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5 Reasons Jogging Lose Weight Works So Well

Lose weight through regular jogging? Yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s worth it! Because losing weight by jogging is quick, effective and also makes you fit! The prospect of a slim, taut body should bring even die-hard couch potatoes from the sofa to the running track. The most remarkable thing about running? You only need good running shoes and nothing else, no gym membership or club membership. Just give it a try!

Also, tweak your eating habits a little, and losing weight by jogging will be even easier for you. You will learn more about this if you read on.

Are you still not convinced? Here are five reasons why jogging weight loss works so well:

You Are Consuming Plenty Of Calories

Jogging is exhausting – it is clear that the pounds are only falling off. How much you burn depends on your age, weight, gender and your running speed. But on average, you can burn around 250-300 kcal per 30 minutes.

A little tip: You can lose even more weight by jogging if you don’t always run constantly but rather sprint. This is called interval training, and by alternating between strenuous phases, in which the pulse goes up, and more relaxed degrees, more calories are burned.

You Train Your Legs, Buttocks And Stomach By Running

Jogging is not only great for endurance, but it also gets your whole body in shape. Sure, the legs are trained and become slimmer, but the buttocks and stomach also benefit from the jogging session.

You Reduce Stress

Stress is poison for the figure. All the stress hormones store more belly fat, and you often eat more. The best remedy for stress: exercise! Jogging is a perfect way of losing weight because you burn calories and reduce stress hormones simultaneously. This is doubly effective for a flat stomach.

Tip: Most joggers swear by music while running. Give it a try and find your perfect running rhythm with the right beat.

Jogging Releases Feelings Of Happiness

Another positive running effect: you feel great after the jog because running releases feelings of happiness. And happy, satisfied people have fewer cravings. In other words, they eat less and lose weight faster.

After Running, You Prefer Something Healthy

Chips, chocolate, pizza – you may be hungry after jogging around, but you would prefer something sensible. Exercise gives you a better body feeling, and you want to do something good for your body through healthy nutrition. You will notice that you have more and more desire for home-cooked, fresh food and that you reach for fast food or ready-made meals much less often.

Even More Significant Weight Loss Success With The Proper Diet

You will be able to lose weight just by jogging. After all, being fit not only means exercising dull, but also eating healthily. So that you can see success as quickly as possible, you should pay attention to your diet at the same time. Eat your fill of low-calorie foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean dairy products. You should only eat calorie bombs such as fast food, cakes or sweets rarely and in small quantities.

Lose Weight By Jogging: Training Plan For Beginners

These five convincing reasons have certainly made you want to go jogging. If you haven’t run yet, you are probably unsure how to go about it. Our tip: very slowly. Jogging is quite strenuous and an unfamiliar burden at the beginning. Don’t force yourself to run for 30 minutes straight away, but start slow. Luckily, you can also lose weight by jogging with small units.

Running Plan For Beginners:

Take 35 minutes of your time the first few times, alternately jog for 5 minutes at a slow pace, and then go for 5 minutes to relax. If you feel fit after one to two weeks, you can change the intervals. Jog for 10 minutes and only take a 5-minute break in between. Then 15 minutes straight and so on. Increase yourself until you can manage 45 minutes at a time.

For you to notice improvements quickly, you should go jogging at least twice a week.

An Important Note At The End: An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.


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