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Space Bun Tutorial: Here’s How To Do The Double Bun

The return of the 90s also passes through hairstyle: here are the space buns. The chignon is doubled and becomes a real trend of the season. The favorite hairstyle of millennials is space buns or a double chignon. It is a hairstyle that is suitable for all hair types and allows you to show off a slightly elegant and confident look. Among the first stars to adopt this hair look are the Spice Girls, who alternated it with their classic pigtails.

Different Types Of Space Buns

Space buns are versatile. They adapt to any hair and can be made unique with some care. Just look at the images of this space hairstyle on the web to notice its thousand shades. The crop highlights the hair with pastel colors, giving a manga-style look while being super glamorous.

Then there is the mix between space bun and boxer braid, an elegant and fashionable hairstyle perfect for those who have a lot of hair and want to style it at their best.

Piercing along the braids, shades made with colored chalks look that extra carefree touch. In short, there are many possibilities to make your style unique. Let’s see which are the most exciting space buns. The bare space buns are simple to make. They are two small chignons that collect the entire hair. You don’t need accessories to shape your hair, add some volume and texture with a spray and then stop the crop with an elastic. Never overdo the hairstyle. The more relaxed it is, the more fashionable it is.

Space Buns Are Processed With Braids

Space buns are also suitable for a sophisticated and glamorous look. The secret is to make them chicer with braids. Also, in this case, you can indulge yourself with many braids that give life to the two high chignons or a single large braid. The younger ones can use hair chalks to add a pop touch to their style by coloring the single strands. Alternatively, metal piercings can be applied to add grit and character to the crop.

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Space Buns On Short Hair: Can You?

Making the two buns with short hair is a little more complicated. It would help if you had enough lengths to be able to turn them on themselves and give life to the crop. A little secret is to take advantage of fake hair to give more volume and increase the mass of the hair. This way, it will be enough to cover the fake donuts with your hair to have the hairstyle of the moment.

How To Make Space Buns Or Double Chignon: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to flawlessly make the space buns of the moment!

Divide The Hair Into Two Parts

With a fine-toothed comb and tail, divide the hair in half. This will allow you to obtain two symmetrical and precise buns. The front view must be mirrored to have a flawless, sleek effect. On softer hair, it is not essential.

Give Volume

Those who want a pulled effect look can safely work on the locks with a texturizing spray by lightly teasing the initial part. Those who prefer a soft bun could also use a saline spray to naturally add volume and backcomb the entire pigtail for a better result.

Twist Your Hair

Once the base for the bun is ready, all that remains is to twist the hair to make a bun and secure it with bobby pins or a rubber band. The former is much more discreet. The elastic may be visible. It depends on the desired final effect.

Go-Go Hairspray

For the hairstyle to last all day, it is essential to fix the high double chignon with many hairsprays. The front strands can be left free for a more romantic and less set look. Model Gigi Hadid loves this hairstyle and also wears it on red carpets!

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