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Lose Weight With Healthy Diet

The path to the dream figure can be rocky – and sometimes just frustrating. The kilos remain stubbornly on our hips, while models seemingly effortlessly maintain their desired weight. We explain how you can get rid of the kilos without starving yourself, introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of various diets, give tips on exercise and nutrition, and reveal how the stars achieve their ideal size.


Diets are a dime a dozen – sometimes more, sometimes less effective. We present a few methods that have been tried and tested and offer you a mixture of healthy eating and exercise. At the beginning of a diet, it is best to calculate your ideal weight to know which goal you are working towards.

  • Low Carb: The low-carb diet is all about eating fewer carbohydrates to keep blood sugar levels steady, insulin levels down, and fat loss high. This diet is suitable for people who eat a lot of empty carbohydrates in the form of cakes, pastries, or pasta: for them, this diet brings about a change in diet from which they can learn a lot. If you decide to go low carb, you should always make sure that you eat plenty of plant-based nutrients and enough protein.
  • Fit For Fun: With the Fit For Fun diet, you can eat anything – except fat! In addition, this diet includes a sports program to get fitter and a recovery program to relax specifically. This diet is considered one of the most effective and, above all, healthiest because it is about a balanced diet with enough exercise.
  • Weight Watchers: It’s easier together: Weight Watchers is about losing weight in a group – so you can motivate each other and be inspired by others. The diet should be low in fat, fiber, and protein, i.e., very healthy. Sport provides bonus points to treat yourself to a bit of a moment of pleasure elsewhere.
  • Low Fat: There are three rules for this diet: 1. you can eat when you are hungry, 2. you have to stop when you feel full, and 3. you can only eat what is Low Fat 30 – that means that only 30 percent of the total calories in the meal can come from fat. So care is required here to check food for its fat content.
  • Food combining: This concept is a diet classic based on the strict separation of carbohydrates and proteins. Alkaline-forming foods such as salads, vegetables, and fruit should be eaten in the morning, protein-rich food for lunch, and carbohydrate-rich food in the evening. However, this diet is now controversial: the inventor’s assumption that carbohydrates and proteins cannot be digested together has not yet been scientifically confirmed.
  • Slim while you sleep: Here, hormones and bicycles are used to lose weight. Carbohydrates are eaten in the morning, they are reduced at lunchtime, and there is only protein-rich food in the evening. Since you also use up energy while you sleep, the body can use this diet to break down the reserves in the fat deposits at night. In addition, you do sports between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., at other times sport is forbidden. This diet is very effective and healthy because it includes exercise – but you have to stick to a strict daily schedule.
  • 5:2 diet: Eat five days, fast for two days: With the “fast diet” you usually eat five days a week, and on the other two days, you reduce the calories to a quarter of their usual amount – that is around 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. With this so-called intermittent fasting, you should lose more fat in a shorter time than a conventional diet. What is particularly attractive about it is that social life does not have to suffer due to the diet.

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