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Summer Care For Beautiful Hair

If you want to get through the summer with healthy, shiny hair, you should protect it from UV radiation and care for it intensively. Here you can read what is essential for beautiful hair.

Whether it’s an active holiday or relaxing by the pool: Most people recharge their batteries in summer. However, the warm season is far from ideal for beautiful hair. The reason: Sun, chlorine, and saltwater can quickly leach hair. If you overdo it with sunbathing, you risk losing oil, moisture, bleaching, and structural damage. Chemically pre-treated hair, such as permanently waved or dyed hair, is easily attacked by UV rays, particularly in need of protection.

Beautiful Hair Needs Sun Protection

To keep the sun’s rays at a distance, hats, caps, or headscarves do an excellent job. Particular sun sprays with UV filters also protect the hair. Women looking to pin up longer hair should use plastic hair clips – metal clips can get so hot in the sun that they cause heat damage. It is also beneficial not to let your hair dry in the blazing sun after swimming but in the shade.

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Wash Gently And Gently

After a day in the water, it is essential to flush sea salt or chlorine out of your hair. It should be gentle: with a mild shampoo that is adapted to the hair’s individual needs and a soft washing technique. As a rule, it is sufficient to massage the shampoo onto the scalp and then rinse it off with plenty of water; so the hair lengths are gently cleaned with the running water.

Unique hair treatments also ensure healthy, supple, and beautiful hair. The damaged hair tips, in particular, enjoy a regenerating treatment. The freshly washed hair should not be rubbed dry but carefully wrapped in a soft towel.

Beauty Also Comes From Within

Careful hair care is essential, but the basis for beautiful hair is a balanced balance of vital substances. Hair needs certain nutrients: On the one hand, these should strengthen the hair roots and promote growth, and on the other, keep the hair structure healthy. Biotin and zinc, in particular, contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, while calcium plays a decisive role in cell division. Vitamin C, in turn, is essential for collagen formation, and vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative stress.

Beauty Tips For Hot Days

  • Care “light”: Choose light fluids, gels, and moisturizing creams for the face that donate moisture and are quickly absorbed.
  • Delicate colors: tinted day cream, waterproof mascara, pastel-colored lipstick – there is no need for more color.
  • Pure refreshment: A thermal water spray provides the ultimate freshness kick.
  • Scented: If you sweat heavily, you can switch from the usual deodorant to an antiperspirant.
  • Open your eyes: thick eyelids? An eye cream with decongestant ingredients helps against this.

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