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Between Diet Or Food Reeducation, Which Is The Ideal Option For You?

When it is necessary to change the Diet, people may doubt whether to start a diet or focus on food reeducation; however, few invest in professional assistance and create awareness on the subject, optimizing ‘miraculous solutions’ through Internet search engines.

Wanting quick results, a diet ends up being the choice of most of the population to lose weight or try to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, a search for diets such as an increase in carbohydrates, but few know the impact of this type of food on the body, forgetting an option that may be much more viable: food reeducation!

Have you heard of these two types of food, and do you know which one is best for you? Continue here to understand better.

What Is Diet?

Diet is a word that originally means ‘way of life. Thus, it is a food model that generally seeks to adapt the food in a regulated manner, with the applicable objectives for each case. Some models are:

  • Lipoprotein Diet: based on reducing the amount of protein.
  • Hypocaloric Diet: based on reducing the number of calories.
  • Hypoglycemic Diet: Reducing the number of carbohydrates.
  • High Protein Diet: based on increasing the amount of protein.
  • Hypercaloric Diet: based on increasing the number of calories.
  • Hyperglycemic Diet: based on increasing the number of carbohydrates.

Just like diets are based on a specific goal, seeking to adapt the given period for eating (how to help) into a defined plan. It is not fixed, so the card constantly changes because, for example, people cannot just have a restricted protein diet for the rest of their lives.

What Is Food Reeducation?

It is understood as food reeducation or adapting habits and applying relation to your food card. In short, it will help regulate and maintain the body healthily, going gradually and not as quickly as the Diet. In addition, dietary reeducation helps reduce the risk of some diseases and aid weight loss.

It is also valid to say that food reeducation will not (restrict) restrict the intake of some foods but rather organize the form of balance or consumption, such as the minimum amount of food portions in your day.

In addition, the different Diet and reeducation do not suddenly have their results, as are the adaptations; it is necessary to create a habit that will be carried for the rest of your life.

Diet Or Food Reeducation: What’s The Difference?

When considering diet or food reeducation, it is common to point out the main time difference. While a diet needs to be done in a short time for a specific and ‘fast’ goal, reeducation is maintained in the long term. In addition, she seeks to keep her card, knowing how to eat in balance.

Another aspect that complicates another restriction. While a diet decreases or cuts a food group (fat, for example), a food reeducation aims to compensate for the caloric gains, so, even eating well, most foods will not be barred.

However, even though diet or food reeducation applies in adaptation, they do not work with the same intensity. Reeducation is an accumulation of the brain with the type of food, logo, or weight loss; for example, it happens without sacrifice. Consequently, a person with this type of food miscarriage does not gain weight quickly. And this is already contrary to diets because your body does not create fantasies.

How To Start A Diet Or Food Reeducation?

To have new eating habits, professional help is essential, in the cases mentioned, that of a nutritionist. And this is of significant impact, even more so if you are an athlete and practice some sport, such as street running or cycling. In these situations, wanting to adapt on your own is a risk, so consulting with a sports nutritionist is necessary!

However, some advice can be said to think of the best way out, but they do not replace professional follow-up! :

  • If you don’t want to restrict your Diet but want to add healthier options gradually, choose reeducation.
  • If your goal is to lose weight fast, Diet and exercise regularly.
  • If you have a hard time giving up some foods but want to eat more vegetables and cut down on sugar, choose reeducation.
  • Choose a diet if you have a specific goal that requires a balanced diet.

Just put on the scale which is the best way out for your case. Remember that there is no miraculous option but dedication and routine to reach your results!

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