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In Haircare, Exfoliate Jelly To Purify Your Scalp

Skin exfoliation is a beautiful gesture in its own right to get rid of dead cells and boost your epidermis. You should know that your face and body are not the only areas that can benefit from an exfoliating routine. Your scalp can benefit too! Indeed, exfoliating hair care (such as the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly ) is ideal for purifying and oxygenating your scalp as well as possible.

It is a treatment that allows you to detox the scalp to make it healthy and balanced. The vitality of the hair depends above all on a healthy scalp, a delicate and regular exfoliation of the scalp then takes on its whole meaning! Discover the benefits of In Haircare exfoliating jelly and our tips for using it well on your scalp without delay.

The Importance Of Exfoliation For A Healthy Scalp

Using the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly will allow you to cleanse your scalp without being aggressive by ridding it of anything that could asphyxiate it in the more or long term:

  • The accumulation of dead cells;
  • The presence of oily or dry dandruff;
  • Excess styling products (hairspray, spray, styling mousse, etc.);
  • Signs of pollution (especially when living in an urban environment);
  • Excess sebum.

Exfoliation promotes micro-circulation and thus the irrigation of the scalp, and therefore helps to revitalize the hair. Indeed, scalp oxygenation is essential for good hair growth and to fight against falls. The In Hair Care Exfoliating Jelly also helps, through its action, to combat uncomfortable itching and irritation of the scalp. So, to reconnect with a healthy and perfectly balanced scalp, don’t miss out on this hair routine!

By exfoliating your scalp, your hair bulbs are strengthened. Your whole skull is purified and regains its freshness. From then on, you will say goodbye to your dull and flat hair that looks gray! You will thoroughly clarify your scalp and remove any visible scales and impurities (excess sebum, dandruff, etc.) or invisible (traces of pollution).

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In Haircare Exfoliating Jelly: What Composition?

This is the strong point of the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly: its unique and vegan formulation based on natural ingredients. The formulation of this hair scrub (designed in collaboration with a French laboratory) is made up of no less than 98.7% of ingredients of natural origin. To obtain hair care that is both sensory and energetic, it is often a good idea to incorporate essential oils (EO). And that’s good because the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly contains 2 of them:

  • Organic peppermint essential oil;
  • Tea tree essential oil (more commonly known as Tea tree).

Peppermint essential oil is known for its stimulating benefits on the scalp, its soothing properties for irritated scalps, and its cooling effect, which leaves a delightful feeling during application.

On the other hand, tea tree essential oil is trendy for its purifying, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Using it in your hair care is an excellent way to rebalance and cleanse a sensitive, irritated scalp.

Among the other ingredients of the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly, we can mention Carapate oil from Madagascar. This oil (black castor oil) is a natural elixir renowned for nourishing, fortifying and repairing the scalp. Composed of fatty acid, Carapate oil is deeply nutritious and strengthens the hair bulbs for an anti-hair loss action. Thanks to it, you will get perfectly invigorated hair!

For the exfoliating side, the In Hair Care exfoliating jelly also contains delicate sea salt extracts; the latter induces a mechanical exfoliating action which removes dead skin and other impurities from the scalp. Finally, this exfoliating jelly contains hibiscus vinegar, rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Thanks to this ingredient with purifying, moisturizing and anti-free radical properties, your dream hair is yours!

How To Use In Hair Care Exfoliating jelly?

To give your scalp a complete treatment that cleans and revitalizes it in depth, follow our exfoliating hair routine with In Hair Care exfoliating jelly! In Haircare, exfoliating jelly should ideally be applied weekly before shampooing. On wet hair, apply the jelly at the root, dividing the hair into several parts to better reach the scalp. Once the exfoliating jelly has been applied, massage your scalp for a few moments.

To do this, make slow, circular movements with your fingertips. Thanks to this massage, you activate the scalp’s microcirculation and improve the penetration of the active ingredients of the treatment. Then let the product act for two to three minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water, taking care to loosen the hair at the roots. Fast, pleasant and effective scalp exfoliation with In Hair Care exfoliating jelly is a beautiful gesture suitable for all hair types and gives them a second wind every week!

Where To Buy In Haircare Exfoliating Jelly?

You can also obtain this exfoliating jelly in certain physical stores from authorized retailers.

In mainland India, you will find In Hair Care products (and the famous exfoliating jelly) in NUOO stores at:

  • Orleans;
  • Clermont-Ferrand;
  • Waves of anger;
  • Nantes;
  • Lyons;
  • reindeer.

You will also be happy at LANA COSMETICS in Montpellier and ROSE POUDRÉ in Narbonne.

In the DROM-COM, you can buy your In Hair Care products in the Kaz Beauté boutiques in Martinique (in Lamentin and Perrinon) and Guadeloupe (in Baie-Mahault).

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