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What Helps Against Herpes? The Best Tips And Home Remedies

Do you also belong to herpes afflicted and want to get rid of the blisters quickly? We’ll tell you what really helps against herpes and which home remedies you can safely forget.

It tingles, lip burns, itches, or is uncomfortable: These are the first symptoms of cold sores. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there: After the tingling sensation, a visible blister forms, which opens and crusts after a few days. This is usually not only unaesthetic but can even be painful.

On average, it takes a week for the cold sore to heal. This week you are guaranteed to ask yourself: What helps against herpes? And can I somehow speed up the healing process? After all, you want to get rid of the unpleasant, disruptive factor on your face as quickly as possible.

Almost Everyone Carries The Herpes Virus

First of all, cold sores, also known as herpes labialis, are not bad. A full 90 percent of Germans carry the herpes virus. We usually become infected with the very common virus as a child and then take the virus within us.

Whether or not it breaks out is a bit of a matter of luck. Just because you carry the virus-like most people – does not mean that you always have nasty blisters on your lip.

But if herpes should break out in you, these tips, home remedies, and medication will help!

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Home Remedies For Herpes: What Helps?

There are a lot of supposed home remedies for herpes circulating on the net. But only a few of them help. Well-known home remedies such as toothpaste, tea tree oil, or vinegar for herpes should be avoided. Because they only provide additional irritation to the inflamed areas of the skin.

The situation is different with honey as a home remedy for herpes. A study from Dubai published in Deutsches Ärzteblatt in 2005 concludes that honey can have a positive effect on the duration of the outbreak and the course and healing time in herpes attacks.

However, honey was used in addition to an antiviral cream. The conclusion of the study: honey as a home remedy for herpes can be a supportive measure to drug therapy with acyclovir preparations.

Another herpes home remedy that can help is lemon balm oil. Laboratory tests at the University of Heidelberg have shown that the essential oil can block herpes viruses and thus ensure that herpes disappears faster or is milder. Studies have not definitively proved this.

If you want to try the home remedy: Dab the lemon balm oil carefully onto the affected skin area several times a day. The best way to do this is to use a clean cotton pad.

Quick Help: Ice Cubes For Herpes

According to the Göttingen University Clinic information, ice cubes can also help against herpes or alleviate the symptoms if blisters have already formed.

Some sufferers also swear by ice cubes to prevent or mitigate an approaching outbreak. The ice cubes cool the corresponding skin area at the first signs, such as tingling or itching, and thus provide relief. However, studies have not proven whether local cold can prevent the formation of blisters.

Important: Make sure that you never put the ice directly on the skin, as this can lead to frostbite.

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Herpes Remedies: They Help Best

According to studies, special creams against herpes, which contain virus-inhibiting active ingredients acyclovir or penciclovir, are considered the most effective therapy for herpes. They can shorten the duration of the herpes outbreak and alleviate the symptoms.

Apply the creams to the affected area several times a day according to the package instructions and wash your hands thoroughly.

An alternative to creams without virus-inhibiting active ingredients is herpes plasters that are stuck directly onto the affected area. The herpes patches protect the affected skin area from external irritation and prevent the virus from spreading, as the infectious blisters are covered with them.

Insider Tip: Lip Balm Against Herpes

Herpes can be very uncomfortable. Special lip care can help against annoying symptoms such as itching, tightness, and tingling.

The insider tip for those afflicted with herpes: Manuka lip care stick with manuka oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

According to the more than 200 top ratings on Amazon, herpes should disappear faster than lip balm. The symptoms such as tingling, burning, or itching should hardly be noticeable after application.

Kissing Prohibited! Herpes Is Very Easily Transmitted

Remedies for herpes or not: If you’ve got it, then you should be careful. Herpes is very easily transmitted. During this time, be twice as careful when washing your hands. Never touch the blister with dirty hands; leave it alone.

If you object to it with your fingers, you should, of course, wash your hands immediately. As long as you have herpes, it would help if you avoided lip contact with others. That means: kissing and sharing glasses are forbidden!

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Herpes Can Also Appear On The Eyes, Nose, Or Mouth

Unsightly, but true: Herpes is not only found on the lip. Special forms also occur on the nose, eyes, cheeks, or the mucous membrane of the mouth. In such cases, it is best to clarify with your doctor what will help. He will prescribe you the right remedy for herpes.

Tip: At Onmeda.de, you can find out more about lip and genital herpes, and in particular about the risk of infection with herpes viruses and the various therapy options.

Preventing Herpes: Tips To Prevent It From Coming Back

Stress, strong sunlight, hormones, cold: many causes can lead to a new outbreak of herpes. Therefore, it is important: Make a note of the situations or the time of year in which you are struggling with herpes.

  • Have you been in the sun often?
  • Did you have a lot of stress?
  • Do other illnesses weaken your immune system?

If you know which triggers for your herpes are possible, you can prevent it better by avoiding these situations.

If herpes came when you had a lot of stress at work, then try to reduce your stress level through various measures such as endurance sports or mental training. If herpes usually comes on vacation, try to avoid strong sunlight. You can also pep up your immune system with exercise and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet.

In Conclusion

Very common: Herpes is a virus that – once in the body – stays there. Our immune system doesn’t recognize the virus DNA as a threat, so it doesn’t fight it. It hides in the nerves and, in certain situations, creates new viruses that take care of the vesicles. Therefore, the professional association of German dermatologists recommends consulting the dermatologist early if the cold sore occurs frequently.

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