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5 Products To Curl Your Hair

Curly hair requires much more attention and nutrition than straight hair. It can be challenging to choose effective products that suit the nature of our hair. There are still several tips for curling hair without heat, especially with creams, mousse or shampoo. Provided you choose the right product! You have already tried many treatments and have not arrived at a convincing result. We have selected the best products to curl and structure your hair well!

Hair Curling Creams

Curly hair is sometimes difficult to detangle and shape. Hair creams provide excellent hold for curls while softening them. In addition, you will get a nice spring effect and properly hydrated curls!

Dessange Curl Revealing Cream

This cream does not grease the hair, thanks to its light and airy texture. So if you have oily hair, this is for you! To apply it is quite simple. Distribute the cream to your wet and towel-dried hair.

Go loop by loop if you want to achieve a well-worked effect with compact loops. For a natural and airy result, work through your entire hair. It is directly accessible in the Dessange shop but difficult to find in physical stores.

L’Oréal Paris Elseve Dream Long Cream

This cream will save your curls! It is very easy to use since it does not rinse. It allows you to perfectly define your curls without weighing them down for an optimal awakening! Rich in vegetable glycerin and castor oil, this cream from L’Oréal Paris also reduces frizz by 80% and offers excellent curl hold over 72 hours!

You can apply it in the morning to redefine curls and start the day right. Distribute the care over the lengths by shaping your waves as you wish. In the evening, the Elseve cream preserves your curly hair from friction caused by the pillow and retains its hydration. Apply without rinsing the treatment on your curls about 1 hour before the start of sleep. Discover this treatment online at L’Oréal Paris or on other beauty sites.

Shampoos For Curling Hair

The first step in hydrating and defining curls is shampoo. It provides deep nutrition and allows you to sculpt all curls over the long term, especially if your hair is dry!

Kerastase Curl Manifesto Curling Shampoo

This all-in-one professional shampoo is suitable for all curls. You will not be disappointed if you have frizzy, curly, curly, or slightly wavy hair! Without silicone or sulfate, it is renowned for its nutritional properties from Manuka honey. The hair is reinforced from the inside! Your hair will be soft, light and very easy to detangle.

In addition to deeply moisturizing your hair, this quality treatment redraws your curls without weighing them down and gently removes all impurities, leaving a pleasant honey scent.

However, it is more expensive than the average, but if you can afford it, do not hesitate for a second! You can easily get it online at Amazon.

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Mousse To Curl Your Hair

The mousse is ideal for curling curly hair but also for straight and short hair. It also helps to restore volume to the hair and order the curls.

Mousse Boucle-la Schwarzkopf from the Got2b range

This curling mousse offers exceptional curl hold and an anti-frizz effect that lasts up to 4 days!

You can apply it on damp hair to obtain the “wet hair” effect or on dry hair to only tame your curls. Moreover, dry your hair upside down to accentuate the spring effect further! This is especially valid if you want to curl short hair. You can get it online on the official Schwarzkopf website, Amazon, or some reseller sites. It is also available in certain supermarkets such as Monoprix.

Franck Provost Curl Expert Styling Mousse

This professional mousse disciplines your hair for perfect hold and bouncy curls for 24 hours.

Apply it to damp hair, running your fingers through the curls and let air dry. Are you convinced? Then find the product on Franck Provost’s website.

Gel To Curl Your Hair

The gel helps to curl curly and frizzy hair. It is great for shaping curls and waves by setting them for several days while moisturizing them.

Cantu Curling Cream Gel

Made with shea butter and other natural ingredients, Cantu’s gel (a cream) tames curls, lengthens them and adds shine to curly hair. Apply it to damp hair after your shampoo and finish with a comb, twisting each curl to give it the desired shape. Finally, let it air dry! You can also find it in large retail stores such as Carrefour or Cora.

Hair Curlers To Curl Your Hair

This is an excellent alternative to curling hair naturally, especially if you have straight hair. This is a simple and effective method to do your brushing without wasting time! Likewise, you can adapt the size of the curlers to create your style.

Babyliss Pro heated curlers

You should know that this heating accessory does not damage your hair. It is very quick to apply and quick to act on your hair. It’s great for curling fine, flat hair! Depending on the effect you imagine obtaining, you can use rollers with a small diameter for tight curls and a larger diameter for more volume. However, even if the temperature is controlled and the exposure time is minimal, remember not to abuse this technique to keep your hair healthy. You can find these heated curlers on Amazon or in supermarkets like Leclerc.

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