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What Is The Reason To Speed Up Metabolism Or Slow Down According To Age?

This depends a lot on how our body is made up. That is the volume of lean body mass and fat present in the body. When we see our basal metabolic rate above or below, the muscles need more energy to function correctly.

The more fat and less muscle mass, the more energy the body expend when it is at rest. That said, this may be one of the explanations for why metabolism slows down over the years. After 30, the metabolism gradually slowing down can be considered natural.

That’s because we also lose muscle mass and gain sagging more easily. Because of this, many people need collagen supplementation. Other people suffer from hormonal changes or diseases that exacerbate this situation.

Another thing that can influence is if the person consumes more calories than they expend daily. This situation will make it more difficult for the person to lose weight.

Here Are Some Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Add Thermogenic Foods To Your Diet

Many foods, such as Ginger, coffee, cinnamon and pepper, have a thermogenic effect. That’s because they have capsaicin, cinnamaldehyde, gingerol and caffeine, which are bioactive components that activate the central nervous system and accelerate metabolism, which naturally results in burning body fat.

Avoid Skipping Breakfast

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the main meal of your day, which it is. We can say that because it is the meal that will give you energy for the rest of the day, and our metabolism needs it in the morning. If you don’t eat properly, your metabolism will decrease energy consumption throughout the day.

Choose Some Healthier Practices In Your Daily Life

Have you ever thought about changing your elevator for a staircase or walking a path you usually take by bus? Even if you don’t exercise regularly, you can acquire these habits that can help you burn calories, even unintentionally.

By doing this, you will expend more energy in addition to strengthening your legs.

Always Carry A Small Water Bottle With You

If you’re a person who sticks to the big water bottle, so you don’t forget to drink water throughout the day, swap it out for a smaller size. You will get up more often during the day to refuel. Getting up several times a day will help you keep your body active and less relaxed.

Make The Most Of Cardio In Your Gym

Try your best to get the best workouts when your teacher sets up your activity with that treadmill or bike before you start pumping.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that spending 15 minutes to half an hour on the treadmill will help you slim down and lose weight. For this to start, you must stay at least 40 minutes on the treadmill; before that, it’s just a cardio workout.

Try To Reduce Stress To Speed Up Metabolism

Trying to avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible is essential for you to balance the production of cortisol in your body. When in excess in the body, this hormone causes you to lose muscle mass and slow down your metabolism.

To reduce stress and anxiety is the practice of physical exercises or relaxation, such as meditation or Yoga. Also, you can do what you like, like play an instrument, sew, draw, paint, something that relaxes you.

It is worth remembering that losing weight due to emotional problems can harm your health. The ideal is that you take care of your mind in the same proportion as your body so that your metabolism continues to function in the best possible way.

Eat Lean Proteins

Lean proteins, such as chicken, take longer to digest in the body. With this, your metabolism must work harder to carry out this digestion.

Another food, which can be considered quite complete because it has protein and fat simultaneously, is the egg.

When Should You Speed Up Your Metabolism?

If you’ve been trying hard to get results and lose weight, and that doesn’t happen, it means your metabolism is out of order, and you need a boost to make it happen.

However, suppose your metabolism is accelerated, and you use thermogenic foods or supplements. In that case, it can bring severe risks to your heart, so pay close attention to this and follow up directly with a professional.


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