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Tooth Decay: The Hole That Hurts

At twelve, one in two children has dental caries: normal? Not quite. However, sweets are not the only cause.

Definition: What Are Dental Caries?

Casually, An Infectious Disease

If not treated, it always becomes diabolical: dental caries begin by insidiously nibbling the tooth’s enamel to quickly continue to dig in, reaching the dentin or ivory (the layer of calcified tissue under the enamel). It’s too late! Brushing alone no longer protects the tooth. And things are going seriously wrong.

The caries dig its cavity by attacking the pulp, which contains the nerves and the vessels: it is toothache. Then it continues to the roots and the bone: the dental abscess. And the infection does not stop there: it can affect the heart. Knowing this is not true, tooth decay is not spontaneously healing. If it passes for being without gravity, it is an infectious disease that traces its bad furrow to the end. Horror!

Dental Plaque Acid

Where is the attack coming from? Every time we eat and drink, food and drink, except water, mix with saliva to form dental plaque. A transparent and adhesive film that sticks to the teeth.

What does this movie contain? Germs and bacteria! There are cases where nature is seriously twisted.

Cavity is a model of this: in a way, every time we eat, we tape ourselves with an adhesive tape of germs and bacteria on our teeth. Because it’s the end, our saliva contains two bacteria ( Streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli ) waiting for sugar at the start. All the energy of these bacteria is directed toward transforming sugar into acid. And here is the job!

Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

The scenario begins, which you have undoubtedly already experienced: while the others enjoy their ice cream cone, you grit your teeth in pain. Sensitivity to hot and cold is only the second stage of caries, the attack of dentin. Then, the film speeds up: no more need for contact with food or drink to hold your head in your hands. It spurts on its own. The following? Unbearable pain, swelling, fever. With some bad luck, your cavity is bothering you over the weekend.

Monday is dentist time! Long live roulette! , the next time, go there a little earlier: because we repeat it to you, there is no need to pass it on a loop; the scenario is always the same. Depending on the inventory, you will be out of it for a simple wheel stroke with reinforcement of the enamel plate or major works. And there is the price of the too-long wait: if the tooth is too damaged, you are in for a crown. If the pulp is affected, the tooth must be devitalized and the canals blocked. And if it is necessary to extract the tooth, it is the dental prosthesis, bridge, or implant. All in all, paying attention to what you eat and brushing your teeth is still worth it!

Tooth Decay: The Right Reflexes

Brush Your Teeth!

We will have told you repeatedly: it is the fatal weapon against dental plaque. Brushing from red to white, from the gum to the tooth, to eliminate bacteria. In the opposite direction, from white to red, bacteria accumulate at the base of the gum.

Haro On Sugar

The two dreadful bacteria being machines for transforming sugar, white in particular, into dental plaque, the enemy is identified. But he’s not the only one to blame. They are even legion: sugary drinks, snacking between meals, excess acidity of an orange, for example, misaligned teeth that promote cavities between the teeth, poor tooth brushing, and lack of fluoride. Non-exhaustive list.

A Disease Of Young People?

Cavities more easily affect milk teeth with more fragile mineralization than permanent teeth. They even start early: “infant tooth decay” takes advantage of babies falling asleep with a bottle of milk or fruit juice in their mouths to prevent saliva from doing its cleaning job.

Some Photos Of Dental Caries

The Best Natural Treatment, Prevention

If a cavity is local, it is still indicative of your nutritional balance. Avoid plans on the comet (on comets, there is not much to get your teeth into) and feed yourself intelligently. Among the trending phenomena tracking phytic acid in its diet: okay, but thanks to it, the sound of seeds can grow. And if it prevents the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, it is truly an antioxidant. So choose your readings.

However, have you noticed? At your dentist, it smells of cloves: soothe your cavity with clove essential oil in case of pain on a Sunday. Phew! Another tip, mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder and a quarter of coconut oil with clove essential oil. Brush your teeth, and leave them on for two to five minutes. And rinse. You have very good toothpaste there.

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