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The Seven Vegetable Butter For Frizzy Hair

Vegetable butter is numerous, but not all have the same properties; they are excellent allies for dry, damaged, and brittle curly hair. We tell you all about the best vegetable butter for curly hair.

Vegetable Butter Vegetable butter is obtained the same way as vegetable oils, but their lipid profile makes them solid materials, hence the name butter, unlike liquid oils. Shea, mango, and cocoa butter are among the best-known vegetable butter.

Butter is factual; some have a creamy texture that is easier to remove by hand. Otherwise, they turn into vegetable oil when heated. Some vegetable butter has its vegetable oil counterparts, but not all can be extracted into the oil. Vegetable oils are more numerous than vegetable butter.

Butter has a thick texture, rich and therefore quite nourishing for the hair, and is very well tolerated on very curly to frizzy hair, unlike wavy and curly hair. Vegetable butter is too rich for this type of hair which tends to be fine; butter would weigh down the hair fiber and distort the curls. It is preferable to use vegetable oils for nourishing care but oils that are not too rich.

What Is Vegetable Butter For Curly Hair?

Vegetable Almond Butter

Rich in natural antioxidants and phytosterols, this butter is very nourishing and restructuring. It is made up of trace elements (magnesium, etc.) and squalene, making it a moisturizing and emollient effect. It nourishes, coats, and protects the hair.

Vegetable Avocado Butter

With its green color and light fragrance, avocado butter has a somewhat creamy texture and is, therefore, easier to use. Composed of vitamin E, an antioxidant, avocado butter is rich and nourishing for the hair. It is protective and stimulates hair growth. It is a delicious butter to nourish the driest frizzy hair.

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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is best known, but not necessarily for hair care. It is a butter that is little used in hair care. This butter is nourishing and protective, prevents dehydration, and gives vitality to dry hair. Cocoa butter can be white or dark in color, its texture is excellent, and it is rather difficult to remove without melting it before using it.

Vegetable Shea Butter

One of the best vegetable jars of butter for the hair, very nourishing, protective, restructuring, and softening. It is very healthy and protects against external aggressions, such as wind, cold, sun… It strongly absorbs UV rays and is a delicious butter for protecting hair from the sun. Be careful with shea butter because there are different kinds on the market, not of excellent quality. Shea butter must be raw, first cold pressed, and unrefined like all vegetable butter. It is a superb butter for dry, brittle, and damaged curly hair.

Vegetable Mango Butter

Mango butter is nourishing and emollient. It softens the hair and prevents split ends. It reinforces the cuticle to give luster and shine. Dry and brittle hair will significantly appreciate this vegetable butter.

Vegetable Murumuru Butter

This butter is unknown, yet it is a delicious vegetable butter; it has a good affinity for hair protein, and it is penetrating, making it an excellent butter for dehydrated and damaged hair. It nourishes, strengthens, repairs, and beautifies the hair. This butter is reminiscent of coconut oil, the only vegetable oil with a good affinity for the protein in the hair fiber. It is an excellent restorative butter.

Vegetable Olive Butter

It is one of the best-known butter, a delicious butter for dehydrated hair; it nourishes and coats, and protects the hair. Its texture is thick, soft, and therefore easy to work with.

How To Use Vegetable Butter In A Hair Routine For Curly Hair?

Vegetable jars of butter can be used in several ways on the hair. A single butter or a mixture of two different kinds of butter will be melted slightly in a bain-marie to soften and mix the butter jars. If the butter choices are flexible, you can combine them directly in the palms of the hand before applying them to each section.

In Hair Mask

Apply to hair before or after shampooing as a mask, separating hair into four to six sections. Prefer the application before the shampoo for very greasy butter. Leave on for 30 min to a 1-hour maximum under a self-heating cap or a steam helmet. The heat will open the scales and allow the benefits of vegetable butter to penetrate. Rinse and then wash the hair with your usual shampoo if applied before shampooing.

Seal In Hydration

After hydrating the hair, to seal the hydration, take a small amount of vegetable butter with your finger, heat the material between the palms of the hands, apply to the entire length of the section of hair, massaging well, and insist on the spikes. Pay attention to the amount of butter so as not to make the hair sticky (greasy).

Tip Protection

The butter nourishes and protects the lengths and also ends. When applying your care, remember the tips; they are the most fragile because they are older. In addition, following friction on the clothes, and excessive handling, the recommendations are put to the test and cause the appearance of split ends and dehydration. In winter, specific butter jars protect the lengths from external aggressions (wind, cold, etc.), preventing breakage and dehydration. Butter has many qualities; check that it is unrefined and first cold-pressed.

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