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Five Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair After The Pool

It’s summer; are you enjoying the pool and the sun? So you should know that chlorine is a natural enemy of your hair! Indeed, it attacks the keratin and strips the hair fiber. Result? Your hair is rough and has lost its shine! So, to avoid these inconveniences and take care of your hair after the pool, discover our five tips for hair full of vitality even during the summer!

Wash Your Hair After Swimming

To take care of your hair after swimming, it is essential to wash it. This step is essential!

Indeed, it facilitates the elimination of chlorine residues deposited on the hair fiber and the scalp. Thus, by washing them right after, you avoid the residues hardening and drying out the hair a little more. Preferably use a mild and natural moisturizing shampoo without sulfates or chemical agents.

Then do not hesitate to apply a particular treatment or conditioner for exposed hair. This allows you to protect them from external aggressions such as the sun, the sea, and the swimming pool. On the other hand, if you want to avoid washing them daily, you can opt for vinegar-based rinse water. The vinegar closes the scales and cleans the hair fiber in depth.

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Let Hair Air Dry

Although using the hair dryer is tempting, you should leave it in the closet and favor drying in the open air. This way, you avoid damaging your hair further. However, it would help if you did not leave the head utterly wet at the risk of drying out your hair a little more. It is, therefore, advisable to wring them out and remove excess water using a microfiber towel.

You must proceed gently and without rubbing to avoid breaking the hair. Finally, avoid untangling them when wet and favor styling by hand. And if it’s frizzy or curly, consider scrunching your hair or plopping. So you will get beautifully drawn curls!

Apply A Hair Mask

The water lifts the scales of the hair, letting the chlorine infiltrate. Result? Chlorine residues will harden and cause hair breakage. To remedy this, the solution is to moisturize and nourish your hair after swimming. For this, nothing like a mask based on vegetable oils such as olive oil, jojoba, or coconut, for example. You can apply it once a week on the lengths and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and find shiny, supple hair full of vitality! If your hair is dehydrated, curly, or frizzy, you can opt for an oil bath to leave on overnight.

Take Care Of Colored Hair After The Pool

Colored hair and chlorine do not mix! Indeed, the color can wash out or even turn green! You must adapt your routine to avoid these inconveniences and maintain a beautiful, radiant color. Also, it is advisable to favor shampoos, masks, and special care for colored hair. They will allow you to preserve and revive your color.

Water Sports: Limit The Damage To Your Hair

Are you a fan of swimming or aquariums? Therefore, you must take care of your hair after the pool and before jumping into the water…

The Solution Lies In The Swimming Cap!

Yes, it is certainly unsightly, but at least it helps protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine.

But It Can Also Become A Real Asset!

Indeed, take the opportunity to coat your hair, especially the lengths, with vegetable oil, which will act as a protective barrier. Thus, you protect them from chlorine, and as a bonus, you offer them an oil bath.

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