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Healthy & Happy: The Eight Best Health Helpers For At Home

We already know many practical tools that promote our health from the spa or doctor’s office. Fortunately, there are also some of them for household use, and we can do something good for our health and wellbeing around the clock.

Your Home Spa

If it gets cold again outside and the heating in our apartments is running at full speed, our mucous membranes usually suffer. Because the air in the rooms in which we stay becomes drier due to the warmth. Especially for people prone to colds, humidifiers can work wonders and soothe damaged mucous membranes.

The best: you can transform your home into a natural oasis of wellbeing in no time at all! With a humidifier to which you can add various fragrances, you can have wellness aromatherapy right at home.

The cedar or lavender-scented diffuser should also be effective against clothes moths.

A Bright Smile For Everyone

Most of us are very good and brush our teeth twice a day. No wonder, who likes going to the dentist? Many dentists and convinced users recommend an electric toothbrush for the perfect cleaning result.

Cozy Warmth

It becomes uncomfortable if thick socks and warm tea don’t help against the nasty shivering. If you don’t like hot water bottles, grain pillows and the like, you can conjure up cozy warmth with a practical heating pad. Whether on the sofa or in bed – heating pads are great.

Ideal: Most electric heating pads have an automatic switch-off that switches off the device after 60 to 90 minutes. In addition, most pillows and their covers are washable. Regardless of your gender, cold feet are always uncomfortable – whether it’s your own or your partner’s ice paws.

Taking A Fever Is Child’s Play

If the cold has caught you or your children, it is essential to keep an eye on your body temperature. This is sometimes not that easy, especially with small children – you don’t want to wake them up, or the little ones don’t want to keep still. Reliably measuring a fever works with this so-called no-touch thermometer without touching it.

Fast And Healthy: Smoothies

Smoothies are ideal for those who prefer to drink their healthy portion of fruit and vegetables. A smoothie maker makes things even more accessible. This model also comes with a practical to-go cup. Wash, cut, fill, mix fruit and vegetables – done!

Understand Medicine

Do you want to learn more about medicine and the art of healing? Best-selling author Prof. Dr Dietrich Grönemeyer travelled around the world to combine the various healing methods from different cultures with conventional medicine.

Relieve Menstrual Pain

Many women experience severe abdominal pain and cramps during their period. Often, pain reliever pills are the only way out. But what if you can’t or don’t want to take pain medication? A small, electronic device called ‘Livia’ is said to relieve menstrual pain without any medication.

Small electrodes attached where the pain occurs – usually at the level of the ovaries – send out electrical impulses. These should occupy the surrounding nerve tracts so that the pain cannot be passed on to the brain in the first place. This should make pain pills superfluous.


If you live alone or have a partner who doesn’t know how to massage, only self-massage will help. Tension in the neck or tension headaches, in particular, can be relieved with a light massage. This extended massage arm is ideal for this at home. You can use it to massage the whole body without extraordinary contortions. You can then gently stroke the painful points with the rounded buttons of the massager.

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