking the excessive production of sebum.
  • Add half a cup of water to freshly squeezed half a lemon juice. Use after washing your hair, and do not rinse.
  • Coffee Scalp Treatment – an excellent and intensive mask for hair growth. Caffeine increases blood flow to the scalp, strengthening hair bulbs, nourishing the scalp, and promoting hair growth.
  • Make a strong coffee, separate the coffee from the beans, then apply the mixture to the scalp every 2-3 days. Please don’t throw away the grains, but mix them with an unrefined natural oil to create a once-a-week scalp scrub.
  • Amber Scalp Treatment – has a strengthening and smoothing effect, avoids excessive sebum production, and is a natural sunscreen that protects against sun damage. Amber stimulates hair growth, improves metabolism, supplies oxygen to hair bulbs, relieves scalp irritation, prevents split ends, and protects hair from harmful external factors.
  • Go for pure amber and make sure it’s natural: real amber sinks in fresh water and floats in salt water.
  • Take 50 grams of amber powder and pour it into a glass bottle or jug, then add a liter of spirit (95%). Set the mixture aside in a warm place for at least 10 days, shaking the bowl every so often. Your scalp treatment will achieve a fantastic golden color. Apply it daily, preferably before bed, diluting it with water first.
  • Aloe Vera Scalp Treatment – Aloe is a fantastic conditioner for thinning hair, relieving inflammation, and soothing the skin. It also takes care of moisturizing the hair and scalp.
  • It greatly improves the condition of dry hair.
  • Mix quality aloe vera juice (preferably organic) with water and apply daily to your scalp and hair.
  • Black Root Scalp Treatment – a perfect multitasking conditioner for dull, volume-free hair. This vegetable is known for its restorative, strengthening, and nourishing properties, and is responsible for stopping the excessive production of sebum, refreshing the hair, and preventing it from falling out.

Squeeze about half of the black root into a juicer, then pour the juice into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair and scalp for 30 minutes before washing. It is advisable to leave it on because the black root has a very intense smell, which is not always pleasant. If you want to leave it on for longer, apply it before bed and wash your hair the next morning.

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