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TRX Training: 5 Reasons To Start With The Sling Workout

TRX training challenges the entire body and is a highly effective calorie killer. Everything you need for the workout: So-called loop straps and you!

TRX training is one of the hottest fitness trends right now. Whether for muscle building, as pure strength training, or to shed a few pounds – the TRX trains the entire musculature and thus ensures a tight body. But what makes sling training so effective?

TRX: What Exactly Is That?

The so-called TRX training came from physiotherapy and was previously used primarily for back problems. For some time now, sling training has also arrived in sports.

Most of us know sling training under the name “TRX”. But that’s only the company’s name that makes the black and yellow ribbons. The TRX workout is a highly effective total body workout in which the various exercises are only performed with your body weight and the sling straps.

How Does Sling Training Work?

During the TRX workout, either hands or feet are hung in the loops provided on the straps. Many exercises can be performed from this position – be it classic squats, push-ups or various abdominal exercises.

The Unique Feature: The body must be kept under tension during the entire training due to the floating position. After all, despite the movable slings, it is essential to keep your body weight and remain stable in the trunk. As a result, in addition to the large muscle chains, the deep muscles in the body, in particular, are stimulated.

How Practical Is The TRX Training?

The sling training is not only super exhausting but also super practical. Because it makes a big difference whether you do a free push-up on the floor, for example, or you have to support your hands in the wobbly loops. But the effort pays off: a 30-minute workout consumes around 250 kilocalories.

In addition, the exercises on the ligaments bring you strength and coordination, endurance, and flexibility.

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That’s Why You Should Start With TRX Training

TRX Is The Perfect Core Training

With the TRX, you have to keep your body tense with every exercise. Above all, your deep muscles benefit from this, more precisely the middle of the torso, also known as the core. Even if you do push-ups or squats, for example, you still strengthen your back and abdominal muscles simultaneously. For this reason, sling training is simply perfect for a healthy back, a well-trained stomach and good posture – and we need these not only for sport but also in everyday life.

A Full-Body Workout Whenever And Wherever You Want

You can do a workout on the sling trainer anywhere – at home, outdoors and even on vacation. You can mount the noose on every door, tree, soccer goal or pole on playgrounds or fitness trails.

If you want to attach the loop rope at home, you can either drill a sturdy hook on the ceiling, or you can use a so-called door anchor, which you can use to mount the TRX straps on the door.

TRX Training Trains Your Balance

The TRX workout is not only great for keeping your body fit and strengthening your deep muscles – but you can also use the bands to train your motor skills and your sense of balance. Because the loops are pretty shaky, you are also busy keeping your balance and staying stable.

Short But Extremely Effective

Training with the sling is much more strenuous and, at the same time, more effective than conventional bodyweight training. The individual exercises are much harsher on the slings than without, so you can complete a practical tightening training for the whole body in 15 to 20 minutes – and all without weights.

TRX Helps With Back Problems

TRX training is particularly suitable for people who struggle with back problems and nasty strain, such as prolonged sitting periods and incorrect posture. The sling training is used in the fitness area and primarily in ​​back therapy and for pain in the musculoskeletal system.

With sling training, your core muscles, especially the abdominal and back muscles, are used every exercise. This will strengthen your muscles, and at the same time, you will be trained to adopt a healthy posture.

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Five Exercises For Your TRX Training

No matter what exercise you do on the ligaments, it is essential to have good body tension throughout the movement. The navel pulls towards the spine, the tailbone pulls down slightly, and the buttocks muscles are tense. The body should form a straight line and not sag. Also, make sure that the distance between shoulders and ears is as considerable as possible.

TRX Lunges For Firm Buttocks And Firm Legs

Classic lunges are an excellent TRX exercise for slim legs and a firm bottom.

  • Adjust the loops so that they hang about eight inches above the floor.
  • Now, while standing, insert one foot back into the loop. The shin points towards the ground. Slide the other foot a little further forward so that you are in the classic lunge position.
  • Now slowly bend your standing leg until the other knee almost touches the floor. Raise again and lower again.

Three sets of ten repetitions per leg.

TRX Rowing For Good Back Muscles

Well-developed back muscles are essential to provide adequate support for the spine and ensure an upright posture.

  • Attach the loops about 50 to 60 centimetres above the floor. Your feet are hip-width apart and parallel on the floor.
  • Grasp the loops so that the palms of the hands are facing each other. Build up tension and move your feet forward until you stand leaning back with your arms outstretched. Important: The body stays straight and must not sag.
  • Now pull your upper body up until it is level with the handles. Lower and pull in again.

Again, three sets of ten to 15 repetitions each.

TRX-Hip Thrust For The Ultimate Crack Bottom

  • Place the loops about ten centimetres above the ground and lay them flat on your back.
  • Now put your feet in the loops so that the tips of your feet are pointing upwards. The arms lie flat on the floor.
  • Tense your body, bend your legs and raise your core until your entire body is in a straight line. Hold briefly and slowly lower it again.

Three sets of 15 repetitions.

TRX Pikes For A Well-Toned Stomach

Do you dream of a six-pack? Then this is the proper TRX exercise for you.

  • Hang the back of your foot in the loops and take a push-up position.
  • Now pull your feet towards your hands, your buttocks go up. Hold briefly and return to the starting position.
  • If you want, you can insert a push-up between each pike.

Three sets of eight to ten repetitions each.

TRX Chest Press For Chest, Shoulders And Triceps

This exercise with the sling trainers ensures solid upper arms and an upright posture.

  • Attach TRX tapes about 30 centimetres above the floor. Grasp the loops so that the palms are facing down.
  • Now go into the push-up position and slowly lower your body until the upper body and straps are roughly at the same height. Make sure that the middle of the body does not sag.
  • Push up explosively and lower again.

Three sets of ten repetitions each.

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