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Pasta Lovers, Here Is The Ultimate Tip So That The Water No Longer Overflows From The Pan!

Spaghetti Bolognese, Penne Carbonara, ham shells or macaroni and cheese… It’s a fact! Pasta is delicious at every meal, and the whole family will enjoy your “homemade” dishes. Do you love spoiling them with your creations but hate cleaning the kitchen after each preparation? Are you looking for some practical tips to make your life easier? We thought of you! Here’s the ultimate prize so that water no longer spills out of the pan when you cook.

Prevent Water From Overflowing: Follow Our Advice

Do you know why water tends to leak from your pan when you cook pasta? In fact, it is a simple chemical reaction that is involved! You see, when the pasta swims happily in the pot, it releases more or less significant quantities of starch. This substance then accumulates on the surface of the water to form a gel, which prevents evaporation.

The steam thus trapped causes an increasingly consistent boiling, which increases until it overflows. Want to stop water from leaking out when you cook pasta? Cover your container with a clean, damp cloth. In this way, you will absorb the starch gel that forms on the surface of the water. And you will have understood, in the absence of frost, no bubbling!

Preventing Overflows: Our Bonus Tips

You now know the usefulness of a damp cloth to prevent the pasta cooking water from boiling over. Do you want more? Good news! You can make this tip more effective with our additional tips!

Add Olive Oil

To avoid pots overflowing, some people have the habit of adding a drizzle of olive oil to the pasta water. This way, there is less cleaning to do after preparing the meal, and that’s only part of it! The addition of olive oil flavors the dish while preventing the pasta from sticking together after cooking.

Use Plenty Of Water

Here is another tip to prevent the pasta water from boiling over during cooking: you will use a large quantity of water for the preparation of your meal. In principle, we recommend using 1 l of water per 100 g of dry pasta. You wonder why? Because the right amount of water will dilute the starch. Want to try this method? Get out your calculators and choose the correct quantity!

Use A Wooden Spoon

You can prevent your pot from boiling over by simply placing a wooden spoon in the pool when the water reaches its boiling temperature. This way, you prevent a film of starch gel from forming on the surface of the pot while the spoon creates a gap to allow steam to escape.

Opt For A Large Saucepan

Want to know one last tip to prevent pasta cooking water from leaking out? It’s simple: you will use a large pot for your culinary preparation. In fact, by opting for a reasonably large container, you reduce the accumulation of starch gel on the surface of the water. This is better diluted, which prevents the trapping of steam and the extensive boiling that results. In addition, the high edges of the container limit damage in the event of overflow. You have just discovered some tips for cooking pasta without flooding your cooking plates. All you have left to do is to put on your kitchen apron and get behind the stove. We wish you bon appetit!

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