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Semi-Permanent Hair Color: The Complete Guide

Sometimes, we no longer find ourselves between the different types of possible coloring. We want to color our hair but don’t dare. Semi-permanent coloring is a good option to get started without risking regret because it is, as its name suggests, temporary. What exactly is it, how to choose it, how long does it last, and is it harmful: we’ve answered all your questions!

Semi-Permanent Hair Color: What Is It?

Semi-permanent color is not intended to last; it is a kind of hair film that subtly and temporarily changes the appearance of hair color. This coloring is ammonia-free and does not alter the hair fiber. The color fades after a few washes, about ten. Semi-permanent coloring can boost natural color, accentuate reflections or, on the contrary, blur others and bring shine. It can darken but not lighten, meaning that if you want lighter hair, you must do a semi-permanent color on bleached hair. With fading, you’ll get a few highlights at best.

What Are The Differences Between Permanent And Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

During permanent coloring, the oxidant opens the cuticles, and the color penetrates the hair’s cortex, thus modifying its pigments. On the other hand, during semi-permanent coloring, the pigments remain on the surface of the scales, and the color is deposited on the hair. The covering power is less important with a semi-permanent color, so it is not the ideal solution to cover white hair if there are many. Nor can we envisage too drastic a change with semi-permanent coloring: more is needed to go from brunette to blonde, for example. On the other hand, it is very good to stay on tone!

Does Semi-Permanent Color Damage The Hair?

This is one of its advantages: semi-permanent coloring does not damage the hair and does not attack the scalp, thanks to a softer composition than permanent coloring. As a result, it can be renewed more frequently!

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Semi-Permanent Coloring: Disadvantages?

We will not lie to each other; the formulas are less heavy but still contain many active chemical ingredients. These substances can cross the scalp and end up in the body. In the event of pregnancy, this is not ideal. However, few studies have been conducted, and it is not known with certainty whether there is a danger for a pregnant woman to opt for semi-permanent hair color.

Common sense is essential: moderate frequency to limit potential risks. In the same vein, although the active ingredients are less irritating than permanent coloring, people with sensitive scalps are interested in testing a strand to rule out the risk of allergy.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Color Last?

The lifespan of a semi-permanent color depends, in part, on the number of shampoos. The more frequent and closer they are, the less the color will hold. We can generally keep a semi-permanent color for up to a good month and a half if we have chosen a quality color. With a low-end product, it barely lasts a month. Hair porosity also comes into play: the less porous the hair, the longer the color lasts. With very porous hair, the pigments escape, and you must quickly redo a semi-permanent color.

How To Choose Your Semi-Permanent Color?

Many brands offer semi-permanent coloring and a wide range of colors: there is, of course, blond, but you can also become red or have black, red, pink, or blue hair, and many others. Other colors again! In supermarkets, at Leclerc, for example, you can get semi-permanent coloring from L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf, or even Garnier with the Olia range.

On websites such as Bleu Libellule, the Crazy Color brands, and the Diarichesse and Inoa ranges of L’Oréal Professionnel are present. There is also a choice in pharmacies with the Wella brand, among others. At the hairdresser, these are professional products you can access, as a bonus, well-advised advice for choosing the right shade. Organic enthusiasts can be reassured it is quite possible to opt for a natural semi-permanent color, such as vegetable or even vegan color, whether in the salon or at home.

How To Apply A Semi-Permanent Color Yourself?

You can completely do your coloring at home, and you have to follow the instructions for use, which unfold the different steps. Start by wearing gloves not to irritate or stain your skin, then distribute the coloring over the entire hair with a comb. With your fingers, emulsify to spread the product from root to tip. Then scrupulously respect the exposure time, generally about thirty minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly to eliminate the product. In the end, the water must be clear.

How To Maintain A Semi-Permanent Color?

Ideally, avoid washing your hair immediately after applying a semi-permanent hair color. We wait three or four days before carrying out the first shampoo to avoid washing out the pigments too quickly. It is preferable to opt for a mild shampoo that washes without attacking or a specific shampoo for colored hair. We then draw out the care accompanying it: conditioning and mask. On colored hair, hydration is essential, and we keep in mind that healthy hair will keep the color longer than damaged hair.

How To Get Semi-Permanent Hair Color Out Faster?

We may no longer like the new shade and are thinking of getting rid of a semi-permanent color without delay. You can bet on a clarifying shampoo that will effectively strip the pigments. The operation is repeated if necessary but at most twice at the risk of attacking the hair fiber. A coconut oil bath is also an effective solution to disgorge the color.

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