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Weight Loss: Here Are 6 Tips To Stay Motivated While Dieting

When you start a diet, it’s not always easy to stay motivated over the long term. It must be said that the path leading to the objective that we have set for ourselves is strewn with many obstacles. So, here are some tips to overcome them and hang on.

Avoid Overly Restrictive Diets

The more restrictive the diet, the more frustrating it is. However, it is this feeling that generally pushes us to deviate. After cracking comes guilt, then demotivation. To avoid this vicious circle and keep a long diet, do not try to lose weight too quickly by completely depriving yourself of certain foods.

Not to mention that such deprivation leads to a drop in the level of primary metabolism, or basal, that is to say, the energy that we spend daily at rest to ensure vital functions. As a result, as soon as the diet is stopped, we often regain lost pounds. Thus, it is better to opt for a moderate but long-lasting diet.

Do Not Focus On The Scale

When on a diet, we are sometimes tempted to weigh ourselves constantly. But seeing that, despite all our efforts, the numbers on the scale are stagnating or even increasing can make us give up. While the weight can vary from day to day for many reasons: the amount of water ingested, the premenstrual period, stress, or water retention.

Weighing yourself once a week – in the morning, naked and on an empty stomach – is more than enough. And to avoid undermining morale for a few grams more, do not take into account the decimals during each weighing. On the other hand, you should know that muscle weighs more than fat. Thus, the weight indicated on the scale is not necessarily an indicator that can be trusted.

We can very well do without this device and measure the physical changes in a garment or observe how the body changes over the months by taking a photo in underwear, for example.

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Write Down All Your Meals

Another tip to stay motivated: keep a food journal. Carefully write down your daily meals, specifying the quantities. Still, also your snacks, the drinks you have consumed during the day, not to mention the little extras, even if it is a simple small square of chocolate or candy, is very useful to control his diet during a diet.

In this notebook, you can also write down your impressions, your state (full, tired, etc.), your difficulties, and encourage yourself by writing positive quotes. If the idea of ​​the notebook does not appeal to you, know that there are several applications designed for this purpose, such as Fat Secret.

Allow Yourself Small Pleasures

Eating a sweet now and then won’t ruin all your efforts. On the contrary, allowing yourself small pleasures on an ad hoc basis, whether it be by eating a burger, a tray of fries, or a slice of chocolate cake, is an excellent way to maintain your diet over time. After each step, you can also reward yourself, for example, by buying a book, perfume, a massage session.

To Be Well Accompanied

To honor your diet to the end, it is essential to surround yourself well. Consider letting those around you know it for their support and help. And don’t hesitate to team up with someone who also wants to lose a few pounds when it comes to diets, as in many other areas, there is strength in unity.

And ideally, have a professional accompany you (dietitian, nutritionist, etc.) so as not to risk deficiencies and follow a diet adapted to your needs, designed according to your food preferences (rather sweet or salty), and to your goals.

Get Enough Sleep

Finally, it is essential to sleep well. Lack of sleep leads to a drop in motivation and stimulates the craving for fatty or sugary foods. You should know that the body produces leptin during the night, a hormone that helps manage appetite by promoting feelings of fullness.

If the night is too short, this hormone is not secreted enough, and the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, will increase.

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