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That’s Why Knee-High Boots Are The Trend Piece Of The Season

Boots with a knee-high shaft in the style of the 70s are celebrating their big fashion comeback. If we are currently scrolling through our Instagram feed, a specific shoe model quickly catches our eye: This winter fashion, 70s boots with shafts up to the knee are once again dominating, and over-the-knee boots are making robust competition.

And rightly so, whether classic in black, in a crumpled slouchy look or with a trendy snakeskin pattern, with a pointed or round toe.

We’ll show you why knee-high boots are at the top of our shopping list and how you can put the trend shoes in the right light.

Knee High Boots: How To Style?

The nice thing about knee-high boots: They work with jeans, dresses and skirts (mini, midi or long), casual Bermuda shorts and flowing culottes – just about everything that our winter wardrobe has to offer.

Trend Combination: Knee-High Boots + Midi Skirt

Our absolute favourite look for the autumn and winter season: boots with a (lace) midi skirt! You can quickly expand the duo with an extra-long wool sweater or a cool hoodie. The rough tops go perfectly with feminine bottoms.

In addition to lace bottoms, the boots with the knee-high shaft go well with satin skirts and dresses or pleated models. Especially lovely: If the skirt or dress comes with a slit so that boots and legs can be seen slightly when walking. In addition, the shoes are allowed to stick out a little from the portion – that looks exceptionally stylish and conceals muscular calves. Win-win.

Of course, not only do midi pieces work, but also short skirts and dresses to go with the trend shoes. For example, this can be a denim mini or a corduroy dungaree dress. Corduroy goes wonderfully with 70s boots anyway, especially when they come in rusty brown or beige and have block heels.

So that the mini look doesn’t look cheap, it’s best to combine it with a high-necked turtleneck or a cosy coat. Also: Please only combine eye-catching boots with simple clothing – and vice versa. Otherwise, the look quickly appears overloaded.

Combine Knee-High Boots With Culottes

Grab your favourite culottes from the closet (a checked model or colours like mustard yellow and shades of orange work best) and style them now with the trend shoes for the winter.

Classic: Style Boots With Jeans

If these boot looks are too extravagant for you, you can style the trend shoes in a traditional way with jeans. Tight-fitting skinny models work best here, with trouser legs tucked into the shaft.

However, the times when only slim jeans were combined with boots are over. The fashion professionals are now combining loosely cut slouchy jeans or cargo pants with shoes to create a casual look. Such trousers are also put into the boot shaft and quickly scooped out.

Attention: Since the pants already have a lot of volume, you should grab a tight-fitting top and tuck it into the waistband. With the skinny model, you do it the other way around and prefer a wide hoodie or oversized sweater.

Style Tone-On-Tone Knee-High Boots

All-over looks in the same colour (exceptionally light beige and white nuances) are currently a big thing.

Street style girls now opt for knee-high boots in light tones such as beige or cream and wear clothes from the same colour family. This has two advantages: firstly, tone-in-tone looks stretch the silhouette, and secondly, the watch seems severe enough to shine in the office.

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