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12 Ultimate Health Tips: The Common Cold Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Winter often brings colds with it. We have tips on how you can strengthen your immune system and stay healthy during the cold season. Even if You wear it too thinly; you don’t get the flu: if you regularly do your immune system good, you can stay healthy even in supposedly lousy weather. Surely you know that one should dress warmly in order not to get sick. But did you know why? Find out in the article how cold affects the body.

There are also many other, often inconspicuous, factors that affect your state of health. Living healthy is very easy – you have to know-how.

Ultimate Health Tip # 1: Dress Warmly

Even if the cold only indirectly leads to a cold, you should ensure that you are dressed appropriately. Even cold feet cause a lowering of the entire body temperature. This also reduces the blood flow to the nasal mucous membranes, and pathogens have an easy time: They settle in the mucous membranes and thus cause a cold.

It is better to choose warm shoes for the way to work and, if necessary, only slip into a pair of light shoes when you are on-site!

Ultimate Health Tip # 2: Get Enough Sleep

While we stay in the realm of dreams at night, our body gathers new energies. The immune system is strengthened, the skin recovers and regenerates, muscle strength and bone density are built up. Most people need at least six hours of sleep to wake up refreshed.

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Ultimate Health Tip # 3: Eat Consciously

A balanced diet ensures an optimal supply of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Our body needs specific amounts of these substances to function correctly. If there is an apparent deficiency in this, it becomes unbalanced and can no longer perform its tasks perfectly.

Even if the desire for hearty home-style cooking automatically sets in with the cooler temperatures – ensure ease of eating! Instead of roast pork and dumplings, it is better to put salad and fresh fish on the menu: for example, try cod with vegetables in aluminum foil! The vitamins and trace elements it contains activate the defense. In addition, the body then has to deal less with things that “distract” it from maintaining an active immune system.

Ultimate Health Tip # 4: Drink, Drink, Drink!

Sufficient fluid is the motto to keep the mucous membranes moist. This means that cold germs cannot establish themselves as well. Two to three liters of tea, water, or fruit spritzer are ideal every day. Be careful with alcohol: like nicotine, it is an immune poison and weakens the body’s defenses.

Ultimate Health Tip # 5: Actively Charge The Battery

Movement is essential to keep your body going. The immune system is strengthened with moderate but regular exercise. Is the gym too monotonous for you? There are many other ways to get active! Find a sport that suits you and guarantees is boring not:

  • In Pilates, the body is holistically strengthened.
  • Training in the freshwater: How about aqua fitness?
  • Do you love yoga but would like to work out even more? These sports suit yoga fans.

Ultimate Health Tip # 6: Get Some Fresh Air

The home and office should be ventilated regularly – and correctly – as heating air dries out the mucous membranes. In addition, exercise in the fresh air stimulates the immune system. So don’t just sit in the stuffy canteen during your lunch break, take a walk and stay healthy.

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Ultimate Health Tip # 7: Reduce Stress

The Psycho € immunology tried to show connections between the central nervous system and the immune system. The still-young science assumes that stress, bad mood, anger, and other negative feelings can negatively affect the immune system. Easily integrate stress relief into your everyday life:

Do something nice for yourself at least once a week, such as a relaxing hot bath, or treat yourself to a massage.

Ultimate Health Tip # 8: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Why not call your best friend again, arrange to chat, and laugh uncontrollably? The endogenous happiness hormones released in the process stimulate the immune system and ensure that fewer stress hormones are produced. After laughing, even the muscles find it easier to relax!

Ultimate Health Tip # 9: Take A Cold Shower

Do you feel cold at the thought of alternating showers? Give yourself a jolt and bring your morning shower to a fresh end. The hard kick stimulates the circulation and promotes blood circulation. Significant side effect: the skin appears healthier and firmer.

Ultimate Health Tip # 10: Don’t Touch Everything

Doorknobs, grab handles on buses, light switches, and ATMs – all objects on which cold viruses stick for hours and can easily be transmitted from person to person. You cannot always use gloves, so remember to wash your hands regularly! It is also essential not to keep touching your face with your fingers. Otherwise, pathogens are automatically brought to the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Ultimate Health Tip # 11: Hand Washing

Soap and water cannot kill the viruses, but they can wash them away. Staying healthy by washing your hands? This is how it works:

  • Hold your hands under running warm water – water that is too hot dries out the skin in the long run.
  • Use soap and make sure your hands are entirely soaped.
  • Now, you should hold your hands under running water for at least 30 seconds and rub them together.
  • Dry your hands properly! Always use a fresh towel and make sure that your hands are dried after washing – including the spaces between the fingers.

Ultimate Health Tip # 12: Breath Through Your Nose

The cilia on the nasal mucous membranes are not infallible, but they can intercept many viruses and immediately transport them back outside. In addition, nasal breathing can help regulate body temperature and even humidify the air in the process! Even at sub-zero temperatures, the air we breathe is warmed up to have a temperature of over 30 degrees when it reaches the lungs.

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