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Avoid These Foods To Lose Belly Fat!

The belly is the ultimate problem area for many people: whether it’s a beer belly, a muffin top or a swimming ring – we would love to get rid of the excess fat. We’ll tell you how to lose belly fat and which foods you should avoid!

Most of us want a slim body. Many for optical reasons, but also from a health point of view, being overweight puts a strain on our metabolism and the entire body. A few extra pounds on the legs or hips are not that problematic. However, if the calories and fat deposits settle in the abdomen, that is a cause for concern.

That’s Why Belly Fat Is So Dangerous

A flat stomach is not only part of the ideal of beauty; it is also best from a health point of view to get rid of belly fat as quickly as possible. Namely, visceral fat is the leading risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other diseases. However, with exercise and the proper diet, you can do something about it!

Lose Belly Fat: Avoid These Foods

Unfortunately, there are no special exercises or tricks to fight belly fat immediately and precisely. Instead, you can focus on your diet. However, this does not mean a crash diet or zero diets. If you omit just a few foods from your daily diet, your stomach will thank you. Certain foods have been shown to contribute to fat storage in the abdomen.

Trans fats are artificial fats found primarily in processed and packaged foods, such as margarine, baked goods, candy sauces, and ready-to-eat dressings. According to research, trans fats not only increase belly fat but are also harmful to your vascular and heart health. It is best to eliminate trans fats from your daily diet.


Ouch, that hurts. Of course, the beloved sugar is a significant factor in the development of belly fat. According to studies, consuming excess sugar leads to fat storage in the abdomen and liver. This can even lead to insulin resistance, making it even more challenging to lose weight in the future. Next time, if you have a craving for something sweet, it’s better to reach for delicious fruit instead of chocolate – after all, with frozen fruit or fresh fruit in summer, we have a tasty selection!

Processed Meat

Processed meat also has a lot to offer. Breakfast classics like bacon and sausage are not only bad for your health; they are also obviously bad for a slimline. Processed meat is usually entirely fatty and can also have an inflammatory effect and promote civilization diseases. Inflammation can, in turn, promote fat deposits on the organs and also inhibit muscle growth.

Bottom Line: Those looking to lose fat and build muscle should keep inflammatory foods like sugar, red meat, and processed meats to a minimum.

Sweetened drinks

Unfortunately, it’s not just the food that hurts the middle of our body; the drinks are often harsh too. Above all, sweetened liquids such as lemonade, fruit juices or iced tea provide a lot of visceral fat. The problem in contrast to food: The liquid calories are just as numerous as our food, but they don’t even fill you up. This is because the body cannot process them in the same way as solid calories. If you want to lose weight on your stomach, you should switch to water, tea and healthy drinks and cut out liquid carbohydrates.


Alcohol has a double effect on our love handles: on the one hand, 1 gram of alcohol contains seven calories – almost as many as 1 gram of fat – and thus contributes significantly to a calorie surplus, which inevitably leads to obesity. On the other hand, breaking down alcohol is always a top priority as our liver wants to eliminate the toxin. As a result, the rest of the metabolism comes to a standstill – and with it, unfortunately, fat burning. This mechanism leads to fatty liver in alcoholics and the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Conclusion: If you are on a diet or want to maintain your desired weight in the long term, you should avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Sweeteners In Moderation

Sweeteners are ambiguous: on the one hand, they are low in calories or even completely calorie-free, do not cause tooth decay and are therefore already significantly healthier than sugar. On the other hand, they cannot be recommended unreservedly, as studies have shown that sweeteners affect our blood sugar as well as our gut bacteria. Therefore, zero-calorie sweeteners may induce insulin resistance, although the dose-response relationship is not fully understood.

Conclusion: Sweeteners are always the better alternative to pure sugar in a healthy diet. However, one should not be subject to the false conclusion that sweeteners are unproblematic daily and in larger quantities. They should be considered stimulants like sugar.


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