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Fascia Training: With These Exercises, You Release Stubborn Tension

Goodbye tension! Loosen up and relax your whole body with fascia training – we’ll show you the best exercises!

Fascia is part of the connective tissue and envelops all muscles and organs. They protect muscles from injury and transmit pain. If there is a lack of exercise or the wrong strain, they can stick together, leading to back, neck or leg pain.

With special fascia training and targeted neck and legs exercises, you can relieve tension and prevent further problems. Do the exercises at least once a week.

Fascia training is done traditionally with the fascia roller (e.g. Blackroll). The exercises are straightforward to do. They are a massage. The pressure applied dissolves the adhesion, and the pain disappears.

Fascia Training: Exercises For The Feet

Glued fascia in the feet can be to blame for neck and shoulder pain. Take a tennis ball for the exercises for the fascia training of the feet. A golf ball will do, too. Place your foot on the ball. Start at the ball of your foot and gently apply pressure. Move your foot on the ball, gradually massaging the whole foot. If the pain is sharper in one spot, pause and let the pressure linger. Massage the foot for about a minute, then switch to the other foot. Then walk on your heels and walk around the room for a minute.

Fascia Training: Exercises For The Legs

Thighs and lower legs, front and back of the legs: Here, too, fascia can stick. After massaging your feet, you should grab your roll and do special fascia training for your legs. Start with lower leg exercises. Sit on an exercise mat, or on the floor with your legs stretched out. Put your right calf on the roll. Push your body with your hands, then roll your entire calf over the registration—the first massage the back, then the outside and inside. If you want more, you can increase the pressure on the area where it hurts the most. To do this, put your buttocks on the floor and your left leg on top of your right leg. hold a moment

If you have massaged the calf thoroughly, you should supplement the fascia training with exercises for the thighs. To do this, slide the roller under your thighs, push yourself off the floor with your hands and massage the entire length of your thighs. Again, don’t forget the inside and outside. When you’re done, get into the push-up position and massage the front of the thigh.

If you have massaged both legs from top to bottom with the roller, you should loosen the fascia on the bottom. Sit on the roller for training. For the exercises, shift the weight first to one and then to the other buttocks and roll back and forth on the roller. Don’t forget the outside. This is where it often hurts the most.

Fascia Training: Exercises For The Back

If you often have back pain, you should do fascia training for your back after your legs. There are exercises with the roller, but also without. Lie on the roller, push your butt up, and then move your feet back and forth to massage your entire back.

There are also exercises without a roller for fascia training of the back. To do this, take a small dumbbell between your hands, stretch your hands above your head and move your thoracic spine with snake movements. Repeat the exercises a few times, and then let your upper body fall forward. Repeat this process a few times.

Another good exercise is the Katzenbuckel. Stand hip-width apart, legs slightly bent. Then bend your upper body forward and alternately arch your back or arch your back.

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